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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Daunte Culpepper

Daunte Culpepper DJing at Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas?

UPDATE: The PR rep for Tryst tells LBS that the person picture is NOT Daunte Culpepper. It’s actually resident DJ Derrick Anthony who happens to strongly resemble Culpepper. Our buddy Peter Burns passed along a picture of former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper DJing at Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas. We can’t 100% confirm that it’s…Read More

Daunte Culpepper Signing with the Lions … Not Those Lions

Daunte Culpepper was a one-time star in the NFL but a major knee injury disrupted his career. After getting his knee shredded, Culpepper was never the same and he bounced around from Oakland to Detroit where he played the last two seasons. Over the last five years, Culpepper has struggled throwing just 20 touchdowns and…Read More

Why the Interest in Daunte Culpepper?

There’s no secret that when a Pro Bowl quarterback becomes available, teams are interested. It happened with Trent Green and Jake Plummer and Jeff Garcia, and even Brian Griese, and now it’s happening with Daunte Culpepper. (Which is more surprising, that teams are interested, or that those five guys have all been to Hawaii?). Anywhoo,…Read More

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