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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Craig Sager

Craig Sager’s leukemia has returned

Earlier this month, Craig Sager made his return to the sideline after taking time away to undergo treatment for leukemia. It had been more than six months since the beloved reporter did what he enjoys so much. Unfortunately, Sager is now dealing with new set of challenges. According to a statement via Craig Sager Jr.,…Read More

Gregg Popovich hassles Craig Sager in preseason interview (Video)

Nothing marks the return of NBA season quite like Gregg Popovich giving TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager a hard time during an interview between quarters. Since this was a preseason game, Pop took it kind of easy on Sager and actually answered his questions. But not before giving him a hard time about him having…Read More

Gregg Popovich gave Craig Sager another brief interview (Video)

Gregg Popovich stonewalling Craig Sager is a TNT tradition just like those great Photoshop pictures of Charles Barkley. Anytime the San Antonio Spurs play on TNT on Thursday nights, you know an uncomfortable interview between Pop and Sager is coming. That certainly held true this week. After the first quarter of the Spurs-Oklahoma City Thunder…Read More

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