David Robertson suffers foot sprain while carrying empty boxes down flight of stairs

Baseball is back. You know how I know that? It’s not the spring training games or the warm weather here in the northeast. It’s not the B-team highlights on Sportscenter. I’m talking about the bizarre injuries. When it comes to the mystical world of weird injuries, no sport does it quite like baseball. The latest victim: Yankees reliever David Robertson.

According to the NY Post, Robertson injured his foot Wednesday night while carrying two empty boxes down a flight of stairs in his home. The right-hander missed a step on his way down and suffered a foot sprain during what he called a “clumsy” incident.

“I just misjudged one step and caught it funny and just kind of rolled under me,’’ he explained. “I can tell you right now, it’s the truth. My wife was like, ‘What are you doing down there?’ She saw me laying there, holding my foot. I was like, ‘I fell.’ She was like, ‘Are you serious?'”

Believe it or not, this is already our second significant weird injury of the season — and the season hasn’t even started yet. Earlier this week, David Price was suffering neck spasms as a result of the way he toweled himself off after the shower. For countless other unusual injuries from over the years, click here.

On a more serious note, Robertson was a rock as the Yankees set-up man last season. He is set to be reexamined by team doctors on Friday and the Yankees are reportedly “concerned” about the injury. If Robertson misses significant time and is unable to go at the start of the season, New York will look to Rafael Soriano to play a more important role in keeping the bullpen stabilized.

David Robertson says Mariano Rivera could Brett Favre the Yankees

Mariano Rivera is 42 years old and entering his 18th season with the Yankees. The 12-time All-Star said this week he knows when he’s going to retire, but he won’t divulge the date. Fellow reliever David Robertson is being considered as a potential closer replacement if Mo does hang it up. Robertson knows that will be a tough role.

“It’s something I would want to do, but I’m not going to focus on that right now,” Robertson said. “I’m not really worried about it at all; all I’m worried about is the season that’s upcoming, being able to get my outs and get the ball to Mo. Those are big shoes,” Robertson added. “Those are shoes that I don’t think anybody is really going to be able to fill.”

Not only does Robertson respect what Rivera has done, he also says the closer is so good he could continue pitching.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Robertson said after being informed of Rivera’s words that his mind is made up about retirement. “He may have hinted, but you never know; he could Brett Favre us.”

Rivera may be old, but unless he is sick of the game or wants to do something else with his time, why should he stop pitching if he’s still the best at his job? Don’t get me wrong — I don’t like seeing athletes’ skills decline — but Mo is still as good as he’s ever been. How could he walk away 18 years later still at the top of his game? It would be tough, hence the Favre talk. And let me say this: Rivera wouldn’t be hated if he did pull a Favre.