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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter on gift basket rumor: It’s a dumb story

Derek Jeter is a master at never addressing rumors about his personal life, but the New York Yankees legend recently broke character to shed some more light on arguably the best one. During Wednesday’s episode of “Undeniable with Joe Buck” on DirecTV’s Audience Network, Jeter spoke about the rumblings that he trades autographed memorabilia for…Read More

Derek Jeter was a devil for Halloween, ran late watching Michigan

Derek Jeter went with a devil costume for Halloween, but had to wait a bit to show it off thanks to the Michigan game. Jeter’s girlfriend, model Hannah Davis, tweeted out a photo of herself waiting for Jeter, who’s in the background engrossed in the Wolverines football game. When it's Halloween and you're ready to…Read More

Derek Jeter reportedly engaged to girlfriend Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter may have finally put a ring on it. According to a report from the New York Daily News, the former New York Yankees shortstop has gotten engaged to girlfriend Hannah Davis. “She already has the ring. The family is very happy because they really like him,” the Daily News reports. You should proceed…Read More

Brian Cashman told Derek Jeter in 2010 he preferred Troy Tulowitzki

Long before Derek Jeter retired after the 2014 MLB season, he was in a heated contract dispute with the New York Yankees. At the time, team GM Brian Cashman was playing hardball, not wanting to pay big money to a declining star with limited defensive range. He spared no emotions during the negotiations and even…Read More

Derek Jeter and girlfriend Hannah Davis reportedly went Dutch on date

One of the benefits to dating a world-famous model — aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal — is that the woman makes plenty of money on her own. As such, you can split the bill on dates. Apparently that’s what Derek Jeter does at times. Jeter and his girlfriend Hannah Davis are vacationing in Italy,…Read More

Derek Jeter’s publishing company to publish Rob Gronkowski’s book

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is writing a book. Before you get overly excited about that, it gets even better — Derek Jeter’s publishing house will be publishing it. Jeter Publishing, the New York Yankees legend’s publishing partnership with Simon and Schuster, revealed in a press release on Tuesday that “It’s Good to…Read More

Brian Cashman: Derek Jeter should be final Yankees captain

For over a decade, Derek Jeter served as captain for the New York Yankees. During that time he appeared in numerous all-star games, won a World Series, and carried himself in a way that made him one of the more beloved Yankees in the team’s storied history. With his career now over, there is no…Read More

Purported Derek Jeter sex gift basket listed on Craigslist

Fans of Derek Jeter may soon be able to have the ultimate collectible. Or they may be paying big money for a total hoax. A Craigslist poster on Saturday listed for sale what they claim is a Derek Jeter sex basket. The poster claims the basket was given to them by Jeter following a sexual…Read More

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