Hannah Storm nearly starts crying during emotional speech about NFL’s stance towards women

Hannah StormHannah Storm gave an emotional speech to close down ESPN’s “NFL Countdown” show on Sunday morning where she shared commentary on the NFL’s stance towards domestic violence and female fans.

Storm brought up the Ray Rice discipline and how disappointed she was that the league needed to wait to see the video before giving a harsher punishment to the former Ravens running back. Her ultimate point was to pose the question: what does the league stand for?

ESPN analyst Cris Carter also gave an impassioned speech on Sunday. Carter’s thoughts related more to Adrian Peterson and his realization that some of the things his mother did while raising him were wrong. Now that he is older and wiser, he has decided what are acceptable methods of discipline.

Michael Irvin: Cris Carter told my wife to leave me when I had coke problem

Michael-Irvin-Colts-Garbage-Without-Peyton-ManningMichael Irvin offered a powerful defense of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon during an interview with the Dan Le Batard Show on Tuesday. More specifically, Irvin spoke out against fellow Hall of Famer Cris Carter in the wake of Carter’s assertion that the Browns should cut Gordon.

Carter compared Gordon’s situation to his own, with the Philadelphia Eagles having cut Carter in 1990. Carter credits Buddy Ryan for giving him the motivation to get sober and get his life on track by releasing him. Irvin cautioned that the tough love approach doesn’t work for everyone.

“Dan, this is a brain disease. Addiction is a brain disease,” Irvin told Le Batard, via Ryan Cortes of the New Times Broward-Palm Beach. “You know, we act as if someone should…How can you make that decision? You must be stupid. He’s not. That’s why they call substances dope. Because it makes you less intelligent and you make the poor decision. It’s a brain disease. And it affects everybody differently.

“Now, isolation for Cris may have been the best thing. Separation, for Cris, may have been the best thing. For Josh, maybe it’s the worst thing…”

Irvin then got personal. The former Dallas Cowboys star’s cocaine addiction in the 1990s was well-documented. Irvin was a known party animal who used cocaine and then dominated on Sundays. During that time, he claims Carter told his wife to leave him.

“I’m going to put a little personal on this even though I love Cris to death,” Irvin said. “I don’t know what year it was we were in the Pro Bowl. And all Cris is trying to do, he’s just trying to share his experiences. He said to my wife, ‘You know, Michael would never come out of this problem until you leave him.’ Till you leave him.

“For years, I’ve held it. I’ve never shared that with anybody. I’ve never in my life shared that with anybody. I was so irked with Cris because he was out of line then. His ass is out of line now. He is out of line.”

While it doesn’t sound like Carter had terrible intentions when he allegedly told Irvin’s wife to leave him, you can see why Irvin is angry. Just because Carter credits his release from the Eagles for getting his life on track doesn’t mean that approach works for everyone. Having said that, Gordon’s path gets worse by the day. Something has to be done.

Cris Carter: Using drugs the most important thing to Josh Gordon

Josh GordonCleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon broke out in a big way in 2013. In his second season, Gordon hauled in 87 passes led the NFL in receiving yards (1,646) despite playing in just 14 games.

Expectations for 2014 will be tempered with the 23-year-old facing a potentially season-long suspension as a result of a failed drug test.

Immense talent aside, Gordon has had a history of substance related issues. While in college at Baylor, he was was suspended indefinitely after testing positive for marijuana and later transferred out of the program. Gordon was also suspended for the Browns’ first two games of last season for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Most people remember Hall of Famer Cris Carter for his time with the Minnesota Vikings, but that opportunity came because of a missed one with the Philadelphia Eagles. Drug and alcohol abuse led to his release from the team after three seasons.

Rarely one to bite his tongue, Carter some interesting comments recently about Josh Gordon and his documented substance issues.

“It’s fairly obvious that (using substances) is more important to him than anything else,” the former Ohio State star told cleveland.com. “It’s always been very, very important to him. It’s well-documented that it’s been primary since early college. Maybe it even goes back to early high school.”

“I’d much rather help an undrafted free agent that has a problem and he says I’ve got a problem and he wants some help, then help a guy who’s first-team All-Pro (and hasn’t reached out),” said Carter.

Carter went on to talk about the impact hitting rock bottom (being cut by the Eagles) had on him and how it served as turning point. Perhaps a season-long suspension would cause a similar effect for Josh Gordon, but for that we will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, if there’s someone qualified to speak on this subject, it’s Cris Carter.

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Cris Carter’s wife Melanie allegedly headbutted during tennis match

Melanie-Carter-Cris-CarterMelanie Carter, the wife of NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, was reportedly playing in a tennis match in Florida recently that turned violent. More specifically, Carter claims another woman headbutted her.

According to a police report that was obtained by TMZ, Carter was playing in a doubles match at the Seasons of Boca Raton community center when one of the women who was playing asked the line judge to clear up a disputed call. Carter didn’t agree with the judge’s call, which led to her and the other player getting into an argument.

Carter told police that the other woman dared her to “hit me” and then proceeded to headbutt her. The two then allegedly got into a fight and ended up on the ground. The other woman claims she did not headbutt Carter and that Carter hit her first. No one has been arrested.

Am I the only one who immediately thought of this?

Cris Carter responds to Doug Baldwin

Doug-Baldwin-SeahawksThe first thing Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin did when he found a microphone after his team won the Super Bowl on Sunday was rip into ESPN analyst Cris Carter. Baldwin, who caught five passes for 66 yards and a touchdown, was furious that Carter and Keyshawn Johnson described Seattle’s receivers as “appetizers” before the NFC Championship Game.

Carter later responded to Baldwin with a simple message — get over it.

“For one, I never called them pedestrian,” Carter said. “I (said) the reason why they were on the field is because the two starting receivers happened to be hurt. I didn’t make that up. And I’m glad Doug Baldwin — I’m glad they’re playing well.

“But they’re not the only professionals to have someone say on TV, or a coach, that you couldn’t play. I got cut. So they need to get over it.”

Baldwin’s fellow wide receiver appetizer, Jermaine Kearse, hauled four catches for 64 yards and a touchdown. The Seahawks receivers outplayed the Denver Broncos’ loaded receiving corps, which is something no one could have predicted. Baldwin earned the right to rub it in Carter’s face.

While I understand what Carter and Johnson were trying to say about Seattle dealing with injuries to Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice, Carter has still shown in the past that he is an idiot by making ridiculous statements about the game’s current receivers. He always comes off like a jealous guy who wants to protect his legacy.

Doug Baldwin rips Cris Carter after winning Super Bowl

Doug Baldwin Seahawks

Doug Baldwin couldn’t wait to rip ESPN analyst Cris Carter after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl on Sunday. And the undrafted wide receiver from Stanford just unloaded on the Hall of Famer.

“I’m not going to say any names, but he knows who he is. I respect what you did on the field. But stick to football,” Baldwin said of Carter via NJ.com. “Stick to playing football because your analytical skills ain’t up to par yet. You need to slow down, you need to go back. Because you’re saying some stuff that doesn’t really make sense.”

Baldwin was apparently chapped by Carter and Keyshawn Johnson describing the Seahawks’ wide receivers as “appetizers” prior to the NFC Championship Game between the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.

“That dude that said that we were appetizers, he told me to Google him. But I didn’t see any Super Bowl appearances and I also saw two losses in the conference championship. I have a Super Bowl ring and I will gladly show that to him. And if he doesn’t have time to come see it, tell him he can Google it.”


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Those are some strong words from Baldwin. But I don’t know why he took it so personally. Carter is an idiotic commentator whose opinion, words, and analysis should not be taken seriously. Remember what happened with him and Calvin Johnson? That was all because Carter was so unprepared as an analyst that he forgot to mention Calvin, and then was too proud to add Johnson to his list when he realized he screwed up. I’m glad Baldwin took it to him.

As for the “appetizers,” well they played a great game. Baldwin led his team with 5 catches for 66 yards and a touchdown, while Jermaine Kearse, another undrafted receiver, had 4 catches for 64 yards and a TD. Baldwin caught all of the passes thrown his way. Not bad for a platter of sliders and some artichoke dip, huh Cris?

Mike Pouncey told Cris Carter Jonathan Martin considered quitting during rookie season

Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin abruptly departed the Miami Dolphins last week, but the idea may have been in his mind for a while.

We have previously heard that Martin has had “emotional issues” since his rookie season, and Dolphins center and leadership council member, Mike Pouncey, says as a rookie, Martin was having second thoughts about playing pro football.

Per The Miami Herald, Pouncey told Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Cris Carter that Martin considered quitting football during his rookie season.

Here’s what Pouncey told Carter, per The Herald:

Pouncey told Carter, the Hall of Famer later relayed, that Martin had considered quitting football long before leaving the team.

Carter said Pouncey told him: “There were times he struggled as a rookie and contemplated, ‘Am I cut out for this?’ ”

That seems to mesh with what Martin told Richie Incognito over text. Martin reportedly told Incognito that the football culture and locker room got to him, leading him to leave.

Among other issues, it sure seems like Martin may not have fit in in the NFL — or at least with the Dolphins — and came to that realization.

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