Boomer Esiason apologizes for Daniel Murphy C-section comments

Daniel-Murphy-MetsNew York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy has found himself at the center of a hot topic of debate in the opening part of the MLB season. Murphy missed New York’s first two games to be with his wife, who was giving birth to the couple’s first child. Boomer Esiason and a boatload of other people thought that was an unacceptable excuse for missing work.

Earlier this week, Esiason said on WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton” show that Murphy’s wife should have had a C-section before the season began so he could be with his team. Esiason was joking, but he was blasted for it. He issued a lengthy apology at the start of Friday’s show.

“I just want to say again on this radio show that in no way, shape or form was I advocating anything for anybody to do,” Boomer said, via CBS New York. “I was not telling women what to do with their bodies. I would never do that. That’s their decision, that’s their life and they know their bodies better than I do. And the other thing, too, that I really felt bad about is that Daniel Murphy and Tori Murphy were dragged into a conversation, and their whole life was exposed. And it shouldn’t have been.

“And that is my fault. That is my fault for uttering the word ‘C-section’ on this radio station. And it all of a sudden put their lives under a spotlight, and for that I truly apologize.”

Esiason certainly wasn’t the only one. Mike Francesa was equally critical of Murphy.

“I don’t know why you need three days off, I’m gonna be honest,” Francesa said. “I mean, you see the birth and you get back.”

Murphy missed the first two games of a 162-game season. He didn’t miss the playoffs and he didn’t call out of work because he had a hangnail. As this MLB pitcher could tell you, fans and writers can be irrational sometimes. Kudos to Boomer for admitting that he was wrong.

Daniel Murphy out of Mets lineup due to birth of child; others battling flu


New York Mets fans are hoping their team can turn things around this season, but we all know cautious optimism is the best approach when it comes to New York’s other team. Unfortunately, the Mets had to take the field on Opening Day without several players.

For starters, second baseman Daniel Murphy was not in the lineup against the Washington Nationals because his wife went into labor with the couple’s first child. The Mets also have a handful of players who are battling the flu.

And to make matters even more interesting, the team briefly took the field for the start of the game without a first baseman.

I think this is the year a new champion is crowned in The Big Apple. Can you feel it?

Daniel Murphy made incredible between-the-legs throw to rob Bryce Harper (Video)

New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy returned to spring training action on Sunday after missing the last week with a minor calf injury. The 28-year-old must have been feeling pretty healthy, because he made one of the best defensive plays you will see all season.

With the game tied 1-1 in the top of the sixth inning, Bryce Harper tried to bunt for a base hit. He placed the ball perfectly between first base and the pitcher’s mound where only Murphy had a play on it, and it looked like Harper was going to beat the throw with ease. Instead, Murphy threw the ball between his legs on the run and got Harper at first.


“It was a really good bunt by Bryce,” Murphy told MLB.com’s Anthony DiComo. “I just felt like it was the only way I could get it over to first from the angle I was going to have to take. I could probably do it another 15 times, and throw all 15 of them in the fourth row of the stands.”

Murphy added that he had only attempted a throw like that before while messing around in practice. I think Bryce Harper’s “WOW” reaction said it all. Between Murphy’s throw and Josh Reddick’s home-run robbing catches last month, we have seem some truly jaw-dropping plays in games that don’t count this year.