David Beckham Dressed up as the Easter Bunny (Pictures)

I don’t know about you, but all I see is someone in a bunny suit. Victoria Beckham tweeted these pictures Easter Sunday and said “guess who?” so I guess we’re supposed to assume it’s David. For all I know it could be Johnny Drama in there, but we’ll take her word for it. Here’s David Beckham as the Easter Bunny:

Here’s another picture, only this is Beckham lounging by the pool.

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David Beckham Jesus Tattoo Portrays David Beckham as Jesus (Picture)

David Beckham has had his moments, but he seems like a nice enough guy. After all, anyone who helps a stranded motorist is okay in our book.  His latest tattoo, however, raises a few questions.

We’ve shown you a good amount of weird tattoos here on LBS over the years, but Beckham’s latest has to be among the strangest.  It’s one thing to have a religious tattoo, but it’s another to have one where you play Jesus.  Check out the David Beckham Jesus tattoo, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

I don’t think I need to explain what could be perceived as wrong about that ink, but an interview about the tattoo would indicate Beckham sees no issue with it. “Obviously, the cherubs are boys, so my thought of it is, you know, at some point, my boys are going to need to look after me, and that’s what they’re doing in the picture,” the soccer star explained. “Everything has a meaning that I’ve got on me.”

Ah…good for him, I guess?

David Beckham Helps a Stranded Motorist

Be honest: when you see a motorist in trouble on the side of the road, what do you do?  If you keep on driving without even considering lending a hand, you’re like most people.  If you pull over and help a fellow citizen out, you’re more like David Beckham.

A stranded motorist, Paul Long, recently told Just Jared a tale about his being stranded in the middle of a roundabout only to have a generous gentleman pull over and lend a helping hand.  Maybe the people of Kansas City should reconsider their feelings?

“Cars were buzzing past and I had two kids in the back but no-one stopped, no-one came to help,” Long told Just Jared. “After 10 minutes I saw a car had pulled over into a lay-by in the distance. Its hazard lights came on. A figure got out, wearing a hoodie. As he got nearer it became apparent to me it was David Beckham,” he added. “He asked if we were OK and I said, ‘Could you give us a push over to the side?’ which he duly did.”

Say what you will about the pretty boy Englishman, but this isn’t a situation where Beckham knew cameras were watching and decided to partake in a charitable act. It was just a case of a multimillionaire showing he’s still down to earth. Give credit where credit is due.

David Beckham Interested in Returning to Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur

Four years, three tattoos, two prostitute allegations, and one ankle injury ago, David Beckham left the Spanish League to come to the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. Beckham had his ups-and-downs with the Galaxy and went on loan to Milan twice, but he’s back in Los Angeles. Becks is now 35 and recovering from an achilles injury, and it appears as if he wants to return to the Premier League in England for a few months before the Galaxy’s season begins in March.

In a “what are the odds?” story, Beckham reportedly ran into a former Tottenham Hotspurs player while shopping at Harrods department store for gifts. Beckham reportedly told Jamie Redknapp, whose father helps run the Spurs, he was interested in returning to the Premier League and playing for Tottenham. There appears to be mutual interest between the two.

If Beckham wants to return to the Premier League, the Galaxy and MLS can let it happen by loaning him to Tottenham, as they’ve done twice with Milan. Beckham had said if he returned to the Premier League it would be with Manchester United, but the Reds likely don’t have interest in him. Becks played for Tottenham Hotspurs’ youth team before joining Manchester United, and he could see his schedule get packed if he ends up loaned out to Tottenham.

Chinese Man Beaten for Having David Beckham Haircut

I’m sure you’ve often thought to yourself, “Man, I’d love to kick that guy’s ass” when you saw him wearing something ridiculous. In China, that actually happened, and now three men are facing five years in prison for administering a beat down. Twice. The details from the China Daily:

Three men assaulted a man (Huang) because his hairstyle resembled David Beckham’s mohican-style haircut … One member of the group, surnamed Zhang, spotted his neighbor sporting what he described as a David Beckham haircut when he returned to his home in Tongzhou district at around 4 pm on Aug 12 after drinking.

The victim was then told he was arrogant and asked if he wanted to fight. Huang said Zhang told him to call his friends so they could have a gang fight, but he refused.

Zhang called five friends and they beat Huang with a stick and an empty beer bottle.

As if that wasn’t enough, they saw Huang trying to flag down a cab to get medical treatment and got upset. The group threw Huang into a cab and took him down to a river where they beat him again, this time dousing his dome in the water to ruin the haircut. Ordinarily I’d say that the message to take away from this event has to do with tolerance. Instead, I’ll settle for the real message which is don’t get a David Beckham haircut.


David Beckham mohawk David Beckham mohawk2 David Beckham mohawk3

David Beckham Booed in Kansas City

If Vince Young thinks he has it bad, maybe he needs to take a look at David Beckham. The international soccer star who was recently benched on the English national team, came home to the U.S. to a similar tune in the Galaxy’s 2-0 loss to the Wizards:

Beckham, who arrived in Kansas City on Friday, missed a free kick badly – leading to boos from the crowd – and did not have much of an impact on the outcome. “Obviously, it’s tough because I’m trying to get back into the time zone and didn’t sleep well last night, which didn’t help,” said Beckham, who played the entire game. “It’s something that I’ve got used to. It’s tough at times, especially when I don’t have many games before I play again.”

Becks apparently traveled through nine different time zones, hitting up four different cities in three days. Thing is, that’s the lifestyle he’s created for himself — he shouldn’t let it damage his play. Reality seems to be (not that I’m much of a soccer fan) that his skill has fallen off and that Beckham is nowhere near the player he was several years ago. Still, being booed is a common thing here so he shouldn’t be surprised. On the bright side, at least he’s not Carl Pavano.

David Beckham’s Kiss Makes Girl Faint

You can pretty much rely on me to keep this area Grammy-free. You and I both know why we all come here — and it’s not for my CD reviews. Even still, I couldn’t help but not pass this story up. For anyone who’s seen groupies in action, this might not be much of a surprise, but it was for me, and it’s kind of humorous regardless. From People, talking about Becks at a pre-Grammy party:

While Beckham played it cool with the party’s hosts, it’s safe to say he was heating things up among the women at the party. In fact, when one young female fan approached the soccer star and got a quick kiss on the cheek, she literally went weak in the knees – and fainted!

Beckham’s reaction: “He looked like it was an ordinary everyday thing,” an observer tells PEOPLE. “He just said ‘Get her some water. She’ll be ok.’”

Oh yeah, shrug, it happens all the time. Gotta be nice to have that sort of power where your kiss makes women faint. Wonder what the touch of his hands does to their clothes. I think I might have to add this to the list of desirable Superpowers.