Dana White: Ronda Rousey could be first woman in UFC

In case you couldn’t already tell by the shirt Dana White wore to the weigh-ins for UFC on FOX 4, he’s a fan of Ronda Rousey.

During an episode of Showtime Sports’ “All Access: Ronda Rousey,” White raved about the female fighter.

“Everything you need in a fighter she has, yet she’s a woman and she’s beautiful. The Ronda Rousey package is different than any other package we’ve ever seen. She’s incredibly talented, she’s mean, she’s nasty, and she’s dangerous. She’s got the whole package,” began White on the 25-year old grappler. “I will not miss a Ronda Rousey fight. Ever. I’m a Ronda Rousey fan.”

White has stated that there is not enough competition in women’s fighting for the UFC to have a division for females, but if they do make a change, he thinks Rousey could be the first woman to inspire it.

“In the next 10 years, if there’s a woman in the Octagon, it’s probably gonna be Ronda Rousey,” he concluded.

Below is video of the entire episode:

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Dana White wears T-shirt featuring picture of Ronda Rousey’s nude magazine cover

You think Dana White is a fan of Ronda Rousey? I’d say so. The UFC President wore the T-shirt you see above to the weigh-in for UFC on FOX 4 on Friday. The shirt features an image of Rousey’s nude cover for ESPN the Magazine’s “Body Issue.” And here I was thinking White was a stickler for copyright violations.

But we all know how this works: once you’re one of White’s favorite ladies, he supports you for life.

Photo via MMA En Espanol

Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva? Not happening says Dana White

Nick Diaz said he was done with MMA after losing a unanimous decision to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 in February, but his trainer Cesar Gracie wrote last week that Diaz is looking to return to the sport.

In a posting on his website last Friday, Gracie stated that Diaz wanted to challenge Anderson Silva:

Nick has stated that he would like to take fights “that matter”. Since GSP will be fighting Condit, he has to look elsewhere. He will respectfully ask for a fight with Anderson Silva, a fighter he respects and would like to challenge.

Silva’s camp has been speaking of a fight with GSP, possibly even at a catch weight. Nick will take that fight in a minute but has told me that should Silva decide not to drop at all, he will move up to 185lbs to face the Champ.

Diaz is currently under suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after testing positive for marijuana following the fight (I guess he’s not as good at beating tests as he thinks he is), but he and his team are appealing the year-long suspension.

Whenever he does get cleared to return to the UFC, he won’t be fighting Silva.

“I can tell you this, not theoretically – Diaz/Anderson is not going to happen,” UFC President Dana White told MMA Junkie. “That’s just ridiculous.”

White pointed out that Diaz lost to Condit at 170 pounds, so jumping to 185 to face Silva doesn’t make sense. White also seems to be leaning toward a GSP-Silva fight should he set up a superfight for the Spider. That makes more sense. Diaz is still considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters, but he needs to prove it once again by getting a win first.

Dana White hacker arrested in FBI credit card fraud sting

The computer hacker who hacked into UFC.com and UFC President Dana White’s personal information was arrested on Tuesday as part of an FBI credit card fraud sting operation.

Mir Islam, who is known on the Internet as JoshTheGod, was busted for all kinds of credit card fraud. He’s an 18-year-old who lives in the Bronx, and he appeared in front of the judge in flip flops and jeans.

Here are the details of his arrest from the New York Times’ report:

Mir Islam, known as JoshTheGod, sold stolen credit card information and had data on 50,000 credit card accounts, according to the United States attorney for the Southern District. He was arrested after buying cards from an undercover agent and trying to use one at an A.T.M. on Eighth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Mr. Islam is accused of helping to operate additional forums, UGNazi.com and Carders.org, both of which were seized by the F.B.I.

24 people were arrested — 11 from the U.S. and 13 from other countries — as part of the sting. FBI agents got extremely creative with the bust. They actually set up a website called “Carder Profit” that was like an eBay for thieves, and they used it to monitor fraud for two years before making their arrests on Tuesday.

And you know who turns out looking great? None other than Dana White, who warned the hackers not to **** with the FBI, saying that the government always wins. Looks like he was right, at least for now.

Glove touch to Cage Potato

Brock Lesnar’s meeting with Dana White ‘couldn’t have gone worse’

Fans of Brock Lesnar may have to postpone their hopes of seeing the former UFC heavyweight champion return to the Octagon. According to UFC President Dana White, a recent meeting between the two did not go well.

“The meeting we had didn’t go really well,” he told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting. “It wasn’t a great meeting. It probably one of the worst meetings we’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar, and I honestly have not talked him since, so I don’t know where we are at.

“All the stuff you’re seeing on the Internet is typical Internet bull****,” he said.

“It was really bad. It was the worst meeting I’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar. In my opinion, it couldn’t have gone worse.”

White expressed similar disappointment to MMA Junkie.

“It’s one of those things (where) it’s not worth getting into it publicly,” he said. “It’s not worth getting into the B.S. over it.”

Lesnar retired following a loss against Alistair Overeem at UFC 141, but he sparked speculation about a potential comeback when he traveled to Las Vegas to attend the main event at UFC 146. For now, it looks like Lesnar will be sticking to wrestling.

Video of White’s interview with Helwani is below:

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Dana White rips Jersey Shore wanna-be in epic Twitter war

Dana White does not act like your typical executive when he’s on Twitter. He’ll respond to fans, drop curse words, and he’s not afraid to engage in heated arguments with his detractors. The UFC president’s humor was on display Tuesday when he got into an epic conversation with a person who goes by the Twitter handle @tweetontilt.

The beef started when TweetonTilt — or Joseph Thomas as his Twitter says — ripped White for the small crowd in attendance for the UFC on Fuel 3 in Fairfax, Virginia. The rest of the conversation was hilarious, with White making fun of Thomas’ looks, Thomas hitting back, and the two eventually reconciling as White conceded that Thomas was a worthy adversary.

Prepare yourself for some awesomeness:

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Dana White issues press release to demand retraction from website over a wisecrack

The UFC is immensely popular and has a network TV deal with FOX, but Dana White continues to remind us with his petty behavior why the organization has a long way to go before becoming mainstream.

White went all Al Davis on Tuesday and had his organization issue a press release stating their demand that MMA website CagePotato.com publish a retraction for a wisecrack they published over the weekend.

The post that caught the UFC’s eye was one pointing out that light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will be officially sponsored by the UFC for his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans. That fact seems to indicate that the organization is more invested in Jones than Evans. Cage Potato turned that into a wisecrack as a caption for a photo on the post in question. Here’s a screenshot (via Bloody Elbow) of the caption that angered White:

White took offense to the suggestion that he was betting on his fights, completely ignoring that it was obviously a joke by a website based on humor, not news reporting.

Here’s the press release they sent in response:

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