Knicks reportedly think Derek Fisher could help them get Kevin Durant

Kevin DurantTeams are dreaming big about the possibility of landing free agents. You have the Lakers who reportedly are delaying their coaching search because they have aspirations of getting someone like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. You have the Miami Heat who are talking about landing ‘Melo (which actually seems like a realistic possibility). You have Phil Jackson trying to convince ‘Melo to stick with the Knicks so they can build around him.

But this may be the most laughable scenario of all.

In a story about ‘Melo’s potential free agency, ESPN’s Marc Stein throws in one amusing nugget:

The Knicks, sources say, expect to be a contender for Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant when he is projected to become a free agent in July 2016 and believe their chances will be enhanced by the presence of Fisher, one of Durant’s favorite teammates with the Thunder.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t laugh about this. The NBA will look a lot different in two years, so a lot can happen between now and then. But who among us actually believes the Knicks are going to be good and an appealing option for Durant? Maybe having Fisher will get them an extra look, but I just cannot envision Durant going to the Knicks. No way. And while we’re at it, I’d be pretty surprised if Fisher were still the Knicks’ coach after two seasons.

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Derek Fisher to coach Knicks, will make triple his playing salary

Derek Fisher ThunderDerek Fisher is finalizing a deal to become head coach of the New York Knicks, and the contract is reportedly for five years and $25 million.

Fisher, who is turning 40 in August, made just shy of $1.4 million this season as a guard with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’ll be earning $5 million per season if Adrian Wojnarowski’s report about the salary is accurate.

Fisher will join Jason Kidd as going instantly from a player to first-year head coach. The problem is Kidd had a much better situation and roster to deal with compared to what Fisher will have.

We don’t like Fisher’s chances of succeeding based on what the Knicks have on their roster, but Phil Jackson will have a strong commitment to his former player and will give him plenty of time to succeed. Bad basketball move for Derek, but he probably couldn’t resist the hefty offer; Fisher only made more than $5 million in a season three times as a player, but it looks like he’ll outpace that as a coach.

Derek Fisher on Knicks job: We’ll talk again after season ends

Derek Fisher ThunderDerek Fisher is still an NBA player, but he will have plenty of opportunities to get into coaching when he decides to retire. One of the jobs that seems to be available to him is the Knicks head coaching position.

Fisher, 39, has been named as one of Phil Jackson’s top candidates for the job now that Steve Kerr turned down the position. Fisher says he spoke with Jackson in March before Jackson’s press conference introducing him as Knicks president. He says the current talks mentioning him in connection with the Knicks job are not a distraction.

“It’s not a distraction,’’ Fisher said Monday via the NY Post. “It’s humbling. It’s humbling, it’s flattering. Phil knows better than anybody this time of year, there’s a singular focus you have to have. That’s what I’m trying to do for myself and the team. Regardless of what it is, I’m not concerned about it until after these playoffs are done.’’

Fisher also says he plans to talk with Jackson after the Thunder’s season ends. OKC is about to start the Western Conference finals with the San Antonio Spurs.

“We talk every offseason. I’m sure we’ll talk again when this season is over. But I don’t have any intention of reaching out to him. I think he respects what I’m in right now as well.”

While the media wants to create a new story/rumor/report every day about the Knicks job, it seems like the process might take some time. If Jackson really does want to consider Fisher for the position, not only does he need to wait until after OKC’s season ends, but he would probably have to give the veteran time to decide if he wants to retire. That might not happen so quickly, and neither will a Knicks hire.

Referee rides Derek Fisher set to Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ (Video)

Ref-rides-Derek-FisherIn the final seconds of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s win over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night, an official somehow ended up on Derek Fisher’s back. Fisher and Patty Mills went to the ground to fight for a loose ball, and one of the refs who came into to break up the ensuing scrum ended up standing over the veteran point guard.

When Fisher tried to get up, the ref ended up straddling him like he was a horse. He appeared to ride Fisher for a couple seconds before hopping off his back and letting him get up. Naturally, that inspired SB Nation’s Brian Floyd to create a clip of the hilarious situation set to Ginuwine’s “Pony.”

And the internet strikes again. The world just wasn’t as funny a place before we could do stuff like this.

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Tony Allen throws shirt at Derek Fisher, gets technical

Tony Allen SMHWell, that’s one way to play defense.

Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen was on the bench for a breather during the third quarter of Game 5 between the Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder, but that didn’t stop him from trying to defend his opponents. As Derek Fisher was spotting up for an open 3-pointer, Allen threw a shirt onto the court (or it slipped out while he was waving his shirt). Though Fisher missed the shot, the referees gave OKC credit for the basket because of Allen’s interference. Allen also got a technical foul for the shirt throw. Kevin Durant made the foul shot to give the Thunder a 4-point play, making the score 60-53 Memphis.

Here’s a look at the shirt throw in GIF form:

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Mark Cuban, Mavericks fans boo Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher ThunderDerek Fisher was booed in his first game back in Dallas since signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder last month.

The Associated Press says Fisher was booed by Mavs fans when he entered Sunday’s game with 1:45 left in the first quarter. Mavs fans also cheered when Fisher was called for a foul about 10 seconds later, according to the AP.

Even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined Mavs fans in the boos. Before the game, which OKC won 107-101, Cuban said he was going to boo Fisher.

“I’ll just boo him like hopefully everybody else,” Cuban said, via ESPN Dallas.

Cuban is still upset with Fisher for the way he handled their business dealings. Cuban says Fisher, then unemployed, repeatedly called him before the season asking for a chance to play. After an injury in November, the Mavericks owner signed the veteran point guard. But after Fisher got hurt, he asked the Mavs to release him supposedly so that he could rehab from a knee strain closer to his family. Dallas obliged in good faith, only to see Fisher later sign with the Thunder.

“It’s not so much what he did. It’s how he did it,” said Cuban before the game.

No surprise, OKC won the game. If it’s any consolation to Dallas fans, Fisher had three fouls, two points, and one assist in 12 minutes.

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Mavericks reportedly bothered that Derek Fisher signed with Thunder

Derek Fisher ThunderDerek Fisher signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder this week, and the move is not sitting well with the Dallas Mavericks.

Dallas signed Fisher at the end of November after point guard Darren Collison got hurt. At the time, Fisher said he would devote himself to the Mavs for the season.

“I told (teammates) today, ‘This is not a pit stop. This is not kind of the final whatever before I decide to retire soon.’ I’m here to give everything I have to help this team right now and continue to build as we go through this season,” Fisher said after his first practice with the Mavericks on Nov. 29.

After straining his knee on Dec. 18, Fisher went against the commitment he made to the team and asked for his release.

“In Tuesday’s game against Philadelphia, I suffered an injury to my patellar tendon,” Fisher said in a statement. “With this news and the difficulty I have been having being away from my family, I have asked the organization to waive me so I can return home.”

The Mavericks obliged and released Fisher at his request.

On Monday, the Oklahoma City Thunder announced they were signing Fisher for the rest of the season. As you would figure, the turn of events is bothering the Mavericks.

NBA.com’s Jeff Caplan says the Dallas front office is “agitated” that Fisher signed with the Thunder after leaving Dallas on the premises of being close to his family.

It’s easy to see why they would be upset. They signed him in good faith and released him in good faith, and now he turns around and signs with another team in what seems like a deceitful move. Of course, this isn’t the first time Fisher has pulled a similar stunt. He asked the Utah Jazz to release him following the 2007 season so he could be close to his daughter, who needed special treatment for a medical condition. Then he signed with the Lakers, which was one of Utah’s competitors in the Western Conference.

Fisher needs to stop playing the family card to get him out of situations he doesn’t find favorable. It’s getting old and it makes him look bad.

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