Do Clippers have right to demand control of message, revenue cut if Darrell is profiting from being fan of team?

When people learned the Clippers had asked their most notable fan, Darrell Bailey, to drop “Clipper” from his nickname, there was a great deal of outrage. We felt the Clippers were cutting down one of their greatest supporters because now that they’re winning and successful, they feel they can speak out. The Clippers issued a statement accusing Darrell of not actually being a fan of the the team, “but a fan of what he can make off of the Clippers.” Their position was defended much better in an LA Times piece by Bill Plaschke.

Plaschke depicts Darrell as a guy trying to profit off the Clippers and says the team offered him a chance to be paid and treated like an official team cheerleader. The team wants to control what he gets paid, the appearances he makes, and what he says about the team, because they feel he is profiting off of them.

There is some merit to their argument, and they have a right to ask him to go by Darrell Bailey rather than “Clipper Darrell.” But I don’t believe they have a right to control his messages about the team and the money he makes.

Darrell has become well known because he is a great hype guy. Whether he was a fan of the Clippers, Lakers, Bucks, or Celtics is inconsequential — people love him because he makes games exciting. He acquired the “Clipper Darrell” name out of association. You need a nickname for “the guy at the Clippers games with the funny suit who’s always yelling,” so he became Clipper Darrell.

If people want him to attend their wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or game, it’s because he makes events exciting. He became known through the Clippers, but not because of them.

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Clipper Fan Darrell Officially on Strike

The Clippers are 0-4 to start the season and have already disappointed their fans. Baron Davis admitted he came into camp out of shape and had to miss their last two games because of a knee injury. They’ve had three home games and still lost — albeit to good teams. They were blown out by the Warriors on the road. Their fans are dissatisfied and even the most loyal, dedicated fan of all has voiced his displeasure.

As The Basketball Jones pointed out, the legendary Clipper Darrell has gone on strike. CD is so big time he notified the world in the third person, “All I want to see is love & passion 4 the game …CLIPPER DARRELL IS NOW ON STRIKE!!!! I’m hanging the suit up in the closet.”

If Clipper Darrell has gone on strike then you know things are really bad. I’m heading to watch my first Clippers game of the season as they take on the Thunder tonight and will be able to see for myself whether they lack the effort Darrell says they do. I’ll also be able to report if Clipper Darrell has stayed true to his word. You just know things are really bad when he’s dropped off the band wagon.

Clipper Fans Hold LeBron James Parade

Almost two weeks ago, we told you about the parade some Clippers fans were planning to hold in an effort to recruit free agent LeBron James. As planned, things went down prior to Game 5 between the Lakers and Suns in the Western Conference Finals Thursday evening. In case you were wondering how it went, here is some video of the Clippers LeBron James parade:

Although I admire Clipper Fan Darrell for organizing the entire event and getting plenty of press coverage for the march (the AP did a story on the parade and you can see the TV cameras filming), I have to say it was pretty embarrassing that only about 75 fans showed up. Not that I would expect anyone like LeBron James to be influenced by a fan parade, but hearing that only 75 fans showed up for a supposed “recruitment parade” would serve as further confirmation that the Clippers are nothing more than LA’s secondary team. The Clippers would be an excellent fit for LeBron from a basketball standpoint, but there’s no chance in heck that he would ever sign with them.

Video Credit: YouTube user DJTRNX2

Clippers Fans Making Pitch for LeBron

Fans need to come to the realization that begging a superstar to play for their team doesn’t work.  Not only that — it couldn’t be more unoriginal.  As millions of basketball fans sit back and wonder what uniform LeBron will wear next season, I find myself growing extremely tired of listening to writers and fans beg The King to sign with their team.  LeBron James is probably the best basketball player on the planet.  What do fans do when their team signs the best basketball player on the planet?  They cheer — loudly.

LeBron’s going to go wherever the money is (to a certain degree since he might have to leave money on the table if he leaves Cleveland) and wherever his agent, his family, and his “people” decide he should go — and the city he settles in will give him as warm a welcome as any of the others on his list of possible destinations would have.  Rest assured, he’s aware of that.  He’s not going to be wearing the colors of the team whose fans stayed on their knees and begged for the longest amount of time.  Apparently the fan base of one of the NBA’s perennial bottom-feeders — the LA Clippers — would disagree with my opinion.  They’ve decided to join the writers and fans of cities like New York and Chicago in pleading with King James to help bring their team to the Promised Land.

According to Arash Markazi’s twitter feed, via Sports by Brooks, Clippers fans have scheduled a LeBron Parade that will take place at 3PM on May 27th across from the Staples Center, before Game 5 of the Lakers-Suns series.  I wonder if they’ll reschedule in the event of a sweep or just accept that it’s not meant to be.  We’ll see.

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