Jim Harbaugh is concerned about Colin Kaepernick getting too jacked

Colin-Kaepernick-flexingSan Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is capable of being one of the most dangerous players in the NFL because of his ability to make plays with his arm and legs. Kaepernick has tremendous speed for his size, which causes defenses to underestimate him and just plain struggle to keep up. The Green Bay Packers could tell you how fast Kaepernick is, as he torched them for 181 yards and two touchdowns in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Kaepernick is also an animal in the weight room, and believe it or not that is a concern for Niners coach Jim Harbaugh.

“If you’re just talking about weightlifting and upper-body strength, yes, I think there is that fear,” Harbaugh told Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com. “It’s something we’ve talked about. ‘I don’t want you getting too jacked-up, Colin.’ I want some speed, quickness.”

Remember, this is the same Kaepernick who supposedly gave Randy Moss the first dislocated finger of his career because of how much zip he puts on the ball. Then during Super Bowl week, teammate Michael Crabtree sarcastically commented that he would rather catch warmup passes from someone else for that reason.

It may sound strange, but Harbaugh is not the first person we have heard express concern over a quarterback beefing up too much. One prominent former coach once said the same thing about Tim Tebow, so it’s not a novel idea. That being said, I’m sure every coach in the NFL would love to have Harbaugh’s problem. Worrying about a quarterback working out too much is a good concern to have.

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Colin Kaepernick’s chest tattoo updated with tribal design (Picture)

Colin Kaepernick chest tattoo

Colin Kaepernick just started his offseason, and he is not wasting any time adding to his tattoos.

Kaepernick tweeted the photo you see above on Thursday. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback added a tribal design around his pectorals and trapezius. The photo below via tattoo artist Orly Locquiao shows what designs were added:

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‘Kaepernicking’ was Colin Kaepernick’s response to tattoo article

colin kaepernick biceps

Colin Kaepernick‘s touchdown celebration of kissing his biceps inspired a social media trend much like “Tebowing” or “Griffining.” Though “Kaepernicking” appears to be kissing one’s biceps in celebration, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback says there’s more to the act than just that.

Kaepernick defines “Kaepernicking” as kissing one’s tattoos. He told CBS’ Dan Marino that he started it as a response to an article that criticized him for his tattoos.

“To me, it’s someone’s opinion,” Kaepernick said of the article criticizing his tattoos. “My tattoos are me expressing myself, my faith, and what I believe in.”

He also explained how “Kaepernicking” came about.

“That kind of came about from that article. Just kind of showing that I love my tattoos regardless of what people think. I also have ‘faith’ down the front. That’s also my way of showing that everything I do and have been blessed with has come from God.”

Below you can see what Kaepernick’s tattoos look like:

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Colin Kaepernick’s hometown of Turlock celebrated a day in his honor

Colin-Kaepernick-NinersColin Kaepernick was honored with his own day in his hometown of Turlock, Calif., on Saturday.

Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, Wisc., and lived in Fond du Lac, Wisc., until he was four. His family moved to Turlock, a small city in Stanislaus County about 100 miles east of San Francisco, which is where he was raised until leaving for college in Reno.

The city of Turlock is proud of Kaepernick and declared Saturday “Colin Kapernick Day.”

“We hereby encourage all citizens in our community to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick,” said Turlock Mayor John Lazar at a gathering Saturday.

Kaepernick attended Pitman High School in Turlock where he was a 4.0 student and star football, baseball, and basketball player. He was actually a highly-recruited baseball prospect who could throw 92 mph as a pitcher, but he chose to pursue a career in football instead.

Below is a video from KXTL of the city celebrating Colin Kaepernick Day:

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Logan Couture busts out some ‘Kaepernicking’ after scoring goal (Video)

Logan-Couture-KaepernickingMany San Jose Sharks fans are also San Francisco 49ers fans, and as we know this is an exciting time for the Bay Area. The Niners are back in the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994, and second-year sensation Colin Kaepernick has led the way. On Thursday night, one of the Sharks players decided to pay tribute to Kaepernick.

San Jose forward Logan Couture scored in the second period of a shootout win over the Edmonton Oilers, and he pretended to kiss his bicep muscle in celebration. As we know, that celebration is now known as Kaepernicking.

“Gotta show some love to the Bay Area teams,” Couture said after the game according to NHL Tonight. “Everyone out here who’s a Sharks fan is usually a Niners fan as well. Obviously, all of us on the Sharks are rooting for them on Sunday, so just a little shout-out to those guys.”

As Puck Daddy pointed out, Couture is a Buffalo Bills fan. Sucks to be him, so I don’t blame him for latching onto San Francisco’s success.

Video via @Pooks_rutherfor

Colin Kaepernick offered free Red Robin for life if he wins Super Bowl

Colin Kaepernick will have more on the line Sunday than just the Super Bowl. If he wins the game, he will cash in on a sweet offer from one of his favorite restaurants.

Red Robin took out an ad in Thursday’s San Francisco Chronicle offering the 49ers quarterback free food for life if he wins the Super Bowl.

How did the offer come to be?

A recent New York Daily News article describing Kaepernick’s humble (or frugal) nature noted that he enjoys Red Robin.

From the article:

When a financial adviser flew in from New York and asked him where he would like to go out to dinner, Kaepnerick chose Red Robin, a favorite haunt of his.

Below is a look at the offer from Red Robin, which references the Daily News article:

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Colin Kaepernick TD celebration inspires ‘Kaepernicking’ trend (Pictures)

colin kaepernick biceps

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick set records in his team’s 45-31 win over the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs on Saturday, and he also inspired a social media trend.

The second-year player has been celebrating his touchdowns with a kiss on his biceps (seen above). After his outstanding performance Saturday — he rushed for 181 yards (a quarterback record), two touchdowns, and threw for 263 yards and two touchdowns — many Niners fans began following his lead by imitating the celebration.

Much like “Tebowing” and “Griffining,” “Kaepernicking” has become a social media trend.

See some fans “Kaepernicking” below:

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