Bengals DE Michael Johnson to booing fans: ‘Leave’

Andy-Dalton-Bengals-fansThe Cincinnati Bengals came out flat against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. After one quarter, they found themselves trailing 13-0 and could do nothing right on offense. Fortunately, there were still 45 minutes left to play. And all the Bengals really needed was the second quarter.

Cincinnati set a franchise record by scoring 31 points in the second quarter. They went on to cruise to a comfortable 41-20 win over the Browns. But the fans were nervous early on, and boos could be heard as early as 10 minutes into the game. Defensive end Michael Johnson did not appreciate that.

“If you’re not believing and being positive, leave,” Johnson said after the game, via ESPN.com. “We don’t need you. Because that’s what we’re about around here — staying focused, staying positive and keeping our energy going. Negativity breeds negativity, and we don’t do that around here.

“I don’t appreciate that. Stay with us and believe with us. That’s what you’re here for. You’re here to support. If something bad happens, that’s not our plan. Stay positive, stay encouraging. We’ll fight. Just stick with us a while.”

The Bengals were coming off back-to-back overtime losses to the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens — two beatable opponents. Fans were upset with Andy Dalton for throwing two interceptions in the first quarter, which gave him a whopping eight picks in the last three games. You can’t really blame them for getting uneasy in a hurry.

Is it just me, or are players getting awfully sensitive? Fans pay astronomical amounts of money to go to games, so they have every right to boo when the product on the field looks like trash. It’s one thing to rip a player on Twitter and get personal like a fan did with Ben Tate on Sunday. Hearing boos is just part of being a professional athlete.

Nick Lachey kicked out of Chargers-Bengals game

Singer/actor Nick Lachey was kicked out of Sunday’s Chargers-Bengals game in San Diego after getting into a fight with a fan sitting in front of him.

Lachey is a big fan of Cincinnati’s sports teams and even is a part owner of an ABA team and minor-league baseball team. The longtime Bengals fan wrote about the incident on his Twitter account Sunday and seemed pleased with himself.

TMZ reported that Lachey was kicked out for excessive trash talking, but he denied that was the reason.

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Bengals fan urinates on Carson Palmer jersey, then they burn it (Video)

Angry fans often express their displeasure with a player who has left for another team by burning their jersey. That is nothing new. But some vile Cincinnati Bengals fan decided to take the process a step further by urinating on a Carson Palmer jersey before his group lit it on fire.

In the video above featuring some NSFW language, you can see the man urinate on the Palmer jersey as others in the background express their surprise. After the first Palmer jersey was burned, the person recording the video moved on to another area where a second Carson Palmer jersey was being burned.

The jersey burning is no surprise after Palmer said he would refuse to play another game for the Bengals following the 2010 season. He was booed during and after the game, and he even had beer dumped on him as he was leaving the field.

We searched for that video, and came across one that appears to show a drink thrown at Palmer as he was running through the tunnel to exit the field. The video will likely disappoint, but you can watch it here.

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