Dennis Hallman Responds to Speedo Incident, Says He Lost a Bet

For those of you who missed it, Dennis Hallman made an interesting wardrobe selection over the weekend at UFC 133.  His banana hammock made headlines everywhere, and the trunks were so small his berries even made a disturbing appearance during his fight.  Needless to say, Dana White was furious with what Hallman wore and the fact that people allowed it to happen.

Hallman told MMAJunkie.com on Monday that he had to smuggle grapes to his fight with Brian Ebersole because he lost a bet with a couple of training buddies.  He explained that he isn’t the first guy to wear a Speedo and the only reason it’s a big deal is because he’s the first in the modern UFC era to do it.  Then he came out with this gem:

“People are sick, disgusting perverts,” Hallman said. “They’ll break the film down frame-by-frame so they can get a little ball action. That’s kind of strange. They have problems.”

In other words, we’re sick and twisted for talking about Hallman’s balls popping out during a UFC fight.  He’s not sick and twisted for wearing something that turns a fight with a mostly male audience into a peep show.  We’re glad he only wore the Speedo because he lost a bet, but don’t try to defend it by calling us perverts.

Dana White Furious About Dennis Hallman’s Speedo Shorts (Video)

What happened at UFC 133 Saturday night will change the sport forever. We’re not talking about an epic battle between two fighters that will effect the way everyone views mixed martial arts.  No, this particular change comes more in the form of a dress code adjustment.

Dennis Hallman, who was knocked out in the first round by Brian Ebersole, infuriated Dana White with his wardrobe selection.  Hallman decided it would be a good idea to show up for his fight wearing a grape-smuggler. After the fight, White expressed extreme disappointment in his “people” for allowing it to happen and said he was disgusted with Hallman for wearing the shorts.  Check out White’s comments, courtesy of MMAFighting.com:

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