Colorado State student wins free tuition from coaches with half-court shot (Video)

Andrew-Schneeweis-half-court-shotA Colorado State student received a full scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year from several of the school’s coaches, but it was not your average athletic scholarship. Instead, Andrew Schneeweis earned the tuition by sinking an improbable shot during Colorado State’s pep rally at Moby Arena on Saturday night.

CSU men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy, football coach Jim McElwain, women’s basketball coach Ryun Williams, and volleyball coach Tom Hilbert all promised to cover the cost of a student’s tuition if he or she could hit a half-court shot during the rally. Schneeweis was chosen and given three chances to sink the basket, but he drained it on his first try. The arena went insane.

After Schneeweis’ accomplished the feat, the coaches showered him in congratulations on Twitter.

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Colorado State Basketball Needs Some Work on Their Team Chemistry

First we had one Baylor basketball player shoot his teammate, then we had a Northern Colorado backup punter stab the starter in his leg, and now there is a report that Colorado State basketball player Xavier Kilby allegedly pointed a gun at teammate Ronnie Aguilar’s head. (Kilby is the sweet young man pictured at right) From the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

Kilby, a 21-year-old forward from Phoenix, was arrested on suspicion of felony menacing and prohibited use of weapons, a misdemeanor, stemming from the early Sunday morning incident, Fort Collins Police spokeswoman Rita Davis said this afternoon.

Davis said Kilby and Aguilar got into an argument in the living room and that Kilby pulled out a small revolver, pointed it at Aguilar’s head and then pointed the gun at a couch and discharged the weapon. Davis said Stephan Gilling, another CSU men’s basketball player, also was in the living room at the time of the incident.

Let’s try to get to the bottom of this. Odds that he pulled the piece because…

  • He lost in a game of NBA Live ’07 4:1
  • He caught Aguilar scamming on his chick 3:2
  • Aguilar forgot to take the trash out 20:1
  • He hadn’t been laid in eight months and let the tension boil over 7:1
  • Aguilar was screwing with his myspace profile 12:1
  • He was upset over his role in the motion offense 15:1

Gentlemen, place your bets…