Lil Terrio now a Redskins fan thanks to DeSean Jackson

Lil Terrio Redskins

DeSean Jackson has signed with the Washington Redskins, and he’s taking his biggest celebrity fan with him.

Yes, D-Jack shared a picture on Instagram Saturday of internet sensation Lil Terrio wearing a Redskins hat. Terrio has been making waves on the internet since the summer when Vine videos of him dancing went viral. He’s become a celebrity of sorts and even showed up at Super Bowl media day to film videos.

Jackson has been hanging with Terrio for months, and now he has the little critter switching over to his new team. Ooooh kill ‘em!

Arian Foster worried about Lil Terio and his Uber rant

Lil-Terio-UberLil Terio, known to many as Cousin Terio, has taken the internet and the NFL by storm over the past year. The dude has more than 750,000 Instagram followers, and he posts daily videos which get thousands of likes. Those videos have Houston Texans running back Arian Foster concerned about him.

On Wednesday, Terio posted a series of videos on Instagram of himself riding in a car with an Uber driver. He was giving the guy all kinds of s—. Here’s what Foster had to say about it.

You can watch the videos below.

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Cousin Terio was killin ‘em at Super Bowl Media Day (Video)


You never know who you might see at Super Bowl Media Day, and we were reminded of that on Tuesday when several reporters spotted none other than internet sensation Cousin Terio strutting around with DeSean Jackson at MetLife Stadium.

As usual, Terio was owning s***. For the Win’s Chris Strauss captured a couple of videos of him giving his Super Bowl pick (while getting screwed with by DeSean) and dancing with the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders.

Ooh kill ‘em. Jackson has been boys with Terio for a while now and even hung out with him at his house one time. Hopefully Terio’s teachers accept “I was at the Super Bowl with an NFL receiver” as a reason for playing hooky from school.

Photo via Twitter/Bart Hubbuch

DeSean Jackson busts out Cousin Terio dance during snowstorm (GIF)

DeSean-Jackson-Terio-danceDeSean Jackson spent some time hanging out with Cousin Terio himself earlier this week, so you just knew the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was going to break out the Terio dance once again if he scored a touchdown on Sunday. Jackson found the end zone in the third quarter of a 34-20 win over the Detroit Lions, and he did not disappoint.

Jackson has already done the Terio dance on more than one occasion this season. The thing that made the latest installment so great was that it happened in the middle of a snowstorm. Nothing can stop DeSean from dancing like his boy.

GIF via @cjzero

DeSean Jackson hangs out with Cousin Terio (Videos)

Cousin-Terio-dancePhiladelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is clearly one of internet sensation Cousin Terio’s biggest fans. DeSean has busted out the Cousin Terio dance on more than one occasion when scoring touchdowns this season. On Thursday, Jackson and Terio spent some time together.

Jackson posted a bunch of videos on Instagram of Terio being his hilarious self. The little dude trucked DeSean in a living room and then hung out in his car for a while. My personal line came when Jackson asked Terio what he was doing behind the wheel of his car.

“We’re riding this Ferrari!”

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Jason McCourty scores touchdown on botched field goal, does Cousin Terio dance (GIF)

Jason McCourty scored a touchdown on a botched field goal attempt by the Seattle Seahawks prior to halftime on Sunday, and then he celebrated with an homage to our favorite dancing youngster.

Jason McCourty Terio danceThe Seahawks were getting ready to kick a field goal to go up 10-3 on the Tennessee Titans before halftime, but it looked like there was something wrong with the hold. Kicker Steven Hauschka was being examined for a concussion, forcing punter and usual holder Jon Ryan into the kicker role. That moved Chris Maragos into the holder role, and he blew it. Maragos grabbed the ball and tried to run with it, but he got stripped and McCourty picked it up and returned it 77 yards for a score to make it 10-7 Tennessee.

After getting into the end zone, McCourt dusted off his shoes and started to ungulate like the famous Cousin Terio:

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DeSean Jackson does Cousin Terio touchdown dance again (GIF)

DeSean Jackson TerioDeSean Jackson scored two touchdowns on Sunday to give him five for the season, and he celebrated his first score with a familiar dance. The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver hit the Cousin Terio dance after catching a TD in the second quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You may recall that DeSean also did the Terio dance after scoring in Week 1 of the NFL season against the Washington Redskins.

Oooh kill ‘em!

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