Virginia Tech running back prospect David Wilson does 13 backflips (Video)

Depending on how Virginia Tech running back David Wilson turns out as a professional, the NFL may have to consider adding backflips to the scouting combine next year. Wilson is projected to be drafted within the first two rounds either Thursday or Friday, and his freak athleticism is one of the reasons why. As you can see from the video above that SI Hot Clicks shared with us, Wilson may want to consider the Olympics if football doesn’t work out for him.

If you remember, Jason Pierre-Paul also pulled off the 13-backflip routine in the months leading up to the NFL Draft two years ago. His NFL career has turned out quite well thus far, so maybe the number of backflips a player can do correlates with how successful they will be at the NFL level.

This dude can do 13 backflips and whips this sick car? Sounds like a first-round talent to me.

Virginia Tech RB David Wilson’s Pimped Out Car Is Pretty Sweet (Video)

Late in the Sugar Bowl between Michigan and Virginia Tech, ESPN showed a video of Hokies running back David Wilson’s pimped out ride. It probably was a bad idea, because everyone watching thought the same thing: this was a sure NCAA violation. The Key Play provided us with the picture and some background on the ride:

While at home last January, Virginia Tech running back David Wilson spotted a 1978 Ford Thunderbird sitting in a Danville, Va., back yard, knocked on the stranger’s front door and negotiated a deal to buy it for $2,000.

He then took the vintage car and added about $7,000 in enhancements, including $3,000 for a vinyl interior and a new paint job, another $2,000 for 24-inch rims, $800 for new tires and an additional $800 on a customized stereo system.

“Where I’m from, it’s kind of like everybody my age got one,” Wilson explained after practice Monday, adding that he’d been saving money up for a while and his parents gave him a loan. “It’s the thing to do.”

Here is the video of Wilson showing off his wheels, plus a few more pictures:

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Virginia Tech RB David Wilson Called his Shot on First Touchdown Run

Virginia Tech spanked Appalachian State in their season opener Saturday 66-13. The opening weekend win was a nice change for the Hokies who had lost their first game of the season three years in a row. If you hear running back David Wilson tell it, the victory was already a given.

Wilson, who exploded for 162 yards on 16 carries, called his shot before the game. “[My running backs coach] told me I was getting the first carry and I told him I didn’t have to hear the second play because I was taking it to the grid,” Wilson said after the win.

Sure enough, he went 20 yards untouched for the first score of the game. He finished with three TD runs in the first half and already has the eye of several NFL scouts.

Virginia Tech is at East Carolina next weekend and has a relatively easy schedule after that. There isn’t much reason they shouldn’t be unbeaten headed into November, though scoring on the first play of the game will be a difficult streak for Wilson to maintain. Gotta love the bold attitude.