Delonte West Thinks Nike Should Make Condoms, Have Athletes Market Them

Jokes about Nike’s slogan are nothing new. Anyone who is above the age of 12 that hasn’t heard an off-color comment that’s related to “Just Do It” must be living in an extremely remote area of the country.  Sex jokes are associated with Nike’s tag line all the time, and I’m sure the people at Nike welcome the added publicity and marketing.  What I’m not sure of, however, is if Nike would go for Delonte West’s brilliant idea for them to start making condoms and have athletes market them.

While you might expect someone like Chad Ochocinco to endorse a product like this, he’d  probably be hesitant as it would compete with a product of his own.  Nike certainly won’t be able to pitch Manny Pacquiao on the idea, either.  Aside from that I think Delonte is onto something here.  Manufacturing condoms wouldn’t hurt Nike’s image at all, and the slogan is already built in which is a huge bonus.  Sounds like a home run idea if you ask me.

Delonte West Bought an O.J. Simpson Ford Bronco, Had to Push it to Gas Station

Delonte West is quickly becoming one of our favorite athletes because of the personality he’s displayed via social media. Back in August, he talked about taking a job at Home Depot during the lockout. Though that never worked out, he did end up with a job at a furniture store. Now he’s talking about buying a white ’94 Ford Bronco — like the one from the O.J. Simpson chase — and having to push it to a gas station because it broke down.

If $3,000 can’t get you a car that runs smoothly these days, what can it get you?

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Delonte West Gets Job in Stock Room at Furniture Store

Back in August, we told you that Delonte West was applying for a job at Home Depot after a judge denied him the freedom to play basketball overseas. Apparently things didn’t work out with the power of the Home Depot, so West decided to apply for a position in the stock room at Regency Furniture. The NBA guard shared a picture from his first day at work, as well as his job application:

We highly recommend you read his job application. West says he heard about the job through “word of mouth.” He seems like quite the willing employee, saying he’s available to work any time of day, not to mention weekends. In fact, he wrote that he was available to start working “yesturday.” Luckily spelling is not a skill required for the position. Let’s just hope he’s entitled to an employee discount. What’s the point in moving futons and sofas all day if you can’t at least get a deal out of it?

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Picture Credits: Delonte West on Twitter here and here

Delonte West Can’t Play Overseas Because of Weapons Charge, Headed to Home Depot

Delonte West was arrested in 2009 for carrying enough firearms on his motorcycle to support a small militia. He initially faced six weapons charges but took a plea deal to avoid serious punishment. Apparently part of the plea deal means a judge approves where West works and lives. Because of that, West supposedly was prevented from heading overseas to play basketball.

As I am a GM pointed out to us, West tweeted about having his plans denied.

“It’s official.. Pride to the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout ain’t a game,” he tweeted Thursday. “Can’t even go get that overseas money. Judge said it’s a no go on leaving the country.”

An athlete being held accountable for his actions and being prevented from doing what he wants to? That’s a new one. Good for the judge. Who really wants Delonte taking his uzi-filled guitar cases overseas anyway? As if we don’t already have a bad enough reputation among foreign countries, the last thing we would need is West getting into fights with teammates abroad the way he has here.

Delonte West Denies Sleeping with Gloria James in Unconvincing Fashion

Delonte West denied sleeping with LeBron James’ mom, Gloria James, in a casual interview with World Star Hip Hop. Go about 30 seconds into this video to hear the pertinent part and be warned, the language is offensive and NSFW:

Not only did the interviewer sound sloshed (as did West), but West wouldn’t even look at the camera when he said stuff. OK I know Rafael Palmeiro sounded convincing when he finger-wagged at congress and turned out to be guilty, so that tells us body language isn’t everything. Still, West was not very convincing in the video. On the other hand, when a rumor sparked this year about Rashard Lewis and Gloria James, the Wizards forward came out right away to dispel it.

I don’t know, between the Cavs trading West immediately after the playoffs ended and all the speculation, something doesn’t seem right. Even the hug LeBron and West shared this postseason doesn’t end the questions.

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LeBron James and Delonte West Hug (Video)

Remember those rumors about Delonte West banging LeBron James’ mom?  It appears there are two possibilities now with regard to that: either it never happened, or LeBron doesn’t care.  Check out the LeBron James and Delonte West hug, courtesy of Jose3030:

Maybe LeBron was just overjoyed that he finally beat the Celtics. As much as it pains me to say it, he should be. His two three pointers and steal/dunk in the final minutes single-handedly crushed any hope Boston had of a series comeback. Word on Twitter is LeBron whispered, “I love you, Dad” in Delonte’s ear during the hug. Somehow I have trouble believing that. Never know.

Delonte West and Von Wafer Involved in Fight After Celtics Practice

Delonte West is sitting on a non-guaranteed contract with the Boston Celtics at the moment, so it’s probably not a good idea for him to be drawing negative attention to himself.  After getting into a fight with Von Wafer — another Celtics guard — it looks like that’s exactly what West has done.

Pro Basketball Talk is reporting, via Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, that some rough play on the court during practice carried over into the locker and punches were exchanged.  According to an Adrian Wojnarowski tweet, West believed Wafer was responsible for a quote that was in the Boston papers from an anonymous source who had said it was “obvious” when West hadn’t taken his medication (he takes medication for bi-polar disorder).

Kennedy claims West was fouling Wafer every time he touched the ball during a three-on-three game in practice.  Delonte got rougher and rougher with his play and Wafer apparently had had enough, so he exited to the locker room.  Wafer showered after practice and sat down, and that’s when West came up to him and sucker punched him.  Wafer threw two punches back at West before teammates came in and broke the scrum up.

Obviously this wasn’t your typical argument among teammates if West decided to carry it over into the locker room well after the initial incident occurred.  As Kennedy added, West is already serving a 10-game suspension and Danny Ainge is reportedly growing tired of his antics.  The Celtics certainly have enough depth that they could afford to let him go, so that might be the next step.  It doesn’t appear West is that happy in Boston, anyway.