Roy Halladay burns Reds fan on Twitter

Roy HalladayIn addition to being one of the most dominant MLB pitchers of his generation, Roy Halladay is also one of the classiest. The former Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies ace always quietly went about his business during his career, but sometimes even the humble ones can’t resist burning a troll on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Halladay posted a photo on Twitter of a guy wearing a green suit and horse head playing some buckets. The Doc had some pretty funny commentary to go along with it.

The photo drew a number of responses, one of which came from a follower who has the Cincinnati Reds mascot as his Twitter avatar. Halladay immediately seized the opportunity to fire back:

What do you do when a future Hall of Famer embarrasses you on Twitter? Immediately back down and start kissing some can, of course:

The Doc can still bring the heat.

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Matt Adams nudges fan after having foul ball stolen from him, gets middle finger in return (GIF)

Matt Adams learned the hard way Thursday that opposing fans can be an unforgiving bunch. And sometimes they can be downright rude.

The St. Louis Cardinals first baseman tried tracking a foul ball down the line hit by Chris Heisey in the third inning, but a darn Cincinnati Reds fan reached up and snatched the ball before it could fall into his glove. The best part was the way the fan immediately taunted Adams with the glove wave.

But what that camera angle did not catch is that the fan also flipped Adams the bird:

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Reds fan Caleb Lloyd catches back-to-back home runs (Video)

Caleb Lloyd got to live the fan’s dream at a baseball game not once … but twice on Monday night. Lloyd, a Reds fan who plays soccer at Thomas More College, caught back-to-back home runs during the Reds-Braves series opener.

The first ball was a homer from pitcher Mike Leake in the fourth that made it a 2-1 lead for Cincinnati. Zack Cozart followed with a home run, making it back-to-back homers for the Reds, and back-to-back home run balls for Lloyd.

“The first one I actually barehanded, ” Lloyd said after the game. “It hit my hand and I didn’t expect to actually catch it. I caught it, and then it bounced off the palm of my hand and I reached out and grabbed it. It hurt really bad, so I’m like, ‘I’m not doing it again.’ But the second one bounced behind me and then it bounced into my lap. My buddy’s like, ‘You caught a second one!’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is crazy.'”

Lloyd told reporters he wasn’t even planning to attend the game until his friend called and invited him that day. He gave the second home run ball to his friend and returned the first to Leake because it was the pitcher’s first career home run.

There’s actually more to the story: The Reds went back-to-back-to-back that inning, but Lloyd didn’t catch Drew Stubbs’ blast. Stubbs also homered in the first, so he went back-to-back in the game.

The only thing that ranks on a similar level for improbability was this Orioles fan catching three foul balls in the same game. As someone who’s never caught a home run or foul ball at a ballgame, I can say I’m truly envious.