Wladimir Klitschko denies having confrontation with Dereck Chisora

Dereck Chisora Wladimir KlitschkoWladimir Klitschko is calling b.s. on the report that he got into a confrontation with Dereck Chisora at an Ibiza nightclub last week.

The whole thing started when Chisora tweeted that he bumped into Klitschko on the Spanish island.

Chisora then elaborated on one of the meetings during an interview with ATG Radio.

“I saw Wladimir there. We had a little bit of conversation in a club. It wasn’t a great conversation. I walked in, and he was sitting down, and he got up. I wasn’t paying him any mind, but it was when I got to my table I looked up and he was behind me. I shook his hand, and then we swapped words,” Chisora told ATG Radio.

“I told him, ‘I’m coming for you.’ I told him ‘get ready boy,'” Chisora said.

When asked if Klitschko had girlfriend Hayden Panetierre with him, Chisora answered, “no, if she was there, I probably would have taken her home.”

Klitschko, who tweeted that he was in Ibiza last week, heard about the supposed confrontation and issued a statement via his Twitter account.

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Dereck Chisora brawls with David Haye in post-fight press conference (Video)

What a roll Dereck Chisora is on.

First, on Friday he slapped Vitali Klitschko during the weigh-in for their WBC Heavyweight title bout. Next, in the ring moments before the first bell rang Saturday, Chisora spit water in the face of Klitschko’s younger brother, Wladimir. Then, after losing the fight in a unanimous decision, Chisora and David Haye had to be separated after the two British boxers got in a screaming match that led to an unreal scuffle.

Some NSFW language here. The brawl starts around the 2:10 mark.

As you see, Haye interrupted the presser, challenging Chisora to schedule a fight with him. The two came face-to-face, and you can guess what happened next. (The Daily Mail has an unbelievable photo of Haye throwing the first punch). Somewhere in the tussle, Haye’s trainer Adam Booth suffered an gaping wound to his forehead.

When the dust finally settled, Chisora said he was going to “shoot” Haye because he hit him with a glass (“He glassed me!”). Munich police questioned Chisora, who faces an assault charge, for nearly seven hours before he left Germany on Sunday. Klitschko’s amusement seen towards the end of the video epitomizes how much of a circus the whole thing was.

Haye retired after losing to the younger Klitschko in July, but all signs point to him unretiring and possibly meeting Chisora in the ring. Saturday’s melee would certainly be a compelling backstory.

Meanwhile, Chisora continues to star in the greatest reality show that doesn’t exist.

Dereck Chisora spits water in Wladimir Klitschko’s face (Video)

A day after slapping Vitali Klitschko during their pre-fight weigh-in, Dereck Chisora outdid himself when he spit water in the face of Klitschko’s brother Wladimir. This guy is just asking to die.

It happened in the ring before Chisora and Vitali squared off for the WBC Heavyweight belt in Munich on Saturday. Wladimir remained restrained, only revealing a slight grin.

Somehow Chisora survived the fight — albeit with a loss. Klitschko won by unanimous decision, taking almost every round on all three judges’ cards. Vitali is now 44-2 while Chisora falls to 15-3.

Dereck Chisora slapped Vitali Klitschko at their pre-fight weigh-in (Video)

Most sports fans in the U.S. probably had no idea Vitali Klitschko was fighting this weekend. His opponent, Dereck Chisora, decided to do something about that.

As the two were face-to-face for the customary stare-down a day before their WBC heavyweight fight in Munich, Chisora took an open-handed palm and slapped Vitali in the face. Klitschko did not retaliate, deciding to save it for their fight.

“I am going to hit back on Saturday,” the 43-2 champion said. “He will get his beating.”

Chisora is only 15-2 and far smaller than the 6’7″ Ukrainian. That may be the only hit he lands this weekend.

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