Cody Zeller bricks dunk in epic fashion (Video)

Cody Zeller dunkThis is too funny. During Wednesday’s Clippers-Bobcats game, Cody Zeller went slashing down the lane and took off for what looked like would become an awesome dunk. Instead, Zeller was hung by the rim and will be making highlight reels for all the wrong reasons.

That bricked dunk was epic.

What’s almost even better is this mashup created by our friend @cjzero, who added in a reaction from LeBron James:

My cousin, IU alum “Crabman,” does not approve of this post.

Did Cody Zeller and Derrick Nix exchange groin shots, or did they fake reactions?

Cody Zeller Derrick NixDerrick Nix was scolded by ESPN announcer Dick Vitale for an “immature action” he supposedly committed against Cody Zeller during Indiana’s 72-68 win over Michigan State Tuesday, but video replays suggest Zeller may have been at fault.

Before we get into the play that resulted in a reaction from Vitale, let’s start with the play that set things up. Matters appeared to start when Zeller received a pass in the low post and may have caught Nix in the groin with an elbow while spinning around him for a layup:

Then with about two minutes left in the game, Zeller and Nix were fighting for position down low when Zeller went down after appearing to get punched in the groin. The video shows that Zeller may have pulled Nix’s arm into his body and then flopped in an attempt to draw a call:

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Zeller Parents Break Out the Combo Shirts to See Both Sons Play (Picture)

Tyler Zeller and Cody Zeller play in the ACC and Big Ten, respectively. As we all know, Tyler is a senior forward for the powerhouse North Carolina Tarheels. The lesser known younger brother, Cody, is a freshman at Indiana.  The ACC-Big Ten challenge gave the Zeller brothers’ parents a chance to watch both of their sons play on Wednesday night, which can only mean one thing: time for a combo jersey.  Here is what the Zellers wore when they watched Cody play in Raleigh in then Tyler in Chapel Hill, as pointed out by the Fayetteville Observer:

Unfortunately, the combo shirt/jersey has become increasingly popular over the years. Just over a week ago we showed you the brutal combo jersey that Stephen Curry broke out to support his alma mater and his younger brother. I suppose the t-shirt isn’t as bad as the customized jersey, and they’re proud parents so we’ll let it slide.  That being said, I wish the madness of the two-sided jersey would stop.