Cyrus Kouandjio Signs with Alabama over Auburn in The Decision, Part II

Offensive line recruit Cyrus Kouandjio has gone through a stressful recruiting period. The 6’7″ behemoth from DeMatha Catholic in Maryland was widely thought to be leaning towards committing to Alabama, but he surprised many people when he announced he would be attending Auburn on National Signing Day. Kouandjio was clearly having second thoughts because he never signed his letter of intent, leaving Auburn hanging. At that point it was believed he was still considering Alabama and New Mexico, prompting notable figures to try and sway his decision through facebook.

Three days after making his Auburn announcement on TV, Kouandjio changed his commitment. Cyrus’ brother, Arie Kouandjio, an offensive lineman at Alabama, was hyping up the release of Cyrus’ decision on twitter Saturday afternoon as if it were the second coming of LeBron’s decision. At the appropriate time, he finally wrote:

And just like that, we were reminded of the age in which we leave: decisions announced in LeBron form, released through social media outlets, after being appropriately promoted. Thank goodness the process is finally over. Now the tough part really begins — playing in the SEC for a national title contender. And Cyrus thought he had it hard in high school? Whoo boy.

Nick Saban and Pat Dye’s Daughters Post on Cyrus Kouandjio’s Facebook Wall

If you’re unaware of the saga involving high school recruit Cyrus Kouandjio, here’s your refresher. Kouandjio is considered the top offensive tackle recruit in the country. He announced he was going to play at Auburn on National Signing Day, but he never signed his letter of intent. He’s still uncertain where he will play, and the decision has been so difficult it’s given him a nervous tick.

He’s deciding between Auburn, Alabama, and New Mexico, and it complicates matters is the fact that his brother plays for Bama. It also doesn’t help that two of the schools from which he’s choosing also happen to have the most passionate fanbases possible.

The competitive nature between Bama and Auburn is intense, to say the least. Fans have been raiding Kouandjio’s facebook profile recently, trying to sway him to play for their school. To give you an idea of how much this guy means and how desperate these schools are, the daughter of Alabama coach, Nick Saban, and the daughter of former Auburn coach, Pat Dye, have both written on Kouandjio’s facebook wall recently. Check out these postings from Kristen Saban and Missy Dye McDonald courtesy of SI college football writer, Andy Staples:

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