Gregg Popovich hassles Craig Sager in preseason interview (Video)

Craig Sager Gregg PopovichNothing marks the return of NBA season quite like Gregg Popovich giving TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager a hard time during an interview between quarters. Since this was a preseason game, Pop took it kind of easy on Sager and actually answered his questions. But not before giving him a hard time about him having to answer questions despite it being a meaningless preseason game.

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Gregg Popovich gave Craig Sager another brief interview (Video)

Craig Sager Gregg PopovichGregg Popovich stonewalling Craig Sager is a TNT tradition just like those great Photoshop pictures of Charles Barkley. Anytime the San Antonio Spurs play on TNT on Thursday nights, you know an uncomfortable interview between Pop and Sager is coming.

That certainly held true this week.

After the first quarter of the Spurs-Oklahoma City Thunder game, Sager attempted to ask the Spurs coach a few questions. Sager asked a legitimate question about how difficult it is for Pop to sub out Tim Duncan while he’s hot, and Pop gave a smartass retort.

“Well, I can’t play him 48 (minutes).”

Sager seemed to be caught off guard by the answer and was stumbling trying to figure out his next question. He tried to segue into something about the Spurs’ dangerous bench, and ended up looking silly for mentioning Manu Ginobili, who is out with a hamstring injury. No surprise, Popovich was quick to point out Sager’s error.

Pop’s history of abusing Sager during interviews was captured in video form last year. The coach’s wife even has asked him to cut it out, but he says he just can’t help it. As funny as it is to see him pick on Sager, we wish he would cut it out already and finally act professionally.

Video via @cjzero

Gregg Popovich’s history of abusing Craig Sager during interviews now in video form

TNT composed a video called “Best of Coach Pop,” and they released it on Monday when the Spurs lost at home to the Thunder in Game 5 of the Western Conference finals. If you watch the video, you’ll notice the first minute is spent showing Gregg Popovich essentially abusing TNT reporter Craig Sager during interviews. Sometimes the Spurs coach kept it simple and made fun of Sager’s outfits, but in another clip he wiped his nose with Sager’s hanky. That was pretty darn disrespectful.

Anyhow, the video’s release was perfectly timed, because Popovich had a notable interview with Sager prior to the fourth quarter of Game 5 on Monday. Pop was asked two questions by Sager and gave a pair of two-word answers. Their interview lasted 13 seconds, tops, and that includes the intro and outro from Sager. Video of that is below via Awful Announcing (sadly in choppy form):

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