Royals closed captioning includes ‘homosexual’ and ‘pimp hitter’

Royals closed caption pimp hitter

FOX Sports Kansas City had a little bit of a problem with their closed captioning on Sunday during the Royals-Texas Rangers game.

Rangers DH Jeff Baker pinch hit for David Murphy during the top of the 10th inning and struck out. The outcome had to be a disappointment for the closed captioning person, who labeled Baker a “pimp hitter.”

The closed captioning also screwed up twice by calling someone “homosexual”:

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Great moments in closed captioning mistakes: the Chicago Black Cocks

Black Cocks caption

One closed caption employee may have had too many dirty thoughts on the mind Saturday.

During the Chicago Cubs-New York Mets game Saturday, the announcers must have been talking about the Chicago Blackhawks hosting a playoff hockey game at the same time that the Cubs were hosting a baseball game, resulting in the closed captioning error seen above.

My guess is the Black Cocks scored more than the Blackhawks, who lost 4-1 to the Red Wings.

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CBS closed captioning thought Charles Barkley had ‘turrible’ analysis

CBS Charles Barkley turrible

This is so splendid on so many levels. I would love to meet the person behind this closed caption on CBS just to shake their hand and applaud them for their incredible accuracy in transcribing analyst Charles Barkley’s words.

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Closed Captioning+Brady Quinn=Queer

My man Jorge Sedano, host of The Third Shift on Fox Sports Radio, posted this hilarious video on his show blog. It is outstanding. I’ll just let the video do the talking because there is nothing I could possibly add to make this better. Make sure to keep your eye on the left corner and read the closed caption. You may have to watch twice.

Talk about subliminal messages huh?