Dana White issues press release to demand retraction from website over a wisecrack

The UFC is immensely popular and has a network TV deal with FOX, but Dana White continues to remind us with his petty behavior why the organization has a long way to go before becoming mainstream.

White went all Al Davis on Tuesday and had his organization issue a press release stating their demand that MMA website CagePotato.com publish a retraction for a wisecrack they published over the weekend.

The post that caught the UFC’s eye was one pointing out that light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will be officially sponsored by the UFC for his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans. That fact seems to indicate that the organization is more invested in Jones than Evans. Cage Potato turned that into a wisecrack as a caption for a photo on the post in question. Here’s a screenshot (via Bloody Elbow) of the caption that angered White:

White took offense to the suggestion that he was betting on his fights, completely ignoring that it was obviously a joke by a website based on humor, not news reporting.

Here’s the press release they sent in response:

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Dana White accepts former MLS star Jimmy Conrad’s challenge after ripping soccer

A few weeks back Dana White ran his mouth more than he needed to (as he is wont to do) and trashed soccer, calling it the “least-talented sport on Earth.” (Naturally, that was part of an answer to a hockey question.) Retired MLS player Jimmy Conrad took exception to this and issued this challenge to the outspoken UFC President:

“Why would a tough guy like you feel so threatened by soccer that you needed to go off on it unprovoked?” Conrad says in the video, as transcribed by Bloody Elbow. “Is it maybe cause you know the one thing any three year old can do is fight? Hell, mine spent a whole year fighting me.

“So listen, here’s what I’m going to do. Because I like you, I’m going to give you the opportunity to join me and a few friends for a game of soccer. Since you believe playing soccer requires no talent, I’m sure you’ll be the star. Unless you scared. Well let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Conrad later reiterated his challenge on Twitter, where White responded:

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Dana White calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. racist, tells him to fight Pacquiao (Video)

In an epic rant that only Dana White and professional wrestlers are capable of, White unloaded on Floyd Mayweather Jr., calling the undefeated boxer a racist, among other fun and delightful things.

The UFC president was doing an interview with Fuel TV on Tuesday night when he responded to the controversial two cents Mayweather put in last week on the Jeremy Lin hoopla.

“First of all, what he said, I think is racist,” White started out. “He made a couple of racist comments. And yes, Floyd, you’re racist with the stuff that you’ve said. First of all, Jeremy Lin gets all this credit because he’s an Asian player in the NBA that African-Americans never get? Yeah, he’s getting all this praise because he is an Asian guy playing in the NBA.

“And you say African-Americans don’t get it? Really? Kobe Bryant doesn’t get any praise? Michael Jordan never got any praise? The list goes on and on of guys who completely get praised for being great NBA basketball players.”

But it didn’t stop there! Already all-in on being the moral police, White blasted Mayweather for once upon a time telling Manny Pacquiao to make sushi for him: “Sushi’s from Japan. He’s from the Philippines, dummy.”

White ended his diatribe by challenging Mayweather to finally fight Pacquiao: “You don’t deserve more of the purse. If there was ever a fight in history that should be split 50-50, it’s the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Shut up, both of you split the money up, and put on the fight that everybody, including me, wants to see.”

With all that, I think Pacquiao might be writing a “God bless Dana White” tweet tomorrow.

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Person Who Hacked Dana White, UFC.com Supposedly a 13-Year-Old Australian

The person claiming to have hacked Dana White’s personal information and the UFC’s website supposedly is a 13-year-old boy from Australia.

Softpedia interviewed the person who goes by the online alias S3erver.exe. The hacker is part of the Anonymous hacking group and says he began hacking when he was 11. He says he is self-taught and that he has learned many tricks by reading information online.

Though it appears as if his actions are nefarious, he sees it another way, saying “I like helping out people who are in trouble.”

He says apart from the hacking, he does pretty typical kid activities like skating, surfing, scooting, and building things. Though he hacks sites now, he is planning to take an ethical hacking class and potentially work as an ethical hacker in the future.

It’s hard to know whether this is the person who hacked the UFC site and Dana White (@JoshtheGod was taking credit for the hacks), but it’s certainly interesting to learn about the people who claim to be responsible for the acts. And if this is true, it’s sad to think that at 13 I was trying to figure out how to use hair gel while this kid was taking down major corporations.

H/T Cage Potato

Hacker Releases Dana White’s Personal Info as Retaliation for SOPA Support

On Sunday, a hacker called Josh the God hacked the UFC’s website to protest Dana White’s support of SOPA — the congressional act aimed at stopping online piracy. On Tuesday, the hacker took matters a step further by releasing the UFC boss’ personal information.

In an interview posted on MMA Fighting Tuesday evening, White said “The Internet is a place where cowards live.” He challenged hackers to try messing with the website again, saying he wasn’t scared of the internet. Josh the God responded by releasing White’s information, including his phone number, address, and social security number.

The act got White’s attention, and he began sending tweets to the hacking group Anonymous.

I love the Internet. It helped us grow our biz. Stealing is stealing! And hacking into people’s shit*** is terrorism. … same guys on the net bitching about fighter pay are the ones who are stealing from them. That are our partners on PPV! and yes cowards hide on the Internet! At least I’m man enough to say all my s*** in public and not hide behind a screen name!!”

Here’s the truth of the matter. As White says, the bill may have the right intentions, but it’s going about things in the wrong way. If White recognizes what’s wrong with the bill, and what about it has angered the public, he wouldn’t support it. He’s a smart man and I think he sees that. He should work on something that protects his copyright content in much less extreme terms, otherwise he’s going to receive extreme backlash.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow

Dana White Says He Would Want a Gay MMA Fighter to Come Out

Responding to critics who have accused the UFC of being an anti-gay organization, Dana White said on Thursday that if there were a gay fighter in the UFC he would prefer that he come forward and share that with everyone. The Culinary Union and other groups have sent letters to Fox and started petitions urging Fox to back out of their recently-signed agreement with the UFC. The union, along with another group that started a UFC website called “Unfit for Children,” are urging sponsors not to back the UFC. Those organizations believe White and the UFC have a “history of tolerating homophobic conduct,” which White insists is not the case.

“I’ll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out,” White said. “I could care less if there’s a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there’s probably more than one.”

Several instances led the organizations to believe the UFC supports anti-gay behavior. White had a rant years ago where he freely cussed out a writer. The UFC’s color commentator has called a female writer a cunt. You also had one of the organization’s fighters who said he did not want to face a gay man in the octagon. White tried to defend himself against the claims.

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Dana White Blasts ESPN, Says They Always Hated UFC

Dana White is trying to build an empire. To this point, he has done a pretty fantastic job.  White insists the UFC will eventually go mainstream, and the new deal he signed with Fox is a great starting point for making good on that guarantee.  Not surprisingly, the UFC negotiated with a number of major networks before coming to an agreement with Fox.  One of those networks was, of course, ESPN.

If you asked White you would swear ESPN had no intention of ever hooking up with the leader in mixed martial arts.  In fact, White can’t stand ESPN and insists they never liked the UFC to begin with.

“@nickmontiel4ufc ESPN always hated us and they hate us more now that we are on FOX,” White wrote on Twitter. “They cancelled my int next week for UFC Rio (expletive) ESPN.”

On the contrary, MMA Payout Writer Jose Mendoza says that the UFC and ESPN came extremely close to a deal before Dana White settled on Fox.

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