Colorado State coach Jim McElwain angry mayor of Denver didn’t know his name (Video)


Colorado State defeated Colorado 31-17 on Friday night in an annual in-state rivalry game to win the Centennial Cup. After the game, the trophy was presented to Rams head coach Jim McElwain by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. The mayor ended up making himself look bad by not doing his homework.

Hancock either forgot McElwain’s name or didn’t know how to pronounce it, which led to an irritated McElwain grabbing the microphone from the mayor and correcting him. McElwain gave a chuckle before being handed the trophy, but he clearly didn’t find Hancock’s oversight to be humorous. He was still steaming on Monday.

“The mayor doesn’t even know the head ball coach’s name, I guess that really shows where we are and where I am as a program,” McElwain said without smiling, via Brian Olson of KUSA. “Boy, that makes a guy feel good. The guy giving you the trophy can’t spit your name out?. Shows you how much they care about Colorado State right?”

The video of the exchange and McElwain’s comments is below:

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Colorado State kicker Jared Roberts gets lit up on onside kick (Video)

Trailing Utah State by 12 with less than two minutes remaining in the game on Saturday, Colorado State decided to attempt an onside kick. Jared Roberts, the kicker for the Rams, made two mistakes in executing the play. First and foremost, he didn’t kick the ball far enough. As you can see from the video above that Kegs ‘N Eggs shared with us, the ball went about seven yards when it has to go 10. Wait, you weren’t focused on that? I guess that’s understandable.

What likely caught your eye when watching the play was Roberts nearly coming out of his cleats and losing his head. Utah State linebacker Jake Doughty sprinted right toward Roberts as the ball was rolling and decided to completely take him out of the play. Doughty was called for unnecessary on the play, but the only thing that was really uneccesary about it is that it was helmet-to-helmet contact. Aside from that, Roberts learned a very valuable listen — keep your head up when jogging toward 200-plus pound linebackers with a live ball on the ground.

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