Gregg Popovich stared at David Aldridge for 8 seconds before answering him (Video)

Gregg-Popovich-David-AldridgeWe all know the wrath that Gregg Popovich can bring unto sideline reporters, and TNT’s David Aldridge has to deal with it quite frequently. On Tuesday night, Aldridge had the pleasure of interviewing Pop with the San Antonio Spurs trailing the Oklahoma City Thunder 26-20 after the first quarter.

Popovich was actually in a better mood than expected. However, we didn’t get to see that until after he stared at Aldridge for about eight seconds when Aldridge asked him how his team played in the first quarter.

“This is live television,” Aldridge jokingly reminded Pop.

“That means I have to answer, right?” Popovich replied.

Pop then went on to give a fairly detailed assessment of how the Spurs started out by moving the ball well and then began committing turnovers. By Pop standards, the interview was actually quite wordy. He simply couldn’t resist making his boy Aldridge squirm a little first. After all, the two have had an up-and-down relationship in the past.

Video via The Big Lead

Gregg Popovich actually wanted a second question from David Aldridge (Video)

Gregg-Popovich-David-AldridgeThe only thing worse than having to interview Gregg Popovich on the sidelines heading into the fourth quarter is having to interview Gregg Popovich on the sidelines heading into the fourth quarter with his team trailing by 12. TNT’s David Aldridge drew that unlucky assignment on Monday night, but he was surprised by the reaction he got.

Aldridge went into the interview with only one question to ask Popovich, which was probably a good idea. He asked the veteran coach how he will keep his team from getting discouraged with the way Stephen Curry was shooting. Pop answered the question and took a jab at Aldridge for not asking a follow-up.

“No second question, huh?” he joked. “I’m hurt.”

Perhaps it was Pop’s positive attitude that helped the San Antonio Spurs claw their way to a 129-127 double-overtime victory against the Golden State Warriors in Game 1. Manu Ginobili may have had a little something to do with it as well. As we know from this awesome video of Popovich’s history of abusing Craig Sager, his interview with Aldridge on Monday night could have gone much worse. His wife probably won’t even be mad at him this time.

Video via @cjzero