Chad Johnson says he’ll buy remaining Bengals playoff tickets to avoid blackout

chad-ochocincoThe most underrated storyline in sports this week has to be the lack of sellouts for playoff games across the NFL. As of Thursday morning, the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers — I know, right? — still had tickets available for their upcoming playoff games. The teams are hoping to avoid a television blackout by selling out. According to Chad Johnson, the Bengals don’t have to worry about it.

Earlier this week, Johnson tweeted that he’ll buy any unsold tickets from his former team if a sellout is not achieved before Sunday.

At the time Johnson made the comment, Reedy noted that he would need close to $1 million to buy the remaining tickets. That figure has likely gone down since Tuesday, but does the artist formerly known as Ochocinco have that kind of money to be throwing around anymore?

Johnson may go out to eat with fans from time to time and pick up the tab, but don’t expect him to keep this promise. The hope is that the Bengals sell out anyway. If you can’t sell out a playoff game, you’re doing something wrong.

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Bengals connect on Hail Mary to tie game vs. Ravens (GIF)

AJ Green Hail MaryThe Cincinnati Bengals connected on a Hail Mary Sunday to tie their game with the Baltimore Ravens at 17 as time expired in the fourth quarter.

Cincinnati had a 4th-and-15 with two seconds left after being sacked on third down. They had the ball at their 49 and put Andy Dalton in the shotgun. Dalton heaved a pass to the goal line that got batted around and eventually passed in the air to A.J. Green, who came down with the 51-yard touchdown catch. With the extra point, they tied the game.

James Ihedigbo is the one who will be criticized for the play; he pushed the ball up instead of knocking it down, giving Green the chance to make the catch.

This really has not been the Ravens’ season, but luckily they won 20-17 in overtime.

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Cincinnati Bengals reportedly will be on ‘Hard Knocks’ again

Hard Knocks Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals will be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” training camp TV program this season, according to a few reports.

Paul Domowitch of the Philly Daily News first reported that the Bengals would be the featured team, but he later deleted his tweet. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer says he confirmed through league sources that the Bengals will be featured again. Reedy expects an official announcement to come sometime in the next few weeks.

The Bengals were featured on “Hard Knocks” in 2009 and would be the second team to be featured more than once (the Dallas Cowboys are the other). This will be head coach Marvin Lewis’ third time being involved with the show. He was the defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens when they were featured in the premier season of the show in 2001.

Reedy says the Bengals had been approached about doing the show again in recent years, but Lewis was not too interested. Apparently he feels more comfortable this time.

Though the Bengals do not have as many troublemakers on the squad as they once did, they still have Pacman Jones, who recently was charged with assaulting a woman at a bar. Maybe HBO is hoping they can strike some more TV gold like last season when Chad Johnson’s arrest and release by the Miami Dolphins was featured on the show.

Johnathan Joseph says the Bengals limited how much Gatorade players could have

When players leave the Bengals organization, they are happy to get away from what has ultimately been a losing environment. In his first five NFL seasons, Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph was stuck in Cincinnati. The team finished with a winning record only twice during that span and failed to win a playoff game. Last year, Joseph was able to escape to Houston and join a contender. In fact, his new team beat his old squad in the opening round of the playoffs. But Joseph was thrilled to get away for reasons that span beyond wins and losses.

“The first thing about Houston is it’s an organization run from a different perspective,” he said during an interview with HeraldOnline.com. “In Cincy, the team lives off money it earns from football. Houston’s owner has other business interests and he controls the money. Numerous things that go on such as the way Houston interacts with my family; we’re treated in a first-class way. They helped us when my wife lost our baby daughter in a miscarriage.

“But they help with anything you ask of them because they are a very caring organization with positive attitudes about its players. In Cincy, we’re told how much Gatorade we could take home. In Houston we get what we request. You get soap and deodorant at your request. You don’t have a roommate on road trips.”

Professional athletes love being pampered, and it sounds like Cincy is not the place to be if you want first-class treatment. Those of you who have seen the movie “Moneyball” are probably thinking about how the A’s charged $1 for soda in the clubhouse — something that supposedly irritated the players. Clearly, it is not just the fans on their death bed who dislike the Bengals organization.

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Who is the Favorite to Reach the Super Bowl from this Year’s Mediocre AFC?

This has truly been a strange year in the NFL.  Granted, every year is strange in the world of professional football.  We have teams that start out smoking hot and finish the season 6-10.  We have others that start out 1-4 and scratch and claw their way into the playoffs.  This season, however, seems to be more of a mystery than ever — particularly in the AFC.  The Packers are the clear-cut favorite to win the NFC and the Super Bowl at this point, but what about the rest?  With the AFC up for grabs, here’s a look at the teams that are in the hunt. We start with the least likely to play in Indianapolis on Feb. 5 and end with the most.

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Bengals Fan Saul Shuller Takes Shot at Team on Death Bed

When a sports team or figure is mentioned in a person’s obituary, it is usually in the form of either the ultimate compliment or an epic insult. Last week, a Minnesota man’s obituary expressed displeasure with a certain Minnesota Twin.  If I were to tell you the Cincinnati Bengals were mentioned in someone’s obituary, my guess is you might already have an idea of the context.

On Tuesday, The Big Lead called our attention to the obituary of 95-year-old Saul Shuller, which can be read in its entirety on Legacy.com.  Shuller was apparently a Bengals fan, and like almost any other Bengals fan he had grown tired of watching the team lose.  As a result, he considered being freed from the frustration of watching the Bengals to be one of the positive components of his demise.

“Accepting that the end was near, the funny grandfather and great-grandfather said earlier in the day there was an upside to death: at least he wouldn’t have to watch another Bengals loss.”

This is one of the many reasons Cincinnati has emerged as the black hole of professional football.  Marvin Lewis keeps his job year after year and the Bengals continue to miss the playoffs and play mediocre football on their best days.  Sports are supposed to be for our entertainment and enjoyment.  When people are glad they are dying so they no longer have to watch you play, it may be time to make a change.

Jay Feely Wonders if Black Person Would be Defended Way Carson Palmer Is

Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely stirred up the racial pot Tuesday tweeting about Carson Palmer’s retirement from the NFL. Here’s what he wrote:

Feely apparently is auditioning for a spot as a future talk show host after his NFL career ends, because going to the race card is an excellent way to ignite debate. Responding to his point, yes, I do believe most fans are more sympathetic to the plight of white players compared to black ones. However, this situation is different.

Much like Sportress of Blogitude wrote, I support any and all players’ efforts to escape Cincinnati. I don’t care if you’re white, black, Asian, Pacific-Islander, or Antarctican (is that such a thing?), I don’t wish anyone the misfortune of playing for that disaster of a franchise. Look, if man-bander Nick Lachey calls your franchise a joke, then you know it’s a bad situation. I really think something would be wrong with a person if they did not want out of Cincinnati.