Craig James done at Fox Sports Southwest after one weekend

Craig JamesFox Sports executives must have heard the collective groans when Craig James was hired as an analyst for regional network Fox Sports Southwest, because the former SMU running back is already out of the gig.

SI media reporter Richard Deitsch says James is gone after one weekend on duty as a college football analyst for Fox Sports Southwest. James was brought on to provide analysis for Fox Sports South’s postgame studio show and Big 12 wrapup show. Deitsch says James did not have a formal agreement in place, but was supposed to work throughout the season.

The issue reportedly is that the hire did not go through top-level Fox Sports management, which supposedly rejected the move. And why would they do that? Maybe because James became a hated figure after it was revealed he was intricately involved in the removal of Mike Leach as Texas Tech’s football coach, and because he expressed some anti-gay opinions while running for Texas Senate.

The last thing Fox Sports probably wanted was the negative publicity that comes with hiring a guy like James, all while they’re trying to build the new Fox Sports 1 network. It didn’t even matter that James would have been doing stuff for a specific region; just having him associated with the brand was a bad look.

Mike Leach signs book with reference to Craig James hooker rumor (Photo)

There’s a (likely false but nonetheless hilarious) Internet meme out there perpetuated by college football trolls that alleges former ESPN tool bag and soon-to-be failed Senate candidate Craig James killed five hookers during his playing days at SMU. Evidently, James’ arch enemy Mike Leach is in on the joke, too.

As you see in the above photo, Leach signed a copy of his book, “Swing Your Sword,” to somebody with the transcription, “CJK5H,” an apparent reference to the Craig James Killed Five Hookers gag. James, of course, allegedly had a role in Leach losing his job at Texas Tech after James’ son Adam was reportedly placed in a utility closet after suffering a concussion during practice despite Leach’s own insistence that he had no part in the incident. Leach is now about to start his first season at Washington State.

And, in case you had doubts as to whether Leach himself wrote the “CJK5H,” Deadspin has confirmed its authenticity, thus also confirming Leach’s awesomeness.

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Photo via Mark Ennis

Craig James says Mike Leach was a ‘bully’ to his son (Video)

Former SMU running back and ESPN broadcaster Craig James is running for a senate position in Texas and addressed his notorious conflict with Mike Leach by calling the Washington State football coach a “bully” in a recent video.

James became eternally despised when it was learned he teamed with a PR company and used his position at ESPN to help get Mike Leach fired as head football coach at Texas Tech. James was unhappy about the lack of playing time for his son Adam, who was a receiver on the team. The Texas Tech administration went along with the smear campaign because they didn’t want to pay Leach a large financial bonus he was due.

In the video, James is interviewed by his daughter and says “If I see wrong, I will stand up against it. I will never let something go by that is a bully or someone that has done something wrong.”

James fails to mention that he was calling Texas Tech coaches during games to tell them to play his son. He leaves out the part about teaming with a PR firm and using his connections at ESPN to unfairly slander the coach. I guess that doesn’t qualify as “wrong” in James’ eyes.

There really is no hope to reason with this man, but we hope we can help point out what a fraud he is and what awful things he did.

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Craig James Was Calling Texas Tech Coaches During Games Telling Them to Play His Son

Adam James was painted as a victim, and Mike Leach as the bad guy when the coach was fired by Texas Tech in 2009. As time has gone on, and Leach has had a chance to share his side of the story, a new picture has been painted of how unfairly Leach was treated by the university.

We learned in July from Leach’s book that Adam James didn’t want Mike Leach to be fired for the whole closet incident. What we discovered was that former SMU player, and then-ESPN broadcaster Craig James had hired a PR firm to help get Leach fired for allegedly mistreating his son, Adam, who supposedly had a concussion. Now we’re learning the depths of how inappropriate Craig James was as a parent and broadcaster.

Leach’s lawyer told Paul Finebaum’s radio show that James was calling Texas Tech coaches during games telling them to play his son.

“He was calling (Texas Tech) coaches from the booth during games and telling them to put Adam in and let him play. Disrupting games,” Steve Heninger told Finebaum. “Then at night he was leaving voicemails that he was upset that Adam wasn’t …”

Here’s the audio from the interview (via Sports by Brooks):

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Craig James Admits He Took ‘Insignificant’ Gifts from Boosters at SMU

Craig James, widely acknowledged as one of the most disliked broadcasters in sports, is well known for being one of the stars of SMU’s infamous team that received the death penalty (the death penalty came a few years after he graduated). James has begun a career in politics and he’s running for senator in Texas. As part of the race, he faced questions about his rule-breaking past at SMU.

Asked at a news conference whether he’d taken money or valuables from boosters, James said, “It was an insignificant amount that I had when I was at SMU. It was wrong. And I was 18, 19 years old.”

James declined to specify what gifts he accepted and how much money, nor from whom.

“It was insignificant. It was never,” he said, halting in mid-sentence. “I said in my book that if someone came up and shook my hand and there were a $20 bill in it, I didn’t have the maturity at that time to turn it away.”

James’ admissions are nothing new — in a book released in 2009, he admitted to taking some money, though he emphasized that he was not one of the reasons for the death penalty. He also specified that benefits did not entice him to join the school.

Even if this isn’t exactly breaking news, it’s comforting to know that James is being grilled somewhat. He’s at least getting grilled more in his political career than he was as a sports broadcaster where his behavior led to the firing of a prominent coach.

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Craig James Launches ‘Texans for a Better America’ Political Movement

Craig James is a college football analyst who played running back for SMU and the Patriots. You’re probably used to hearing him provide commentary during college football season when he’s not trying to get coaches fired. Now we’ve learned through Bryan D. Fischer that he’s also launched a political movement called “Texans for a Better America.” Here’s part of the movement’s mission according to its website:

“Texans for a Better America is about reconnecting people with the values, ideas, and founding principles that have not only made Texas the envy of our nation, but would transform our country. We hope you’ll join in this essential conversation to engage, learn and share the values that guide and ideas that transform.”

Texans for a Better America supports the constitution, a free market economy, and it believes in American Exceptionalism saying “America is the greatest nation this earth has ever known.” The party emphasizes “freedom, hard work and personal responsibility.”

At this point it’s unclear what political office, if any, James aspires to be elected for, but there have been past reports that he’s interested in running for a Senate seat. We’re told James informed his bosses at ESPN about his decision to launch the site.