Denard Robinson Out with Knee Injury

Denard Robinson is easily one of the most exciting players in college football. With a choices of games to watch, I elected to park in front of the Michigan/Bowling Green even though I knew there were going to be other, more competitive games on TV. The chance to watch Robinson work was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, that period of entertainment was short-lived.

Robinson left the game late in the first quarter after hurting his knee following a 47-yard run. The Michigan quarterback was 4-for-4 with 60 yards passing and 129 yards on the ground before exiting. He had rushed for two scores and had his team up 14-0 when he left. On the first play of Michigan’s third drive of the game, Robinson sprinted down the left sideline and had his right knee driven into the ground as he was tackled.

The injury did not appear to be serious, but backup Devin Gardner replaced Robinson on the very next play. Denard was off on the sidelines icing his knee and word is he will not return to the game. With the team up 21-0 early, the Wolverines felt comfortable sitting out their stud in an effort to avoid further injury. He’ll likely be fine for next weekend’s game against Indiana.

Denard Robinson is the Real Deal

It appears Rich Rodriguez has found his guy.  The hot seat talk in Ann Arbor has tapered off, and the Michigan Wolverines owe a huge portion of their early-season success to sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson.  True Heisman Trophy contenders don’t score a touchdown and break into the Heisman pose for the cameras — it just happens.

We’ve already told you how we feel about Rich Rodriguez, but when credit is deserved we aren’t afraid to hand it out.  Rodriguez has the Wolverines’ program back on the rise, and the main reason that’s happening is that he’s found the perfect fit for his offense.  Pat White was recently released by the Dolphins and is now considering a career in baseball, despite finishing in the top-10 in Heisman voting twice during his college career.  White was one of the most electrifying players in college football while at West Virginia, and it’s now become evident that he was a product of Rich Rodriguez’ system.

That’s certainly not to say Robinson can’t become a star in the NFL, but it’s obvious he’s the perfect fit for a Rodriguez offense.  Robinson is essentially Michigan’s running back and quarterback.  Through two games, he’s leading the nation in rushing with 455 rushing yards.  One might assume his passing stats would be mediocre given the numbers he’s piled up running the football, but that’s not the case.  Robinson has thrown for 430 yards and two touchdowns.  More importantly, he has yet to throw an interception.

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