Cleveland Cavs Losing Streak Puts Bullseye on Their Back

We knew that when LeBron James took his talents to South Beach he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in bad shape.  Nobody could have predicted it would be this bad.  The losing streak has now been pushed to 25 games.  One of the 25 was a humiliating 55-point loss that LeBron particularly enjoyed.  Cleveland continues to build upon the longest losing streak in NBA history, and there’s no telling when the embarrassment will stop.

When teams get ready to play the likes of Boston, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Antonio, and Miami, they do their best to bring their A-game.  Unfortunately, the same can be said for Cleveland at the moment.  It’s hard enough being a horrendous basketball team.  It’s even harder when teams are desperate to win every time they face you.

No team wants to be the one that’s talked about all over Sportscenter for snapping the Cavs streak.  Cleveland might as well be the defending NBA champs at this point.  Who would have thought that was possible with an 8-44 record?  The fact of the matter is If you’re a competitive person, you’d hate losing to the bottom of the barrel.  The Cavs have as big a bullseye on their back as the best teams in the league.

With upcoming games against the Pistons, Clippers, and Wizards, it wouldn’t be unfathomable for the Cavs to snap the skid.  The problem is they need to catch some team on an off day, and even the teams that aren’t motivated would hate losing to a squad that hasn’t won since before Christmas. 

Best of luck, Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ 25-Game Losing Streak Inspires Brilliant Twitter Hashtag

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ futility has reached a new low: they set an NBA record with their 25th straight loss Monday night against the Mavericks. They actually played the hot Mavericks closely and had a chance to tie the game with a three at the end, but they were unable to hoist one up — helpless to the end.

The Cavs have lost four games in February, all 16 games they played in January, and 14 out of 15 games in December. They’ve been defeated in 35 of their last 36 games. 35 of 36! You might as well add an appendage to the saying “The only certainties in life are death, taxes, and that the Cavaliers will lose” because that’s a freaking guarantee.

Think about this: it’s February 8th, and the last time the Cavs won was December 18th at home against the Knicks. How pathetic is that?

It’s been so long since they’ve won, a brilliant hashtag on twitter was created called “#lasttimethecavswon.” LBS’ contribution to the tag (follow us on twitter!) was “lasttimethecavswon Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann called their highlights on SportsCenter.”

There has been much better work done by the masses. Here’s a sampling:

“#LastTimeTheCavsWon We only had VHS and Blockbuster” by PoeticTruth89

“#lasttimethecavswon Delonte West & Mrs. James was on their 1st date at McDonalds” by thegame

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Cleveland Cavs Hire Homeless Ex-Radio Announcer Ted Williams

Social media technology has the rare feature of being able to both destroy and resurrect lives.  If you’re Tiger Woods, a few inappropriate text messages can tarnish your image permanently.  If you’re Ted Williams from Ohio, cell phone video cameras and a website like YouTube can potentially save your life.

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently hired Williams after a video of his radio voice that was posted on the Columbus Dispatch’s website went viral.  Check out the Ted Williams radio voice video:

There’s no arguing that Williams’ voice is destined for public airwaves. After the video drew a few million views, it became obvious that this homeless man’s voice would be completely wasted if he had to continue to using it in hopes of making a few dollars for a meal. There have been plenty of inquiries and the Cavs made a job offer on Wednesday. It’s unknown if Williams accepted the offer, but he’s definitely going to be able to get himself off the streets and begin a new career.

I never thought a homeless man could top the “ninjas kidnapped my kids so I need money for karate lessons” guy I once came across in Baltimore, but Williams has done it.

Cavaliers Fans Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About Beating Celtics

Call me a hater, I was one of the people saying the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a 30-win team nowhere near a playoff berth without LeBron James. Call the Cavs fans stubborn, they packed the Q for their season opener on Wednesday night. The fans were rewarded with a 95-87 home win and can already claim one advantage over LeBron — a win over Boston. The 1-0 start is nice and all, but it’s no reason for Cavs fans to get excited.

Forward J.J. Hickson was Cleveland’s go-to player scoring 21 points on 8-11 shooting in 30 minutes. His performance Wednesday night makes one wonder why the only place we could locate Hickson last year in the playoffs was the back of a milk carton, but that’s a question for Mike Brown, not Byron Scott. So if this group of no-names in the starting lineup proved what’s on the front of the jersey matters more on the back, why not get excited?

Because games early in the season are all about meaning.

This game meant a heck of a lot less for Boston than it did for Cleveland. The Cavs were playing their season and home opener, in front of a packed house, and they were eager to prove they didn’t need LeBron. Boston on the other hand was coming off a playoff-like win in their season opener against the Miami Heat. The environment was similar to an NBA Finals game, and it was the season debut for both teams. They traveled from Boston to Cleveland on back-to-backs and put less effort into the game. Take it to Boston and give the Celtics full rest and things will be much different.

As for the Cavs, I did underestimate them. They may be closer to a 35 win team rather than the 30 win team I projected. Either way, you’re not reaching the post-season, Cleveland. Sorry.

Cavs Continue to Move on From LeBron

Maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers planned on coming out with new jerseys whether LeBron James stayed or not.  Maybe they didn’t.  If Dan Gilbert’s letter to the fans is any indication, the Cavs are looking to get past the King James era any way they can.  The Cavs new jerseys are probably a good idea anyway, since the old jerseys could all be burned by now.

The new design could also be a way to generate more revenue now that LeBron has left.  The Cavs still have to find a way to sell jerseys without their star, and there’s no better way to do that than making last year’s uniforms old news.  Whatever the case, I like the look of them.  A lot of teams are going back to a more retro design and I think these are an improvement over the old Cleveland jerseys.

Have a look at the new Cleveland Cavaliers uniforms [Ball Don't Lie]

Cleveland Paper Has Bitter Front Page

The news of  Lebron James’ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and head for the Miami Heat is still fresh in the minds of every sports fan–especially if you live in Cleveland. The front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Friday morning shows just how bitter the fans and people of Cleveland are about James’ decision.

Pay close attention to the little arrow pointing to James’ hand. I don’t blame the people of Cleveland for being bitter, although Dan Gilbert could have handled it a little better. One of the best things about their city just decided to publicly humiliate them and leave for sunny South Beach. Of course they’re upset. Check out the cover of the Cleveland Plain Dealer the day LeBron announced he was leaving:

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Tom Izzo Is Making the Right Decision by Not Speaking

Tom Izzo, the current basketball coach at Michigan State, is keeping his mouth shut when it comes to potentially the biggest decision of his career. Izzo is reported to be the candidate that the Cleveland Cavaliers are most interested in to fill their head coach vacancy.

Izzo was asked by a boy at a basketball camp on Monday whether he had decided on his future. He replied by saying that it was a “bad question” and refused to give any insight on his decision to his campers.

I think Izzo is making the right move in not speaking about his future plans. Whether he has or hasn’t made up his mind on accepting the job, he is beloved by the students at Michigan State and he should approach the situation with a little more sensitivity than to just answer a reporter’s question if he is to leave the school.

Izzo has a big decision on his hands. He could accept the Cavs position and double his salary to $6 million, but he’ll want to know LeBron’s free agency decision first. If LeBron stays, he would be coaching one of the greatest, if not the greatest player in the league right now. But Izzo has been coached at Michigan State since 1993 and his loyalties may lie with the students who respect and adore him so much.

It’s hard to predict what Izzo will do with out knowing what King James plans on doing. But here’s what I think: LeBron will stay in Cleveland and Izzo will decide that he’s ready for the NBA and announce his acceptance of the position with the Cavs. I’m not a mind reader though, ladies and gentlemen, so don’t go run and bet your buddies based on my thoughts. But if I had an opportunity to coach The King, I just don’t think I could pass it up.

Izzo won’t answer camper’s query [ESPN]