Lucas Matthysse’s right eye swells shut against Danny Garcia

Lucas Matthysse eyeLucas Matthysse lost to Danny Garcia by unanimous decision on Saturday night in Las Vegas, and the fight changed when Matthysse right eye began to swell. Matthysse’s eye got so bad he could no longer see out of it, and he was dropped to the canvas in the 11th round.

Garcia won the fight 115-111 on one card, and 114-112 on the two other cards. He won by that margin despite losing a point late for a low blow.

GIF via Zombie Prophet

Victor Ortiz’s Trainer Wants Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Fight Cleanly

Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight Saturday night in Las Vegas, with Victor’s belt, and Floyd’s perfect record, both on the line. There isn’t much hate between the fighters, and the only real controversy came from Mayweather who was upset with the way HBO’s 24/7 series was edited. About the only trash talk I heard came at Thursday’s press conference.

When Ortiz’s trainer, Danny Garcia, took the podium, he asked Floyd to fight cleanly. The implication was that Floyd is generally dirty — something I hadn’t previously heard.

“I want you to fight a clean fight. That is all I ask,” Garcia said. “You hold your elbows up and you throw your elbows. We want a clean fight.”

Mayweather shrugged off the comment, saying “We are in the ring hitting each other. It is a fight. There is no such thing as a clean fight.”

As I said, I never heard fighters complain that Floyd was dirty. In general, he doesn’t engage closely enough to use nasty tricks like headbutts in the ring. Maybe this was Garcia’s way of trying to get something in Floyd’s head. If that was the case, it’s not a bad idea — Victor needs all the help he can get to have an edge in the ring.