David Akers Reportedly Lost $3.7 Million in Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes seem to be much more common than most people ever realized and have had a widespread effect on the sports world. First, we had Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion scheme that resulted in a partial sale of the New York Mets. Then, we learned about a contributor to a Dodgers charity who ran a Ponzi scheme. Recently, former Georgia football coach Jim Donnan has been accused of running a scheme that involved several other coaches. Now, the latest allegations have come to light in a federal trial this week.

San Francisco 49ers kicker and longtime Eagle David Akers testified in a federal trial Monday that he lost $3.7 million by investing with Triton Financial in Austin. According to The Austin American-Statesman, prosecutors claim that Triton CEO Kurt Barton continuously lied to investors about where their money would go, how it would be used and about how he had a large amount of personal wealth to back the investments in building a $50 million Ponzi scheme. Burton’s lawyers say he wasn’t running a scheme but rather he made a series of poor business decisions.

“I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights,” said Akers. “As I said, this is my family’s future. I said that to Kurt a lot of times. I said, ‘Man I’m trusting in you.’”

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David Akers Misses Two Costly Field Goals, Eagles Lose by Five

The Philadelphia Eagles lost at home to the Green Bay Packers on Wild Card Weekend Sunday 21-16. The Packers dominated the game much more than the margin would indicate. They out-rushed Philly, were penalized less, and found the end zone more frequently. Also, James Jones dropped a sure touchdown right before halftime that could have put the Packers up 21-3. But while we mention missed opportunities for Green Bay, the same must be said for the Eagles.

Kicker David Akers, who was named to his fifth Pro Bowl this season, went 1-for-3 on his field goal attempts, costing the Eagles six points. They lost by five. Akers missed from 41 yards out in the first quarter, keeping the Eagles from jumping out to a lead. He did connect on a 29-yard field goal in the second quarter but he missed a critical 34-yard field goal attempt in the fourth quarter. In a playoff game as close as this one, and against a team that seemed to be better, Philadelphia couldn’t afford to miss any opportunities. Akers, who was 30-35 on field goals in his career entering the game, cost them greatly when he hooked those two attempts.

Philadelphia did not play its best game, and Michael Vick was shut down by Green Bay, but they still had enough chances to pull out the win. Packers fans know where they should direct their thank you notes.