Jameis Winston calls Clemson football stadium ‘our house’ during baseball trip


Jameis Winston has discovered a new benefit of playing two sports in college — he gets to take shots at his rivals during the football offseason. On Saturday, the Seminoles baseball team traveled to Clemson for a game. As the team’s bus was driving through the Clemson campus, Winston posted the photo you see above of Death Valley on Twitter with two words accompanying it.

“Our house.”

Florida State traveled to Clemson in the middle of the season last year when the Tigers were ranked No. 3 in the nation. The Seminoles won the game 51-14 and went on to dominate the rest of their schedule en route to a national championship. What can you really say in response to that? Death Valley is Winston’s house for the time being.

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Clemson suspends four football players for season opener

Dabo SwinneyWith winter winding down, March will be a busy month throughout the ACC for football programs. Except for Duke, who held their first workout early last month, the rest of the conference is scheduled to hit the practice field for the first time in March.

Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins have departed for the NFL, so Clemson isn’t short on holes to fill for the upcoming season. A day before the Tigers get their spring practices underway, head coach Dabo Swinney announced four players will be suspended for 2014’s opening game.

Violation of team rules will prevent Corey Crawford, Shaq Anthony, David Beasley, and Garry Peters from making the trip for the game against Georgia.

“A huge part of our program is teaching accountability, responsibility and that there are consequences for your actions. These are four good young men, but they broke a team rule and as a result, they will each miss a game. I am hopeful that they will learn and grow from this and have a great 2014 season on and off the field,” Swinney said in a statement, via WYFF in South Carolina.

Crawford was an Honorable Mention All-ACC selection last year after recording 52 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss, and three sacks. He also had one interception. It came in Clemson’s first game of the season, against Georgia.

Anthony started three games in 2013 at right tackle, Beasley started seven at left guard, and Peters Had 28 tackles as a reserve cornerback.

Clemson suspends four football players for season opener

South Carolina recruit Dante Sawyer throws up symbolic five fingers beside Clemson recruit


National signing day is a day in which players officially join their new teams for the first time, but that hasn’t stopped some of the country’s top prospects from jumping right into rivalries. Dante Sawyer, a four-star defensive end recruit that signed a letter of intent with South Carolina on Wednesday, gave us an example of that when he posed for a photo with a Clemson commit.

As you can see from the photo above that The State’s David Cloninger passed along, Sawyer tossed up five fingers while standing next to four-star linebacker recruit Korie Rogers. South Carolina has beaten Clemson the last five seasons, and Steve Spurrier is always taking shots at his in-state rival.

Earlier on Wednesday, a Florida State commit’s younger brother wore a shirt that read “Sucks to be U,” which was an obvious shot at Miami. These are the reasons we love signing day.

Giant Clemson Tiger paw print painted on South Carolina’s field (Picture)


The rivalry between Clemson and South Carolina is one of the best in college football, and we all know how fans of rival schools can sometimes take things too far. It appears that was the case at some point earlier this week when a giant Clemson Tiger paw print was painted near the 30-yard line of South Carolina’s football field.

On Tuesday, South Carolina cornerback Victor Hampton posted the photo you see above on his Instagram account with the following caption:

“It’s war they put a paw on our field so #disrespectful.”

It also appears that the perpetrator(s) used their can of spray paint to tag up the train car that sits outside the stadium — also known as the “Cockaboose” — with the words “Go Clemson.”

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Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins baptized after practice (Picture)

Seeing players in a tub after football practice is not an uncommon occurrence. Whether it be the hot tub or an ice bath, 250-pound men who have been beating up on each other need something to soothe the bumps and bruises. In fact, guys even get thrown into the cold tub when they don’t want to be there. Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins found himself in a tub after practice last Thursday, but the reason for it was a bit more unusual.

As you can see from the photo above that Clemson wide receivers coach Jeff Scott shared on Twitter, Hopkins was baptized in front of his teammates last week. According to Channel 3 News in South Carolina, official team chaplain and pastor Perry Noble oversaw the baptism. Hopkins then went on to catch a school record 13 passes and score the game-winning touchdown in Clemson’s 26-19 win over Auburn on Saturday. Don’t be surprised if other schools around the country start encouraging their skill players to be baptized after practice.

Lawmaker trying to force Clemson and South Carolina to keep playing each other

With conference realignment comes changing schedules. Altering schedules can threaten rivalries. That’s the nature of the beast. Annual rivalry games like Pittsburgh-West Virginia and Texas-Texas A&M could become extremely rare with the way conference expansion and realignment looks across college football. With the ACC set to add Pitt and Syracuse within the next couple years, ACC teams will only be allowed to schedule three non-conference games. That would make it extremely difficult for the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry to continue annually.

That is, unless, Republican state representative Nathan Ballentine has something to say about it. According to The State, Ballentine has put forth a proposal that would essentially force Clemson and South Carolina to continue their 103-year rivalry after realignment.

“I had a constituent bring it up to me, asking whether it was state law that these two teams play. It’s not,” Ballentine said. “With all the conference realignment, we just wanted to make sure this annual game continues. You saw Texas and Texas A&M. That rivalry went by the wayside. … No one wants to see that happen here to our two universities where families enjoy the annual game, and it’s great for our economy.”

He may be right about everyone wanting the tradition to continue, but does legislation have any place in the scheduling of college football games? If both schools want to play each other badly enough, the game will continue. Ultimately, it is up to the universities to determine their non-conference schedules.

“Clemson would prefer to not have to legislate this issue as I cannot conceive of a realistic scenario that would prohibit Clemson and South Carolina from continuing our football series,” Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips said.

A USC spokesman echoed those thoughts: “Athletic schedules need to be decided by athletic directors and coaches.”

In other words, Ballentine needs to find a more useful way to spend his time.

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Video: Dabo Swinney Crushes Steve Spurrier ‘South Carolina Will Never be Clemson’

After South Carolina beat Clemson 34-13 last Saturday, Steve Spurrier supposedly made a disparaging remark about the rival Tigers. The comment was sent via the Gamecocks football Twitter account:

When asked about the insult Thursday, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney went off on a well-prepared, well-supported rant. The only problem is the Gamecocks football account has now backtracked to protect the Ol’ Ball Coach.

They’re saying Spurrier never made that remark (at least not to the media). Instead, they say the quote came from South Carolina play-by-play announcer Todd Ellis.

During the broadcast Saturday, Ellis said, “as Coach Spurrier says, we may not be LSU or Alabama, but we ain’t Clemson folks.”

Here’s the audio:

Swinney said he had heard about Spurrier’s insult, and since it hadn’t been retracted or denied, he responded. In short, Swinney agreed that South Carolina was not Clemson, because the Tigers are a much more accomplished program.

Here is a video of Dabo’s response:

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