Delonte West reportedly signs with Yao Ming’s Chinese team

Delonte West terminator

Delonte West is taking his talents to China — again.

According to Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Chris Haynes, West has reached agreement on a one-year deal with the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association.

The Sharks are owned by Yao Ming, who bought the team in 2009. Yao played for the Sharks from 1997-2002 before leaving for the NBA.

This will be West’s second straight season in China. He played in the NBA from 2004-2012 but had many problems and has not been in the league since being released by the Mavericks following multiple issues. West played with the Clippers’ summer league team but did not end up signed to their roster. He indicated he was hoping for another NBA shot, but it does not look like that will happen anytime soon for the 31-year-old.

Delonte West thinks Twitter shots at Brian Windhorst big reason he is out of NBA

Delonte WestDelonte West has not played in the NBA the last two seasons, and the longtime Cleveland Cavaliers guard thinks he knows why.

According to the Orange County Register, West attributes a January 2012 Twitter rant in which he took shots at ESPN writer Brian Windhorst as a “major reason” why he was out of the league.

West was in the middle of his first season with the Dallas Mavericks when he went on the rant. He complained about media bias against him, vented, and called out Windhorst by name for following LeBron James from Cleveland to Miami. West was suspended by the Mavs following a locker room outburst during the preseason and did not play a game for the team the next year.

West, 30, played last season in China. He’s now in the NBA summer league with the Clippers, but that does not mean he’ll be on their roster next season.

While he thinks the Twitter rant is a major reason why he is not in the league, I think it’s a confluence of multiple events. West is kind of out there similar to a Metta World Peace. He was pulled over on his motorcycle and was found carrying multiple weapons in a guitar case while riding the bike. He had the supposed outburst with the Mavericks. He said the White House wouldn’t let him visit. He gave teams many reasons to be leery of him, and his talent is not enough to outweigh the risk of signing him.

Delonte West throws shade at LeBron over Twitter – UPDATE fake account

LeBron James Delonte West

UPDATE: Delonte West’s sister informs us that this tweet came from a fake account. She says Delonte no longer uses any social media accounts.

Below is the tweet sent from the fake account.

The account has over 7k followers, including several pro athletes and notable journalists, which had us convinced it was real when it isn’t.

Delonte is currently playing in the NBA summer league with the Clippers after a two-year absence from the NBA.

We apologize for the error and to Delonte for involving his name in this.

Delonte West suspended by Mavs, reportedly for locker room outburst

Delonte West reportedly has been suspended by the Dallas Mavericks for conduct detrimental to the team.

ESPN Dallas’ Tim MacMahon reports that West had an outburst in the locker room following the Mavs’ 123-104 preseason win over the Houston Rockets on Monday night. There are few details available concerning the length and cause of the suspension.

West had two points, two assists, and one rebound in 16 minutes of action during the game.

West has a reputation as a head case, but aside from going on a massive Twitter rant in January, he has been on relatively good behavior since joining the Mavericks last year. He also appeared to be in good spirits hours before the game, tweeting frequently and even asking his followers for fashion advice for the game.

Free agent Delonte West tries to recruit Deron Williams to the Mavericks

Either Delonte West has some sort of hush-hush agreement with the Mavericks about his return to Dallas next season, or West he is just an unconditional supporter of Mark Cuban and company. As you may have heard, Deron Williams has reportedly narrowed his list of potential teams down to two: the Nets and the Mavericks (although the Rockets could now be in play). Delonte’s contract with the Mavericks is up and he is set to become a free agent on Sunday just like Williams, but that didn’t stop him from taking to Twitter early Thursday morning to convince Deron that Dallas would be his best choice next season.

Dirk would indeed be the best player Williams has ever played with, but he is also 34 whereas Deron just turned 28. If a young superstar like Dwight Howard wound up with the Nets, Williams could play on a team with the potential to be a force for years to come — not just in the short term. As far as Delonte being able to spell Deron when he needs a breather, I guess he knows something we don’t about his contract situation. Otherwise he sounds pretty delusional.

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Mark Cuban got Bon Jovi to play at private party at his house?

We already knew that Mark Cuban doesn’t mind spending money or living lavishly, so is it possible that he booked Bon Jovi to play at a party at his mansion? Delonte West says that’s the case.

The Mavericks guard tweeted on Friday about going to his owner’s house for a private party, and he was clearly impressed:

But that’s not even the half of it. According to West’s next tweets, popular ’80s rock band Bon Jovi came out to play in the backyard:

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Delonte West hung out with Mini-Me after Mavs were eliminated from playoffs

When you’re feeling down after your team has been knocked out of the playoffs, there’s only one way to pick yourself up: hanging out with Mini-Me. That’s what Mavericks guard Delonte West did on Saturday after his team’s season-ending loss to the Thunder in Game 4 of the playoffs.

“Me and mini-me @vernetroyer …partin last night….he told me…imma wild boy…imma imma wild boy!!!” West tweeted.

Delonte is the same guy who thinks it’s totally normal to stick a finger in the ear of an opponent, so should we be surprised that he also was hanging out with Verne Troyer after a playoff game? Of course not — the guy is just completely unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to get from him.