Steve Spurrier takes shot at Dabo Swinney over ‘different planets’ comment

Dabo-Swinney-Steve-SpurrierSteve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney probably do not like each other. The two coaches have never openly admitted that they dislike one another, but all the signs are there. At ACC media days on Monday, Swinney joked that he and Spurrier are “from different planets” when asked about their relationship.

“He’s from Pluto and I’m from Mars,” the Clemson coach joked.

Of course, Spurrier couldn’t let that one slide. When asked on Tuesday about Swinney’s quote, the 69-year-old had to point out how Swinney called Pluto a planet.

For those of you who don’t follow science (or know how to use Google), Pluto was known as the ninth planet before 2006 but is now classified as a dwarf planet. So while Swinney was correct in that Pluto is still a planet of some sort, Spurrier succeeded in making him look bad.

The Ole Ball Coach was also asked about Swinney rubbing it in his face last year that Clemson is the only team from South Carolina to win a BCS bowl game.

The South Carolina-Clemson rivalry is as good as it has ever been. The success of the two programs in recent years is the main reason for that, but the constant exchanging of jabs between Spurrier and Swinney is what really keeps us entertained.

Dabo Swinney fires back at Steve Spurrier with zinger

Dabo SwinneyClemson coach Dabo Swinney will not back down from Steve Spurrier, and he obviously enjoys the intrastate competition with his South Carolina rival.

After winning the Capital One Bowl on New Year’s, Spurrier, unsolicited, boasted that beating Clemson several years in a row was nice. He obviously was playing to his fans with the line, and his Gamecock supporters loved it.

Well Swinney must have heard about Spurrier’s shot at the Tigers, because he came out with a liner of his own after Clemson beat Ohio State 40-35 to win the Orange Bowl on Friday.

“We’re the first team from the state of South Carolina to win a BCS game,” Swinney said in the postgame ceremony.

Great line from Swinney. And we have to give him a ton of credit — not just for the great line — but for doing a great job with the Clemson program. He may have lost five games in a row to South Carolina, but achieving three straight double-digit win seasons at Clemson is a heck of an accomplishment.

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Dabo Swinney picked up Jeannine Edwards after Clemson won bowl game (Video)

dabo-swinney-jeannine-edwardsDabo Swinney was so thrilled about Clemson coming back to beat LSU 25-24 to win the Chick-fil-A Bowl on New Year’s Eve that he picked up ESPN reporter Jeannine Edwards in celebration.

Swinney had just met on the field to shake the hand of LSU coach Les Miles. He was so emotional, he just picked up Edwards, who was looking for a postgame interview.

It’s no wonder why Swinney was so elated; Clemson trailed the entire game and didn’t grab the lead until making a game-winning field goal with no time left. It was a heck of a comeback by Clemson.

Police officer who ticketed Dabo Swinney fired after posting on message board

The police officer who ticketed Clemson coach Dabo Swinney earlier in the month was fired supposedly for posting about the incident on a message board.

Officer Michael McClatchy ticketed Swinney in the parking lot of a Bi-lo store where the Clemson coach was headed for his radio show Monday night Sept. 3. Swinney was picked up for speeding because he was clocked going 63mph in a 35 zone.

After seeing the police car behind them in the parking lot, Swinney and his brother, who was in the passenger seat, both came out of the car to talk to the officer. McClatchy was upset that they didn’t stay in the car like they were supposed to.

On Friday Sept. 14, McClatchy used company equipment to post about the incident on a 247sports.com message board and tell his side of the story.

Here’s what he wrote according to the Pickens County Courier:

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Video: Dabo Swinney Crushes Steve Spurrier ‘South Carolina Will Never be Clemson’

After South Carolina beat Clemson 34-13 last Saturday, Steve Spurrier supposedly made a disparaging remark about the rival Tigers. The comment was sent via the Gamecocks football Twitter account:

When asked about the insult Thursday, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney went off on a well-prepared, well-supported rant. The only problem is the Gamecocks football account has now backtracked to protect the Ol’ Ball Coach.

They’re saying Spurrier never made that remark (at least not to the media). Instead, they say the quote came from South Carolina play-by-play announcer Todd Ellis.

During the broadcast Saturday, Ellis said, “as Coach Spurrier says, we may not be LSU or Alabama, but we ain’t Clemson folks.”

Here’s the audio:

Swinney said he had heard about Spurrier’s insult, and since it hadn’t been retracted or denied, he responded. In short, Swinney agreed that South Carolina was not Clemson, because the Tigers are a much more accomplished program.

Here is a video of Dabo’s response:

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Clemson Making the West Virginia Mistake with Dabo Swinney?

Last year West Virginia found out that Rich Rodriguez was leaving the program to take the job at Michigan. This news was revealed prior to the team’s Fiesta Bowl game and assistant head coach Bill Stewart was named the coach for the game. The Mountaineers pulled off a big upset, embarrassing Oklahoma 48-28, and Stewart was immediately named the permanent replacement for Rich Rodriguez. The move was criticized by some of West Virginia’s boosters for being an impetuous, emotional hire. Perhaps that sentiment has been manifested in the Mountaineers’ semi-disappointing 7-4 season. Clearly Clemson hasn’t learned a thing.

The Tigers fired Tommy Bowden mid-season, a move that seemed inevitable following the squad’s blowout loss in the opener to Alabama. Clemson went 3-3 before they finally pulled the plug on Bowden, naming assistant Dabo Swinney their interim coach. The team lost their first game under Swinney but wound up going 4-2 with him. Sure, winning at BC looks good, but it seems to me as if the team impetuously rewarded Swinney with the head coaching gig just for scoring an impressive win over rival South Carolina on Saturday.

If you double Swinney’s 4-2 half-season, that’s 8-4. Bowden was 8-4, 8-5, and 9-4 the last three years. Are they trying to improve the program or just maintain the same levels? Some things just don’t make sense. And when Clemson’s bitching about their lack of success in the next two years, you’ll know why.