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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Delanie Walker

Delanie Walker scores touchdown on pass tipped by two defenders (Video)

Delanie Walker has Sunday’s craziest touchdown thus far, with the help of a pair of New Orleans Saints defenders. Marcus Mariota’s throw looked like it was going to be intercepted with both Keenan Lewis and Jairus Byrd in the area. The two defenders collided, however, and the ball popped up into the air and into…Read More

Erik Walden headbutts Delanie Walker after ripping his helmet off

Erik Walden was penalized during the second quarter of Thursday’s Indianapolis Colts-Tennessee Titans game for headbutting Delanie Walker. Walden and Walker were tangled up after Walker blocked Walden on a running play. A frustrated Walden ripped off Walker’s helmet, so Walker walked up to Walden. Walden responded by headbutting the helmetless Walker. You can see…Read More

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