Jimmy Kimmel was behind video of twerking girl Daphne Avalon catching fire

Last week a video of one of the most epic twerking fails of all time went viral. The video featured a beautiful girl twerking inside her office and then falling onto a coffee table and catching fire after getting knocked over by someone who entered the room.

Daphne Avalon twerkLike Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks, I thought the video was fake because it was a little too scripted. As soon as the girl started twerking up against the wall on the door, you knew something bad was going to happen. But that doesn’t mean the video wasn’t hilarious and fantastic and totally deserving of the 9.4 million YouTube views it received. And it’s quite fitting that the geniuses at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” were behind it, which is what Kimmel revealed in a new YouTube video uploaded on Monday.

Here was the about description of the original YouTube video, which was uploaded by user “Caitlin Heller.”

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