Video: LeBron James Traveling Call Against Wizards Costs Cavs

Much like that Jazz/Mavs game not long ago where Dirk was ejected for menial fouls, the refs must have had something on this game for the Wizards to beat the Cavs. I mean how often does a superstar, matter of fact, the superstar in the league, get called for traveling in the final minute of a game? Well, it happened to the Cavs when LeBron James was whistled for doing the bunny hop in the carrot patch on this play with his team down two to the Wizards:

Even though it was a blatant travel, it’s not too different from what many stars get away with on a nightly basis. It’s not much different from what LeBron got away with when the Cavs beat the Wizards in six in the playoffs a few years ago. Better to have it happen now than in May or June, I guess. I’m still floored the refs even called it.

(Thanks to The Association crew for the vid)

Is Mike Brown Misusing LeBron?

I dunno, I saw 45 points, a Game 7, and the Cavs making it to the Finals last year. Seemed to me like LeBron carried his squad well last year, and even overachieved with what he had this year. Seems to me like he has stellar numbers and plays well. But that’s just me, the casual observer, who follows boxscores and watches only the final 10 minutes of games. But I’m the type of person who Matt Watson says doesn’t see what he sees: Mike Brown and the Cavs are misusing LeBron James. Watson’s been saying it for a while, and he quotes basketball author Brian McCormick who feels the same way.

[Boston's defense looks] good because the Cavs put LeBron in positions to fail. He gets the ball 30 feet from the basket, nobody moves and the entire defense plays him. They run down the shot clock so he is forced to take terrible shots.

Now, LeBron is not perfect. He can only shoot jump shots going to his left. If he dribbles right and has to shoot a jumper, he puts it behind his back to his left hand and steps back for the shot.

Why are the Cavs afraid to shoot in the first 14 seconds of the shot clock? Why doesn’t James post-up? When he does get the ball near the post, however, he always reverse pivots to the baseline side, rather than to the middle, which takes away space and makes for a tougher shot or move.

I’m not watching the games in enough detail to pass fair judgment on the issue. I see LeBron passing the ball to teammates that aren’t making shots. I saw LeBron missing all kinds of outside jumpers during this particular series. And I’ve also seen LeBron take over games with his coach seemingly getting out of the way to let LeBron do his thing. So rather than Mike Brown being on the hot seat, maybe Danny Ferry should be because he needs to get LeBron some better teammates. What do you think, should my cousin Mike be on the hot seat?

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I Can’t Wait for Spurs/Cavs Game 1

I think this is actually important enough to mention — the fact that I’m eagerly awaiting the first game of the NBA finals. It’s not the layoff necessarily that has me antsy. Nor is it the fact that baseball is the only other major sport playing games right now — I highly enjoy watching baseball on a daily basis, even if it’s game 53 out of 162. But I really think it’s significant and worth mentioning that I’m truly intrigued by the matchup; I’m excited to watch Game 1 of the NBA finals.

No offense to fans of the teams who have been in the finals the past few years, but I wasn’t really interested in those games. This year however, is different. I will be tuning in because I want to see what LeBron will do. I want to know how good he is. I want to see if he can repeat his Game 5 performance from the Conference Finals. I want to see how well he does against the Spurs. I want to see how much better the Western Conference is than the Eastern Conference — or if it isn’t at all. I want to know if LeBron will begin his legacy of greatness.

I don’t know how you feel about the NBA, the playoffs, or the finals, but I do know that I’m genuinely excited and eagerly awaiting LeBron’s arrival on the scene. And for some reason, I think that’s a good thing for the NBA.

LeBron: Good Teammate, Bad Father

LeBron James was interviewed by Rachel Nichols for the ESPN Sunday Conversation. In the interview, he revealed the news that he would not miss an NBA Finals game for the birth of his child. As Marcel Mutoni points out at FanHouse, the baby is due when Game 5 is scheduled. Don’t fret Cavs fans, here’s what LeBron said:

I’ve already told her I’m not missing any games. I’m not missing any games because of the birth of my second child. I was there for my first one. Definitely going to be tough on me but I think she understands how much I love my teammates and how much they mean.

So is LeBron taking the birth of his child lightly here? He seems quite dismissive of the significance of the milestone in his life and his child’s. Look at what he said, he was there for one, doesn’t need to be there for the other. What kind of a message is that? Then again, it is the NBA finals, and he’s choosing not to let his teammates down. Clearly he’s a good teammate and bad father. This is a tough call for a man, and I stand by LeBron for his choice — he owes it to himself and his team. What do you think?

Cavs Goal Is Just to Reach the Finals

I already did my fair share of ripping on LeBron. Obviously I have no complaints about his Game 5 performance — how could I? But I do have a complaint, or rather a point to make. LeBron does not sound like a man ready to win an NBA Championship. He sounds to me like a man happy to just beat the Detroit Pistons (which still hasn’t happened yet). This is not me speaking, it’s LeBron. From one of his post-game interviews:

We were very excited about just being in the post-season last year and this year we’re a different team. We know this team is not going to give up in Detroit. We got one goal and that’s to make it to the finals.

Like I said, those aren’t my words — those are LeBron’s. Their only goal is to make the finals, not to win the NBA title. It’s possible that LeBron could shoot his wad just trying to beat Detroit. For all we know he could be spent. Meanwhile, the Spurs are lounging at home, awaiting the winner of the Cavs/Pistons. Seems to me like they’ll have a huge edge on whomever they play.

Can We All Stop Loving LeBron Now?

Ugh, the suck job going on about this guy is just maddening. The same people who tore LeBron to shreds are now blowing him like it’s a competition with Lil’ Kim. OK, so he put on a pretty legendary performance — went 1 on 5 to win it — but realize this, the Cavs still haven’t won yet. Cleveland was in this exact same spot a year ago. Remember? They’ve been up on the Pistons 3-2 once before only to lose. He’s only 22! He’s amazing! He scored the last 25 points of the game! True, true, and true.

But if the Cavs lose two in a row, none of this will matter. People won’t remember the amazing Game 5 performance. All everyone will do is criticize LeBron for not getting the job done. So let me remind you to take things one game at a time before setting the crown upon the King’s head. Dirk and the Mavs beat the Spurs on the road in Game 7 last year, and were up on the Heat 2-0 in the finals. And now how is Dirk classified? As a playoff choke. Feel my drift? So let me just advise everyone to slow their roll. Wait til the Cavs are in the final to begin the suck job.

At least we can agree on something — finally we got an on-court performance to take our minds off peripheral issues e.g. Kobe Bryant.

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