Mark Cuban: Rockets wanted to trade for Dirk Nowitzki after signing Dwight Howard

Dirk Nowitzki MavericksMark Cuban seems to be pretty bitter over the Dallas Mavericks’ inability to sign Dwight Howard in free agency, but it seems like there might be something else to the story.

Though Cuban said in July that his Mavs were better off without Howard, his reiteration last month that Howard made the wrong decision by signing with the Houston Rockets makes it seem like he’s still bitter Howard didn’t choose Dallas. Why would Cuban be ticked about that? Maybe it has to do with the Rockets not only getting Howard, but also trying to take Dirk Nowitzki.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Dwain Price tweeted on Friday that hours after acquiring Howard, the Rockets asked Cuban about trading Dirk. ESPN Dallas reporter Tim McMahon says it was Rockets GM Daryl Morey who sent a text message to Cuban about Dirk, and that Cuban took the text as a taunt.

Well, that certainly would explain the lingering bad blood.

Despite Dirk being 35, he is still the core of the Mavericks and Cuban has said he won’t be trading the German star. Morey had to know that. So was Morey really taunting him, or was he genuinely throwing out a trade scenario because, hey, why not?

Daryl Morey’s daughter makes pitch to Dwight Howard for Rockets (Video)

Daryl-Morey-daughter-Dwight-howardDwight Howard is expected to make a decision on where he will sign on Friday, meaning teams are running out of time to make their sales pitch. The Golden State Warriors have reportedly been desperately trying to clear out salary cap space after meeting with Howard earlier this week, which has led to speculation that they could be about to sign the big man.

The Houston Rockets were once believed to be a legitimate contender to land Howard, and that may still be the case. On Friday morning, Rockets GM Daryl Morey posted the video you see above on Twitter with the following message:

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I suppose that could tug at the heart strings a bit, though rapper Slim Thug already gave a list of extremely compelling reasons why Howard should sign with the Rockets. If Howard does end up signing with Houston, Morey’s daughter can say she helped land the biggest free agent of the 2013 offseason.

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Daryl Morey admits in heated interview Rockets probably won’t win championship next year

An interview that started off friendly became heated after Rockets GM Daryl Morey asked a radio host for tougher questions, leading to him admitting the team probably won’t win the NBA championship next year.

Morey had finished introducing Jeremy Lin as the newest member of the Rockets when he joined “The J&R Show” with Josh Innes and Rich Lord on Sports Radio 610 in Houston Thursday. The GM fielded a fair amount of questions about the team before telling Innes to ask tougher questions. Innes obliged and began peppering Morey about the Rockets’ status as a near-.500 team the past three seasons, and Morey’s job security. That’s when things got tense and Morey admitted the reality of the team’s status.

“29 out of 30 teams every year are disappointed so you can move yourself to any freaking city and make that same comment,” he said in response to Innes, who pointed out that the team doesn’t appear to be close to winning a title.

“So you’re brilliant,” Morey continued. “We’re probably not going to win the title next year. You can be in almost any NBA city and you’re going to be right about that, so that’s a great comment,” he said sarcastically.

Morey also scoffed at the suggestion that the Rockets struggle to attract free agents.

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MSG president gave Rockets GM Daryl Morey Jeremy Lin jersey as thank you joke

Rockets GM Daryl Morey already admitted he made a mistake by waiving point guard Jeremy Lin, but MSG president Scot O’Neil still felt the need to rub it in last week. At the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last week, O’Neil handed Morey a Jeremy Lin Knicks jersey. One person in attendance says it was a thank you for helping to discover Lin, but we’re guessing it was also done as a joke. Business reporter Michele Steele says Morey plans to donate the autographed jersey to charity. We think he’s already done enough charity work by simply cutting Lin.

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Rockets GM Daryl Morey admits he screwed up by cutting Jeremy Lin

The Rockets were one of two teams that cut Jeremy Lin before the season. Houston GM Daryl Morey admitted Thursday that he and the team made a mistake by waiving the Knicks point guard.

Taking questions from fans via Twitter, the Rockets GM at first defended the decision to waive Lin, saying “[he] is a very good player but Linsanity was not happening here this year. We have 2 starting caliber PG in [Kyle Lowry] & [Goran Dragic]. [Johnny Flynn] also playing well.”

After that, another fan on Twitter told him to admit he made a mistake. Morey did.

Morey also said he was happy for Lin, calling the emerging guard “Very hard working, nice, & humble,” and saying “He has a great, great future.”

In Morey’s defense, at least he brought Lin into camp. There are 27 other teams that seemed to pass on him, so at least Houston gave him a shot. And like Morey says, Linsanity probably wasn’t happening there. Maybe New York was just the perfect storm for Lin — a good offensive system that fits his style, and very little point guard competition.

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