Mo Williams: Derek Fisher Is the Hines Ward of the NBA

The Lakers beat the Clippers on Friday night at Staples Center 112-104. Center Chris Kaman was ejected at the end of the game after setting a pick on Lakers point guard Derek Fisher, whom he felt came up too high while fighting through it. The two got into an argument and Kaman reportedly said he’ll see Fisher in the parking lot afterwards.

Kobe was asked for his response after the game and said the NBA was full of fake tough guys (like Chris Bosh). He then made a crack about Kaman fighting with a bow and arrow. The whole mini-feud was actually becoming mildly amusing before Mo Williams played the trump card on twitter Saturday.

Williams wrote “If yall didn’t know, D Fish is the Hines Ward of the NBA. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. But don’t let that nice guy fool u.”

In case you don’t understand the reference, Hines Ward is often called the dirtiest player in the NFL. Mo is exactly right. Fisher comes off as a well spoken, friendly guy with a smile, but he really is a guy who loves initiating contact. If you don’t agree, just look at this and compare it to this and then let me know what you think. Looks pretty similar to me.

Derek Fisher Emotional After Game 3

The Lakers beat the Celtics 91-84 on Tuesday night in a pivotal Game 3 win in the NBA Finals. With Kobe Bryant having an off night and not scoring almost the entire fourth quarter, point guard Derek Fisher stepped up and took over for the Lakers. Fish scored 11 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter, including a huge coast-to-coast layup and one with under a minute left that gave the Lakers a seven point lead. Because Fisher had been widely viewed as the weak link in the Lakers’ starting five, coming through for the team in such a crucial situation overwhelmed him. After the game, Derek Fisher was emotional in his interviews:

I will raise my hand and admit I was one of the people who said the Rondo/Fisher matchup would be a big advantage for Boston, but I did note that Fisher has the ability to makeup for his spotty defense with good offense. So far he’s done that: Fisher shot 47% on threes against the Thunder, had a big Game 3 in Utah, and he shot quite well in Games 3 and 5 against the Suns. On another team with less talent, Fisher would be exposed. On the Lakers where he’s a role player, Fisher has been making it count and his Game 3 performance may turn out to be the difference in this series. (That, and Ray Allen’s 0-13 FG after a record-breaking performance in Game 2).

Video Credit: YouTube user NBARauf

Video: Derek Fisher Checks Luis Scola with Elbow, Should be Suspended

The way Laker fans were acting following Fisher’s stinker in Game 1, they might actually be happy if Derek Fisher were to be suspended for Game 3 against the Rockets. Luis Scola seemed to be in the middle of every tussle in the second half of Game 2 Wednesday night against the Lakers, getting into it with Lamar Odom late in the third quarter. So when Scola went to set a screen on Derek Fisher, he got leveled. Check out this hockey-style check by Fish that resulted in a flagrant 2 ejection:

Fisher’s intention to make contact and hurt Scola, while leading with his elbow, makes me say this is suspension worthy. It will be up to the league so who knows what they’ll do (Scola’s flop-job won’t help Fisher, either). Maybe this is just the sort of thing that will make the Laker fans happy — not that they want 17 minutes of Farmar jacking up threes instead.

Foul on Derek Fisher or No Foul?

I suppose another way of asking the same question is: should the refs be blowing the whistle that late in the game? In case you missed the close play or want to see it again, here it is, because it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of contact.

That looks a lot like a foul, and I’ll go on the side that says Brent Barry should have been put on the line. But it’s not something I’m going to waste much oxygen on. The Lakers were in charge the entire game, leading the whole way. If the Spurs wanted to win, they had 48 minutes to ensure the game wouldn’t be put in the referees’ hands for the final seconds, which they let happen. Now one conspiracy theory issue is something BP pointed out at Awful Announcing prior to the game: Joe Crawford was reffing it. The same Joe Crawford who kicked Duncan out of a game last year for laughing. No nonsense Joe Crawford, who was responsible for the non-call on Fisher. I wouldn’t blame him for the loss — far from it — but I do think this is a great side note.

Are You Kidding Me Derek Fisher

Wow. Talk about wow. I cannot believe the story from Wednesday night. The Jazz beat the Warriors 127-117 in OT, taking a 2-0 series advantage. Putting aside the stellar performances of Mehmet Okur and Carlos Boozer, Derek Fisher did something incredible. Despite spending the entire day with his 10 month old daughter Tatum, whose case of retinoblastoma required a three hour combination of surgery and chemotherapy at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital, Fisher showed up in Utah in time to help the Jazz win the game.

Fisher missed most of the first three quarters, then ran straight from the tunnel onto the court late in the third period to a standing ovation and a few high-fives and hugs from teammates, as well as Golden State’s Baron Davis.

“He got off the plane. He didn’t warm up. He didn’t stretch. He didn’t shoot a shot,” said Utah’s Deron Williams, who had 17 points and 14 assists. “As soon as he came into the arena, he went straight to the scorers’ table.”

You know how they say a good baseball player can roll out of bed and get a hit? I guess Derek Fisher can literally get off a plane and hit a 3 point shot. Fisher made the game 123-117 with his long ball in OT, and sealed it off with a pair of FTs to make it 127-117. Talk about an incredible story. And I truly mean it when I say couldn’t happen to a better guy. He’s been a fan-favorite everywhere he’s played because he’s such a good guy. Serious congrats to him on the big night.