Marlins president David Samson admits team lied about season ticket sales

The pathetic attendance at Florida Marlins games has always been a subject of ridicule for the franchise, but at least they’ve finally admitted how bad the situation was. Marlins president David Samson recently conceded that the team lied about its amount of season ticket holders.

From an April 9 New Yorker story about Ozzie Guillen:

The team typically claimed season-ticket sales of five thousand in recent years, although David Samson, the Marlins’ president, and Loria’s stepson by a former marriage, freely concedes that was a lie. “It was always two thousand,” he told me, and later estimated that, by this standard, the Marlins not only were the least popular baseball team (“by three standard deviations”) but ranked a hundred and twenty-fifth among pro sports franchises nationally, below all the hockey teams, and below even a handful of minor-league teams.

The actual crowds at Marlins games has always been significantly less than the announced attendance at games (as is the case at many other venues), but at least they’re finally telling us that the amount of season ticket holders was always far less than they said. Now the next step is for them to admit the actual attendance at games.

The good news for the franchise is that moving into a new stadium has paid off so far. The Marlins are ranked 15th in home attendance and averaging 30,174 tickets sold per game — 80.6% of their capacity, according to ESPN’s stats. That’s not bad compared to where they used to be.

H/T Palm Beach Post via Adam Kosnitzky

Marlins president David Samson reportedly says Miami people are stupid, cares more about money than fans

I don’t know anything about Miami Marlins president David Samson, but if the reported comments he recently made are accurate, he’s a pretty awful guy.

Speaking at a Beacon Council breakfast meeting about the new Marlins ballpark Tuesday, Samson called Miami people stupid, while showing how business-oriented he is.

According to Miami Today News, Samson prefaced his remarks by saying he didn’t have to hold back anymore now that the stadium was built. Then he began blasting people left and right.

Samson reportedly called politicians “not the intellectual cream of the crop,” adding that “We’re not the smartest people in Miami. If you’re in this room, you’re instantly in the top 1%.”

Samson said he visited San Antonio and Las Vegas before the Marlins got a new park in Miami. That’s when he said it doesn’t matter if the team has fans.

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