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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Cincinnati Bengals fans

Bengals DE Michael Johnson to booing fans: ‘Leave’

The Cincinnati Bengals came out flat against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. After one quarter, they found themselves trailing 13-0 and could do nothing right on offense. Fortunately, there were still 45 minutes left to play. And all the Bengals really needed was the second quarter. Cincinnati set a franchise record by scoring 31 points…Read More

Nick Lachey kicked out of Chargers-Bengals game

Singer/actor Nick Lachey was kicked out of Sunday’s Chargers-Bengals game in San Diego after getting into a fight with a fan sitting in front of him. Lachey is a big fan of Cincinnati’s sports teams and even is a part owner of an ABA team and minor-league baseball team. The longtime Bengals fan wrote about…Read More

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