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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Dan Le Batard

Dan Le Batard likely to replace Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio

Dan Le Batard is likely to get the nod as the replacement for Colin Cowherd’s coveted time slot on ESPN Radio. Cowherd has left ESPN for FOX Sports, and the four-letter network is testing out a variety of potential replacements in the meantime. It appears their desire is to have the Miami-based Le Batard fill…Read More

ESPN suspends Dan Le Batard for LeBron James billboard

Dan Le Batard has never been one to weigh the potential consequences of his actions before going through with them, which is one of the reasons he is more entertaining than a lot of other sports radio personalities. It’s also the reason he was given a long weekend by his employer this week. On Thursday,…Read More

Dan Le Batard trolls LeBron James with billboard

Dan Le Batard has finally figured out a way to take a very public shot at LeBron James. The Miami-based sports radio host and his co-hosts had been discussing ways to troll LeBron when he officially returns to Akron on Friday, but both the Akron Beacon Journal and Cleveland Plain Dealer rejected their proposed ad….Read More

Tony Kornheiser, Mike Wilbon rip Dan Le Batard for giving vote to Deadspin

You want to hear some grade-A level ESPN-on-ESPN crime? Take a listen to the audio above from Wednesday’s episode of “Pardon the Interruption.” Hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon ripped colleague Dan Le Batard to shreds for giving his Baseball Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin. They describe the move as ego-driven and ponder if…Read More

ESPN comments on Dan Le Batard giving Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin

One of the major concerns for writers who were considering selling or giving their Hall of Fame ballot to Deadspin was the potential loss of their job. Dan Le Batard gave his vote to Deadspin without knowing what kind of backlash he might receive from his employers. It sounds like ESPN disagrees with his actions,…Read More

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