Dave Bolland, Andrew Shaw let out F-bombs after Game 6 win

Dave Bolland interviewIf there is anything we have learned by now, it’s that you don’t stick a microphone in front of a hockey player’s face after he’s played a long playoff game. Fortunately for us, these networks still haven’t learned the lesson.

Both Dave Bolland and Andrew Shaw were heard dropping F-bombs after the Chicago Blackhawks came back to beat the Boston Bruins 3-2 in Game 6 to win the Stanley Cup on Monday. Bolland, who punched in a rebound for the winning goal with 59 seconds left, casually let out his F-bomb during an interview with CBC.

“Yeah, it was a big one. We never give up as a team. We f—ing die hard, we do the right things. As a great team, we always battle to the end,” he said.

The casual nature of Bolland’s F-bomb was similar to the way Shaw let one out after Game 1 of the Cup Finals. Shaw also let out a “f—ing ay” as he was celebrating the win. He has more of an excuse, though, because he wasn’t being interviewed when he cursed:

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Dave Bolland gives Brad Marchand a fake tough guy move (GIF)

Dave Bolland Brad MarchandChicago Blackhawks center Dave Bolland was called for tripping early in the second period of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and he didn’t exit the ice without trying to gain the upper hand on Brad Marchand.

Marchand drew the penalty, and Bolland gave him the old “make him flinch” move before being escorted to the penalty box. Marchand appeared to call Bolland an a–hole for pulling the fake tough guy charade.

Sorry, Bolland, but do you really think that middle school move is going to work on the Noseface Killah? Not a chance.

GIF via Erik Malinowski