Video: Dutch Soccer Fan Uses Motorized Scooter to Bump Referee

Dutch soccer team FC Oss lost to Almere City 4-3 in a second division game Friday night. An elderly fan in a motorized scooter was upset with referee Edwin van der Graaf who handed out six yellow cards to the home team, so he tried to run him over after the game. Check out this disturbing yet amusing video:

Look, the U.S. almost lost a World Cup game to Brazil because of poor calls by the referee, but does that mean the U.S. fans should have run over Jacqui Melksham with golf carts? Of course not, but these are crazy soccer fans we’re talking about. They’re the same breed of people that will bring a dead body to a game, attack a coach on the field, or shove a puppet in a star player’s face. I’m just surprised the guy in the scooter eventually backed off.

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Liverpool Fans Force Manchester United Supporter to Remove Jersey (Video)

Liverpool is on tour in Malaysia and faced the Malaysian national team Saturday. Before their game, they had a training session on Thursday that brought a contentious moment in the stands. One brave soldier decided to wear his Manchester United Wayne Rooney jersey to the training session, and that didn’t sit well with the Liverpool fans. Check out this great video via EPL Talk:

The brazen youngster in question never donned a Liverpool jersey, but he eventually switched into a Malaysia shirt. Much like this dufus he learned the hard way not to wear the wrong jersey around Liverpool fans.

Soccer fans, hardcore.

Video Credit: YouTube user lioedexing

Rowdy Newcastle United Fans Invade the Pitch After Sammy Scores (Video)

Soccer fans. There really isn’t anything like them. Whether it’s taking a dead body to a game or a fan attacking a coach mid-match, soccer fans are the nuttiest. What happened on Friday during a friendly between Newcastle United and Darlington just confirms what we already knew.

The match between the teams was interrupted when fans invaded the pitch, causing a raucous. In this video, you can here fans chanting “If Sammy scores, we’re on the pitch.” Sure enough, Sammy Ameobi scored and the fans stuck to their word. Check out the video of the Newcastle United fans invading the pitch:

Newcastle United said the invasion was non-violent, but this video shows fans beating each other up:

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Colombian Soccer Fans Brought Dead Body of Cristofer Jacome in Coffin to Game

You read the headline, and the picture above tells you all you need to know. Fans of the Colombian soccer team Cucuta Deportivo brought in a coffin to General Santander Stadium for a match Sunday between Deportivo and Envigado. The story, which comes to us from Colombia Reports via Dirty Tackle, says 17-year-old hardcore fan Cristofer Alexander Jacome was murdered while playing soccer in his local neighborhood. Jacome was part of the fan group Barra del Indio that’s supposedly known for its crazy antics at soccer matches. After seeing what they did, I don’t dispute the dedication and insanity of this group.

Security obviously failed miserably by letting the coffin through the gates, but then again would you want to be the one telling a group who just raided a morgue for a body that they can’t enter the stadium? Neither would I.

Honestly, we have lots of stories that fall under the umbrella of “crazy fans” but this has to be the absolute best. Check the others to compare, and here are a few more pics of the coffin in the stadium for your enjoyment:

There is no breed of fan more crazy than the Colombian soccer fan. Ay dios mio.

Fan Sucker Punches English Soccer Player After Upset Victory (Video)

For those of you who weren’t aware, there are some people in England who take soccer very, very seriously.  However, that doesn’t neccessarily mean they have any idea what’s going on after a major upset victory.  If they did, why would a fan wearing a Stevenage scarf punch a Stevenage defender following a major upset victory for Stevenage?  After Stevenage pulled off the 3-1 upset over Newcastle in the FA Cup, that’s exactly what happened.  Check out the Scott Laird English fan sucker punch video, courtesy of Off The Bench:

Aside from the fact that we don’t understand why a fan would punch his own player, that’s just plain wrong.  I wonder if wearing the Stevenage scarf was all part of his master plan.  That way if someone questioned him about it he could give them a “look at my scarf!”  In any event, I would have kicked that guy’s ass if I was a Stevenage player or fan.