DeAndre Jordan posterizes Serge Ibaka on alley-oop (GIF)

DeAndre-Jordan-posterizes-Serge-IbakaDeAndre Jordan has not been very nice to Serge Ibaka over the past month or so. When the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder met last month, Jordan dunked all over Ibaka. He did it again on Sunday, this time with the stakes a bit higher.

Chris Paul cut to the lane and found Jordan with a beautiful alley-oop pass, and Ibaka was late to rotate over. He had no choice but to foul Jordan, but all that did was embarrass him further. Ibaka fell to the floor and Jordan finished the play anyway.

Earlier in the game, Ibaka accidentally punched Blake Griffin directly in the nuts. Maybe Jordan was just getting even for his teammate.

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DeAndre Jordan dunks on Serge Ibaka (Video)

DeAndre Jordan has a limited offensive game, but he has been known to throw down some massive dunks on a regular basis. On Wednesday, he got Serge Ibaka with a huge dunk in the second quarter of the Clippers-Thunder game.

Look at the still on this one. I mean Jordan literally had the upper hand:

DeAndre Jordan Serge Ibaka

If you thought that was good, a few minutes earlier Blake Griffin faked out Russell Westbrook and then dunked hard:

DeAndre Jordan has hilarious reaction after Blake Griffin rates his dunk a 7.5 (Video)

Blake Griffin had a monster dunk in the LA Clippers’ win over the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night, but teammate DeAndre Jordan also threw one down on an alley-oop that was pretty awesome.

After the game, Prime Ticket decided to show replays of the dunks and have each teammate rate the other’s. The hilarity came when Griffin rated Jordan’s beautiful dunk a 7.5, leading Jordan to give Blake an “are you crazy?” look.

DeAndre Jordan Blake Griffin

Griffin was obviously kidding around, because he couldn’t even cover up the huge smile on his face. As for Blake’s monster dunk over Kris Humphries, Jordan rated it a 10.

That look is just priceless:

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Tim Duncan faked DeAndre Jordan out of his jock with the Dream Shake and it was beautiful (Video)

Tim Duncan DeAndre JordanTim Duncan schooled young buck DeAndre Jordan by pulling the Dream Shake on him, and it was beautiful.

Duncan pulled the move on Jordan during the second quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers-San Antonio Spurs game on Monday night. He took a pass at the elbow and drove on Jordan to the basket. Duncan ball-faked towards the baseline, spun back and faked the shot, then did an up-and-under for the easy layup. Jordan actually recovered after falling for the ball fake, but he bit hard on the second fake to give Duncan the layup.

My goodness was that glorious.

Duncan had 17, 11 and 5 assists in the 115-92 loss. With smooth moves like that, it’s easy to see why he’s still a top player at 37 years old.

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DeAndre Jordan, Andrew Bogut fight (Video)

DeAndre-Jordan-Andrew-Bogut-fightThe Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors are two teams that do not care for one another. If you were unaware of that prior to Thursday night’s game, you probably realize it now. The shoving match that took place between DeAndre Jordan and Andrew Bogut is likely a product of the rivalry’s increasing intensity.

With the Clippers leading by 13 toward the end of the first half, Jordan made a move toward the basket and was hacked on the arm by Bogut. The foul did not appear to be cheap or excessive, but Jordan took exception to it and shoved Bogut. The big Australian shoved him back before teammates and an official broke up the scrum.

Prior to LA’s win over Golden State, the Clippers reportedly refused to hold chapel with the Warriors. Teams typically join together to pray before games, but for whatever reason the Clippers were not interested in doing that. Between all this nonsense and the Warriors’ bench mocking Blake Griffin last year, we’re witnessing the growth of a fierce rivalry.

DeAndre Jordan and his mom engaging in funny trash talk on Twitter

The 21st annual ESPY Awards are taking place on July 17, and Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has decided to take the opportunity to be a family man. On Tuesday night, Jordan shared a text conversation on Twitter that he had with his mom, during which he asked her if she would like to accompany him to the ESPYs next week.


Apparently Mrs. Jordan did not take kindly to her oldest son sharing their conversation with his 270,000-plus followers. She sent DeAndre a response letting him know that “it’s on.”

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Brandon Knight has funny response to being dunked on by DeAndre Jordan (Video)

DeAndre-Jordan-dunk-on-Brandon-KnightThe Los Angeles Clippers connected for one of the fiercest alley-oops of the season on Sunday night, and Blake Griffin wasn’t even on the floor. This particular lob came from Chris Paul and was deposited by DeAndre Jordan. Unfortunately for Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Knight, it was done so at his expense.

You have to give Knight credit. There aren’t many situations where a 6-foot-3 guard is going to be able to defend a 6-foot-11 center, but he gave it a try. Knight put himself in a position to be placed on a poster, and he even had a good sense of humor about it after the game.

We know that’s a lie. Just last week we saw Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin hook up for one of the sickest alley-oops we’ve ever seen during an actual game. Griffin wasn’t this excited when the team traded for CP3 for no reason. Knight knew what he was getting himself into and he didn’t back down. That’s more than you can see for some players who tower over him.