Kim DeJesus wants a new puppy now that David DeJesus signed a contract with the Rays

Kim-DeJesusThe Tampa Bay Rays picked up outfielder David DeJesus‘ option for 2014 earlier this week, then did him one better by signing the 33-year-old to a two-year deal worth $10.5 million. Understandably, this made his wife Kim DeJesus very happy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, Kim is one of our favorite WAGs for a number of reasons. First off, she’s at least a 9.5. I’d give her a 10 but I don’t want people thinking I’m exaggerating. She also posted a series of hilarious videos back in July to show that the stress of the trade deadline was driving her to drink. And now, we have Kim’s reaction to David’s extension.

You can always count on a good reaction from Kim any time there’s a transaction involving her husband. Unfortunately for DeJesus, there have been a lot of them in the past two years. Hopefully he has found a place he can stay for a while. We wouldn’t want Kim to run out of wine.

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David DeJesus has drink thrown at him by Cleveland Indians fan (GIF)

David DeJesus drinkThe Cleveland Indians were getting shut out by the Tampa Bay Rays in their one-game playoff on Wednesday night, so the home fans were pretty bummed out. One fan decided to take out his frustration by tossing a drink cup at David DeJesus after the Rays left fielder caught a Michael Brantley foul ball down the left field line in the bottom of the eighth.

There was initial speculation that the beverage thrown was a beer, but our friend Timothy Burke at Deadspin thinks it may have been a fan’s dip cup (where you spit your tobacco juice) thrown at the outfielder. Gross. In that case, let’s HOPE it was a beer.

GIF via @corkgaines

David DeJesus’ wife Kim reacts to trade to Tampa Bay Rays

Kim-DeJesusDavid DeJesus’ wife Kim was the highlight of the trade deadline this season. The former Chicago Cubs outfielder’s name was the subject of a number of trade rumors on July 31, but he ended up staying put. Or should we say, he ended up staying put for a couple more weeks.

Last month, Kim DeJesus posted a number of funny Vine videos of herself drinking and cooking to try to cope with the stress of trade rumors. Little did she know, getting through the deadline did not necessarily mean David was staying in Chicago. DeJesus was placed on waivers Monday and claimed by the Washington Nationals. He played three games with the Nats before they placed him on waivers again. Now, DeJesus is heading to the Tampa Bay Rays.

At least Kim is making the most of it, and the visual of her in a bikini is one that could put a smile on almost anyone’s face. As for the waiver confusion, the belief is that the Nationals may have wanted to clear DeJesus’ money and keep him, but he was claimed by the Rays. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo sounded like he intended to keep DeJesus prior to the move.

“(DeJesus) improves our left-handed side of the bench immediately,” Rizzo said, via FOXSports.com. “He’s also a guy that is capable of being an everyday player. He can step in there for extended periods of time if there are injuries. He helps us in a variety of ways.”

Nevertheless, Kim and David are on the road again. I’d be happy to provide a shoulder to cry on if she struggles to get through this difficult time.

Photo via Instagram/Kim DeJesus

Kim DeJesus, David’s wife, jokes about trade deadline driving her to drink

The MLB trade deadline has been relatively quiet this year compared to years past. Chicago Cubs outfielder David DeJesus is one of the few names that is being thrown around as the 4:00 p.m. deadline nears, and the rumors are stressing out his wife Kim DeJesus in a big way.

As rumors were flying linking David’s name to the Pittsburgh Pirates, his wife was cracking joke after joke on Twitter about how the trade speculation is going to turn her into an alcoholic. In order to take her mind off of things, Kim has apparently been boozing it up and cooking with some fellow Cubs players’ wives.

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