Darren Young reportedly revealed he is gay because he is in love

Darren YoungWrestler Darren Young came out publicly this week and admitted that he is gay, reportedly because he is currently in love.

TMZ says Young has been living with his boyfriend of two years and “deeply in love” with the man. That supposedly is the biggest reason he decided to make the revelation.

Young certainly seemed happy and tranquil when he made the unexpected announcement to a TMZ cameraman earlier this week.

Though he is not the first gay professional wrestler, he is believed to be the first high-profile pro wrestler to come out while being active. He has received support from basketball player Jason Collins, who came out earlier this year. WWE superstar John Cena also gave an incredible show of support to Young when asked about it this week.

WWE wrestler Darren Young says he is gay

Darren YoungWWE wrestler Darren Young told a TMZ cameraman that he is gay, making him the first active professional wrestler to come out, according to the gossip outlet.

Young happened to be at the airport — where many celebrity/TMZ encounters occur — and was asked whether he felt a gay wrestler could be successful in the WWE. Young contemplated the question, and then he decided to reveal he is gay.

“Absolutely [I think a gay wrestler could be successful),” Young answered. “Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy, very happy.”

The cameraman was “flabbergasted” by Young’s revelation and stunned by the coming out moment. Young didn’t think much of it.

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