Clemson Asks Recruit Mike Bellamy to Remove Money Pictures from Facebook

Mike Bellamy is one of the top rated running backs from the state of Florida, and the soon-to-be senior has committed to play football at Clemson. When you’re as good at football at a young age like he is, you’re probably going to be a bit cocky. I don’t know Mike Bellamy so I can’t comment on his personality, but we do know that Clemson is upset with him for putting these pictures on his Facebook profile:

Travis Sawchik at The Post and Courier reports “A source at Clemson said the photo, which circulated the Internet Wednesday, was meant to be “a joke.” The coaching staff asked Bellamy to remove the photo from his Facebook page. Bellamy’s high school coach, Binky Waldrop, said he has not seen the photo but planned to speak with Bellamy later today.”

Like I said, without knowing anything more about the picture, I can’t really say anything. Would it be easy to rip the kid and say he should know better? Of course. But he is a young guy and maybe he was just posting a joke for his friends. Maybe we’re the idiots for making a big deal of it. Who knows? As long as he learns from the incident, you can’t get upset with him.

Thanks to Bryan D. Fischer for the link and Sports Grid for directing our attention to the pictures

Somebody Just Lost Their Tuition Money

A few weeks ago Clemson lost on national TV to Georgia Tech but most of the sports world was watching the Titans and Steelers kick off the season. We’ve already touched on the bogus holding call that really screwed Clemson towards the end of the game. No doubt that call pissed a lot of Clemson fans off, but nobody may have been more upset with the outcome of the game than this Clemson fan right here.

Yes, that was Chris Fowler, Chris James, and Jesse Palmer making fun of the kid off-air. Something tells me it wasn’t just the holding call that had him pissed off. Thanks to Hot Clicks for passing along the video.

Clemson Got Screwed by Bogus Holding Call Against Georgia Tech

clemson-georgia-techWhile most people were watching the opening of the NFL season Thursday night between the Steelers and Titans, there was also a college football game going on between Georgia Tech and Clemson. Since the college game started an hour earlier than the pro one, I’m guessing most people saw Georgia Tech run out to an early 24-0 and figured the thing was over and that Clemson was folding early in the year like they always do. Crazy thing about it is that Clemson actually didn’t pack it in despite the large deficit — they rallied to take the lead 27-24 in the fourth quarter. Tech got the ball back and drove to tie the game at 27 with a field goal, leaving just under six minutes on the clock. That’s around the time Clemson got screwed.

The Tigers were around midfield in a 3rd and 11 situation when they completed a long pass down the right side of the field (pictured) that would have taken them down into field goal range. Somehow, someway, a flag got thrown well after the catch was made and we found out there was a holding penalty called on the left guard of Clemson. The Georgia Tech defensive tackle was running out of steam rushing the quarterback and started to fall down, conceding defeat to the offensive lineman. As the Tech guy was losing ground and falling down, the Clemson lineman essentially fell on him to make sure he wouldn’t get up. And that’s what the referees said was holding. The 10-yard penalty turned things around from Clemson having the ball in field goal range to having a 3rd and 21 at their 34. They throw an incompletion, wind up punting, Tech takes the ball and drives down the field for the game-winning field goal.

Now I’m not saying that the Yellow Jackets wouldn’t have won the game but had that horrible call not been made Clemson would have had an excellent chance to take the lead — possibly for good. The call was so bad that the officials called a makeup holding call against Georgia Tech when the Jackets got the ball back. It was also so bad that even Georgia Tech fans acknowledged the terrible call that helped them win the game. It’s too bad the officials changed the game with one bad call like that. I wonder if they had some money on the Jackets.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Observer

Clemson Making the West Virginia Mistake with Dabo Swinney?

Last year West Virginia found out that Rich Rodriguez was leaving the program to take the job at Michigan. This news was revealed prior to the team’s Fiesta Bowl game and assistant head coach Bill Stewart was named the coach for the game. The Mountaineers pulled off a big upset, embarrassing Oklahoma 48-28, and Stewart was immediately named the permanent replacement for Rich Rodriguez. The move was criticized by some of West Virginia’s boosters for being an impetuous, emotional hire. Perhaps that sentiment has been manifested in the Mountaineers’ semi-disappointing 7-4 season. Clearly Clemson hasn’t learned a thing.

The Tigers fired Tommy Bowden mid-season, a move that seemed inevitable following the squad’s blowout loss in the opener to Alabama. Clemson went 3-3 before they finally pulled the plug on Bowden, naming assistant Dabo Swinney their interim coach. The team lost their first game under Swinney but wound up going 4-2 with him. Sure, winning at BC looks good, but it seems to me as if the team impetuously rewarded Swinney with the head coaching gig just for scoring an impressive win over rival South Carolina on Saturday.

If you double Swinney’s 4-2 half-season, that’s 8-4. Bowden was 8-4, 8-5, and 9-4 the last three years. Are they trying to improve the program or just maintain the same levels? Some things just don’t make sense. And when Clemson’s bitching about their lack of success in the next two years, you’ll know why.

Nick Saban Is Tommy Bowden’s Shoulder to Cry on After Loss

I’m a little new to this whole thing, but I guess in the college football world, it’s cool for coaches to converse with each other and share ideas. How often do we hear about coaches opening up their practices to other coaches who want to come by and learn? Wasn’t half the coaching world in Morgantown the last few years to adopt Rich Rodriguez’s spread offense? Apparently it doesn’t end with sharing strategies — calling coaches that just whooped your ass in a game is cool now too — if you ask Tommy Bowden. After Bowden’s Clemson Tigers got rolled by Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide 34-10 on Saturday, Bowden called over to Saban for advice:

“As I talked to coach Saban, I said, ‘I’m not one to have enough pride where I’ve got all the answers. I see you got six months to study me, a guy like you, what did you see?” Bowden said Tuesday.

Saban wasn’t the only high-profile coach Bowden called on this week. He said he also spoke with his father, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden; Georgia coach Mark Richt and Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer about how the Tigers would recover from the beatdown at the Georgia Dome.

As my buddy Arnie Spanier pointed out, why the heck was he calling Frank Beamer? Don’t you think Beamer has his own problems to worry about, you know — like being upset by East Carolina? Where’s the compassion, Tommy? By the way, it’s just a shame that I don’t do Doc Brown’s picks for college games — Bama over Clemson would have been a lock for me; Clemson always gets tons of hype and fails in big games every single year. As for Saban? He may be a prick, but he’s a darn good coach. That’s just a mis-match right there.