David Murphy fooled by stray ball thrown out of bullpen (Video)

The Cleveland Indians gave up a crucial out against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night in the most bizarre way possible. With nobody out in the bottom of the 7th inning, Indians catcher Yan Gomes ripped a double to right field that scored a run. The hit should have left Cleveland trailing 6-2 with runners on second and third and nobody out.

Instead, David Murphy got caught in no-man’s land between third base and home plate. When Murphy looked toward the outfield to see where the ball was, he saw a baseball sitting unattended in the outfield grass behind second. Unfortunately, that ball was a wild throw that had made its way onto the field from the bullpen in right field.


Reds shortstop Zack Cozart had the “real” ball in his hand and fired it to third. Murphy was tagged out and probably thought he was seeing things.

“As a player you are taught two things — listen to your base coach and find the ball,” Murphy admitted after the game, via Fox Sports Ohio. “My base coach is saying ‘right here, right here’ but as a player you don’t want to completely rely on the guy. You use him for help but try to play the game and use your instincts and then I see the ball and think I can make it. Obviously the timing of it and everything was crazy and bizarre. The situation was unfortunate; no one has seen anything like that before.”

Cozart even said that he felt badly for Murphy, as he fell victim to a rare situation that he will likely never see again. The Reds went on to get out of the inning and win 9-2, but who knows what would have happened if the Indians kept two men on with no out. Talk about terrible luck.

News of David Murphy signing with Indians was leaked by his daughter to her daycare teachers

David Murphy pitchingThe news that free agent outfielder David Murphy is signing with the Cleveland Indians is boring. The story of how news of Murphy signing with the Indians was broken is much cooler.

It turns out that the initial word of the signing was leaked by Murphy’s daughter to her daycare teachers, ended up on Twitter, and from there was passed around until professional reporters confirmed the news.

The first tweet about the news may have come from Matt McClelland, a self-proclaimed Texas Rangers fan, on Tuesday afternoon:

McClelland may work at the daycare where Murphy’s daughter goes, because he was cited as blogger/writer Jamie Kelly’s source. Kelly is the one who kicked the rumor into high gear with this series of tweets throughout the afternoon/evening.

At first she was cautious with her reporting:

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Rangers OF David Murphy strikes out Mike Carp on 67-mph pitch, cracks up about it

The Texas Rangers were getting beat by the Boston Red Sox so badly on Tuesday night, manager Ron Washington decided to spare his pitchers and let a position player hurl an inning during their 17-5 loss. That player was outfielder David Murphy, who turned out to have more success than any of Texas’ pitchers.

Murphy, who last pitched in high school, per MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan, was the only Texas pitcher to throw an inning without allowing a run (Jason Frasor allowed an inherited runner to score and was not charged with it). Murphy allowed a leadoff double to Daniel Nava, but then sat down the next three batters in a row, including Mike Carp who was 3-for-3 with a home run, and big hitters Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz.

According to Sullivan, Murphy’s repertoire included a fastball clocked between 75-79 mph, and a knuckleball. He did not break 80 mph on any pitch, but he threw 12 of his 20 pitches for strikes.
David Murphy pitching
Murphy even struck out Carp looking on a 67-mph pitch (it looked like a curveball but Sullivan said it was a knuckler). He was so impressed with himself — and embarrassed — that he couldn’t stop grinning. Carp didn’t think it was all that funny; he was ejected for arguing with the umpire about the call.

Sullivan says this was the sixth time the Rangers had a position player pitch for them. The last time occurred last year but, perhaps the most memorable was Jose Canseco throwing an inning at Fenway Park in 1993 and tearing a ligament in his elbow, which required season-ending surgery.

“I wasn’t trying to mess around,” Murphy said after the game, per Sullivan. “My arm is definitely not in condition to pitch, and I didn’t want to do anything silly or anything I would have regretted. I mean, it would have been fun to throw as hard as you can and light up the radar gun, but I wasn’t going to do that.”

Below is a video of Murphy’s full pitching highlights:

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Vladimir Guerrero Out, David Murphy in for Texas in Game 2

Vladimir Guerrero served as the DH for Texas 140 times this year. It only took one game for him to prove to Ron Washington and fans everywhere why he’s best suited with a bat in his hands and not a glove. Vlad let a routine ball to fight field go past him in the 8th inning of Game 1 Wednesday night and he also mishandled another ball hit down the line that same inning. He had half of Texas’ season-high four errors in Game 1 and will be taking a seat for Game 2 after the dreadful performance.

David Murphy, who had a pinch hit RBI single in Game 1, will crack the starting lineup as the left fielder while Nelson Cruz moves over to right. Murphy played 82 games in left field and 51 more in right this year, so he’s used to playing the outfield. Murphy OPSd .806 in the regular season and is posting a .789 line in the post-season. Murphy’s offensive production was similar to Vlad’s in the regular season and David is hitting better in the playoffs, so the defensive upgrade is well worth the change. It is likely to be a low-scoring game, unlike the shocker in Game 1, so a defensive miscue can make the difference. Texas is wise to make the change, but we’ll still likely see Vlad pinch hit late in the game.