Davone Bess was hospitalized against his will a month before trade to Browns

Davone Bess mug shotDavone Bess has been in headlines all week for his erratic behavior, which has included posting a photo on Instagram of what looked like some weed, and an arrest at the airport on Friday where he allegedly assaulted a police officer. Now we’re learning that Bess has exhibited this type of concerning behavior more than once over the past year, including an incident at his home in March where police were called to restrain him.

The Miami Herald reports that Bess was placed in a hospital last March against his will — aka Baker Acted — for his weird behavior on March 13. On that night, a police report says police were called to Bess’ home and observed Bess incoherent and a strong scent of marijuana coming from the master bedroom in the home. Several men were trying to restrain Bess, and the wide receiver was yelling stuff that didn’t make sense.

From The Herald’s report:

Six BSO deputies were needed on that night to restrain Bess, who was screaming, “Hide the guns,” “Where is my weed,” and “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football,” according to the incident report.

Bess’ mom was even called in from California that day because her son was exhibiting weird behavior. People said he was suffering from insomnia and hadn’t slept in three days. His mother said Bess had no prior psychiatric issues and was on no medication.

The aforementioned incident was never made public, and we seriously doubt whether the Dolphins mentioned it to the Browns prior to trading him to Cleveland. The teams swapped fourth-round picks and Cleveland traded a fifth for Miami’s seventh-round pick as part of the deal. Cleveland signed Bess to a four-year deal that included $5.75 million guaranteed. Again, we have to wonder whether the Browns knew all the details of the March 13 incident before making the trade and signing Bess to the big deal.

Bess posted a career-low 42 catches and 362 yards in 14 games last season. He missed the final two games because of personal reasons and was seen sharing a marijuana picture while he was away from the team.

Davone Bess reportedly arrested for assaulting police officer with hot coffee

Davone-Bess-mug-shotCleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess was reportedly arrested on Friday morning for assaulting an officer/firefighter. As CBS Miami first reported, Bess was taken into custody by police at Fort Lauderdale International Airport at around 6:19 a.m.

TMZ Sports later obtained a copy of the incident report, which stated that Bess went after a police officer with a cup of hot coffee. Police reportedly responded to passenger complaints about a man at a TSA checkpoint who was “acting irrationally, dancing, singing with his pants repeatedly falling down.”

When cops arrived at the scene, Bess allegedly grabbed a cup of coffee that didn’t belong to him and squeezed it so hard that it splashed on a police officer. The report says Bess then took a “fighting stance,” which prompted the cop to strike him in the leg with a baton.

The officer said the baton had “no effect” and Bess then took his shirt off and reassumed his fighting position. When backup arrived, Bess complied and was taken into custody where he was booked for simple assault on an officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The arresting officer added that Bess “appeared to be under the influence of unknown narcotic” and “appeared to be looking through me when I was talking to him.”

Bess has found himself in hot water on numerous occasions over the past month. On Dec. 21, the 28-year-old posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding a blunt that may or may not have contained marijuana. Then on Thursday, Bess tweeted another photo of weed that appeared to be less open for interpretation. The Browns said they are looking into the most recent picture.

If our police blotter doesn’t help get you through your Friday this week, nothing will. Earlier, we shared a story with you about Kellen Winslow II allegedly being spotted masturbating in his vehicle in a Target parking lot before police found him to be in possession of synthetic marijuana. You’re welcome.

Davone Bess tweets another weed picture; Browns looking into it


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess really, really needs to stop using social media to post pictures of his hobbies. And by that I mean he should probably stop tweeting and Instagramming photos that involve weed. On Thursday morning, Bess tweeted and then deleted the photo you see above.

There’s really nothing incriminating there. The green stuff could just as easily be oregano as it could be marijuana. The cigar probably isn’t good for his lungs and stamina, but smoking tobacco isn’t illegal in the NFL. The word “Jah” on the background of Bess’ iPhone is a term used in Rastafarian culture. Bess is a Rastafarian. Let’s not jump to conclusions, people.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns are aware that Bess tweeted the photo and are looking into it.

“The team is aware of the photos and looking further into the situation and will deal with the matter internally,” the team said in a statement.

Last month, Bess posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding what appeared to be a blunt while he was away from the team for personal reasons. A source reportedly told Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com that Bess has been dealing with a serious family issue. He grew up in a rough part of Oakland and supposedly worries about family members who still live there.

Aside from the fact that Bess shouldn’t be smoking weed at all, the most mind-boggling part about all this is that he posts these photos on social media. What is he thinking?

Thanks to Shutdown Corner for capturing the tweet

Davone Bess posts Instagram photo of him holding blunt day he is off for personal reasons

Davone Bess Instagram Bob Marley

Here’s some words of advice that can apply to anyone: if you’re going to get the day off of work, it’s probably not a good idea to post a photo on social media of you appearing to hold a blunt in some sort of Bob Marley tribute. Someone needs to pass that advice along to Cleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess.

Bess was excused from practice Thursday and Friday for personal issues, Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski said. He is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Bess is dealing with a family issue.

Ordinarily nobody would have thought twice about Bess, but that was until he posted a photo on his Instagram account Friday of him appearing to hold a blunt while next to a photo of reggae legend Bob Marley. The caption to the photo was “JahLive,” which is the name of one of Marley’s songs.

Look, we’re not saying Bess was smoking weed, we’re just saying it’s a pretty stupid thing to post a photo like that to Instagram when you have the day off work. It’s just a bad look and indicates a lack of awareness.

Bess must have realized that, because he later deleted his Instagram account. What a bonehead move.

Photo via Twitter/NOTSCCleveland