Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis reportedly had dinner with her parents

Derek Jeter Hannah Davis

Just a few short months ago, Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis had reportedly agreed to go their separate ways. The rumor was that Jeter, who likes to keep his personal life as quiet as possible, was unhappy with Davis’ growing fame. Weeks later, the couple was back together after working through a rough patch. And now, things may be getting as serious as ever.

According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Jeter and Davis had dinner with Davis’ parents at a fancy restaurant in West Village on Monday night. Unless this is that episode of “Seinfeld” where Todd Gack asks Elaine to have dinner with his parents, I’d say Hannah and Derek are much more than just friends.

Page Six’s sources claimed the foursome had a “lovely time” and split a bottle of wine with their dinner. Another young couple reportedly waited outside the restaurant for two hours for a photo with Jeter, and he was kind enough to pose for it.

Jeter and Davis were rumored to have gotten engaged last year, but that turned out to not be true. If this was anyone but Jeter, we would probably think it’s a safe bet that a proposal is coming sometime soon.

This video of Derek Jeter trying to field a grounder to his left is painful to watch

It’s been well known for a while that Derek Jeter is shaky in the field, but things are really bad now that he is 39 years old.

In the first inning of Tuesday’s Baltimore Orioles-New York Yankees game, Delmon Young, who was batting as Baltimore’s two-hitter, hit like a 50 chopper to shortstop. Jeter was so slow moving to his left that the ball got past him for a single to center field. Jeter was right there, too, but he just didn’t get his glove down enough to field it:

Derek Jeter infield

Look at how stiff he was on that. The flexibility was just lacking. He couldn’t get low enough for it.

The scouting report on Jeter has said for a while that he’s good going to his right and bad going to his left. I don’t know how great he is at going to his right anymore, but it’s pretty obvious he has zero range to his left. It’s really too bad. Good thing he is retiring after the season so we don’t have to see this in the field much more. At least he can still swing it.

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Astros give Derek Jeter golf clubs and pinstriped cowboy boots as farewell tour begins

Derek-Jeter-YankeesFrom the moment Derek Jeter announced this would be his final season in Yankees pinstripes, you knew the farewell tour would be similar to the one Mariano Rivera experienced last season.

A rocking chair, commemorative guitar, sand sculpture, beach cruiser bicycles, custom fishing poles, and a mounted fire hose nozzle were among the items gifted to Rivera in 2013 by teams across Major League Baseball.

The New York Yankees are in Houston to begin the 2014 season with a three-game series against the Astros, who presented Rivera with a collage painting. For Jeter, the team decided on golf clubs, a cowboy hat, and cowboys boots complete with pinstripes.

We definitely need photos of Derek Jeter in those boots.

I’m sure we’ll keep you up-to-date on any other interesting items Jeter receives during the season.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis getting back together?

Derek Jeter Hannah Davis

A few weeks after reporting that Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis had broken up, the New York Post’s Page Six now says the two are getting back together.

Page Six says the couple hit a “rocky patch” a few months ago but like many other couples, they got back together and are trying to work things out.

Sorry, we don’t have many other details here, and you get the feeling that Page Six could be making things up at this point just to have extra headlines. Either that, or Jeter really does go back-and-forth with his girls frequently. Remember how he and Minka Kelly were always on and off? I guess this means he really just can’t make his mind up. Or maybe there’s a tendency to be on and off in your relationships when you’re famous, always traveling, and your significant other is doing the same.

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Derek Jeter told Yankees about retirement plans hours before announcement

Derek-Jeter-YankeesWhen Derek Jeter announced on Wednesday that he is going to retire after the 2014 MLB season, very few people were shocked. The Yankee captain is 39 and has struggled with a foot injury over the past two seasons. The Yankees may have seen this coming, but that doesn’t mean Jeter told them about the plans long before telling us.

According to the NY Post, Jeter called Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner on Wednesday morning to let him know that he was planning to make the announcement on Facebook.

“Derek called Hal Steinbrenner personally this morning and told him the news,” a source reportedly told The Post. “It was a very calm, respectful phone call. Derek wanted to do it his way, as Derek often does, by announcing on Facebook. He said he wanted, out of respect for the Steinbrenner family, to give Hal a heads up. They were the only two who knew about this within the Yankees organization until Derek told his fans on Facebook just after 2pm.

“Nobody within the Yankee organization is surprised, Derek is nearly 40, he is coming off a tough injury and he’s a guy who likes to go out on top. But there is huge sadness he is retiring. Derek is an icon, he’s in the category of Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, he’s an irreplaceable person, and an irreplaceable player.”

It certainly makes sense that Jeter would keep quiet about his plans until the day of the announcement. In the era of Twitter, Facebook and countless other social media sites, news almost always leaks. This was the only way he knew he could share the announcement himself.

Rick the Ruler talks about Derek Jeter stealing his girl and his ride

Derek-Jeter-One-Night-Stand-AutographsDerek Jeter has never had much of a problem with the ladies. The guy has chosen to remain a bachelor and has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. Jeter can meet women anywhere he goes, and he apparently has been known to steal a girl or two in his life.

In the wake of Jeter announcing that the 2014 season would be his last in Major League Baseball, a guy named Ricky Smith decided to tell a hilarious story about the time Jeter stole his girl at the club. Smith, who goes by “Rick the Ruler” on Twitter, runs an organization called R.A.K.E. (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere). This is his story, courtesy of The Smoking Section:

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Derek Jeter taking the Mariano Rivera, Chipper Jones retirement approach

Derek JeterDerek Jeter announced on Wednesday that he will retire after the 2014 MLB season, which will be his 20th in the bigs. Jeter is following the likes of Chipper Jones and Mariano Rivera, who both announced their retirement plans before their final season. I like the approach from Jeter; he is one of the best players of the past 20 years, a beloved player, ambassador of the game, and the early announcement will allow him to take the sort of victory lap for which he is deserving. He also isn’t waiting too late in his career to retire, meaning he won’t embarrass himself on the field the way some other legends have.

Jeter announced his plans with a written letter posted to his Facebook page. He said he always knew it would be time to retire when baseball stated to become like a job. He also said he realized months ago that this would probably be his last season.

The announcement by Jeter is convenient for the Yankees. He can still be a good hitter this season, and by walking away after the year, it allows the team to avoid complicated situations with contract negotiations and switching defensive positions.

Jeter made it clear that he is ready to move on to the next phase of his life. He says he has spent the last several years focusing solely on two things: playing his best and helping the Yankees win. That leaves me wondering where this fits in – relaxation therapy?

Even though I’m playing around about Jeter’s dating life, it’s easy to understand where he’s coming from. He avoided off-field drama like few other players, and that’s especially impressive for someone playing in New York. He has been a perfect professional — someone who understood his responsibilities to his team, the sport, his fans and his family. He never embarrassed anyone. But that takes a lot of work and effort and allows for very little else. That’s why this line from Jeter’s letter stands out to me.

“I want to finally stop the chase and take in the world.”

You’ve worked really hard for years, Jeter, it is time for you to enjoy the world without worrying about playing.

We’ll have plenty of time to break down Jeter’s career — which isn’t over yet — but I would like to share a few things about him. I have always really liked Jeter as a player, but it’s the media’s love affair with him that has been a turnoff. I have a feeling many Jeter haters probably feel the same way and get mad at him instead of the media. Also, the guy has been one of the better hitters in the game for his entire career. Whether it’s been the regular season or the playoffs, facing No. 5 starters or aces, and whether he’s 27 or 37 years old, Jeter has always been able to hit. He’s just naturally one of the best hitting middle infielders in history.

Jeter is a lifetime .312 hitter. A lot of sabremetrics people like to say that batting average doesn’t matter — and I don’t think it’s the best offensive statistic — but batting average is important and has always confirmed that Derek Jeter can flat out hit. His defense has been overrated, but Jeter has consistently been one of the best offensive shortstops in the game for two decades. It’s hard to top that.

Below is a look at the letter he posted to Facebook:

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