Derek Jeter has great reaction to Ichiro’s first home run (Video)

Ichiro Suzuki on Friday blasted his first home run of the season and first dinger in nearly 11 months. Nobody had a better reaction to the jack than teammate Derek Jeter.

After Ichiro cleared the bases with a 3-run shot off Mark Buehrle to give the Yankees a 6-4 lead over the Blue Jays, Jeter was waiting at the top step to congratulate him. Jeter sort of gave him the quiet treatment, but then he quickly broke out of it with all sorts of enthusiasm.

That was precious.

Ichiro should get a picture of this look and throw it on a T-shirt and begin a battle with Jetes:

Derek Jeter face reaction

And below is a Vine of just the Jeter reaction:

H/T Jimmy Traina

MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger nailed Derek Jeter-Mike Trout prediction

Derek Jeter scored the first run for the American League on Tuesday night in his final MLB All-Star Game. After doubling off Adam Wainwright in the first, Jeter scored on a Mike Trout triple. One MLB Network analyst predicted that exact series of events before the game, and we have the video to prove it.

Trout spoke about how special the 2014 All-Star Game was going to be for Derek Jeter just hours before it started. Here’s what Greg Amsinger said would happen.

“It’s gonna be awesome man,” Amsinger said. “When you drive in Derek Jeter tonight in his final All-Star Game, it’s gonna be so cool. He’s gonna be at second base, you’ll hit a rope down the line, you’ll end up at third. He’s gonna tip his cap to you — it’s gonna be great.”

So the triple went over Yasiel Puig’s head instead of down the line — big freakin’ deal. Amsinger absolutely nailed that. Even if he said Jeter would hit a single and Trout would drive him in with a triple, we would still give credit. He called the entire thing perfectly.

Whether Wainwright grooved a pitch to Jeter or not, baseball is almost impossible to predict like that. Props to Amsinger even if he was guessing.


H/T MLB.com’s Cut 4

Michael Jeter? CBS News royally screws up Derek Jeter tweet

Michael Jeter tweet CBS News

Ooph! When it comes to epic screwups, this is up there.

CBS News sent a tweet during Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game linking to a story about Derek Jeter, who just so happened to be the biggest focus of the entire game. The only problem is they screwed up his name. Badly.

What do you think, did the person running the Twitter account mix Jeter and Michael Jordan? Jeter and Michael Jackson?

After an embarrassing mistake like that, you figure CBS News might poke fun at themselves for the blunder. But 10 minutes after leaving the tweet up there for all of mankind to laugh at them, they finally decided to address matters. They disappointingly played it straight:

Derek Jeter gets sweet Nike tribute commercial (Video)

Nike has released a new Derek Jeter commercial leading up to the New York Yankees captain’s final MLB All-Star Game, and it’s a good one. The ad spot, which features a number of athletes and celebrities from Jay-Z and Billy Crystal to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, is centered around the theme of “respect.”

Everyone from reluctant Red Sox fans to New York Mets players with their faces blurred out can’t help but tip their caps to Jeter:


That’s pretty much how it has been all year as he makes his final tour around the league.

Has the whole Jeter retirement tour been even more over the top than Mariano Rivera’s was last year? Sure, but no one deserves it more than No. 2. He’s one of the best players to ever live and has conducted himself with class.

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Video via For the Win

Derek Jeter, old guy, fakes out Jason Kipnis with old trick

Derek-Jeter-Jason-Kipnis-fakeDerek Jeter may not have any range at shortstop anymore, but the 40-year-old helped the New York Yankees with a trick that is older than he is on Monday night. Cleveland Indians infielder Jason Kipnis was doubled off in the eighth on a routine foul popup thanks to some trickery from Jeter.

Kipnis was running with the pitch when Asdrubal Cabrera popped one up down the third base line. He was unable to pick up the ball, and the first thing he saw when he looked up was Jeter pretending that he was attempting to turn a double play. Kipnis slid hard into second only to learn that he had just been embarrassed by the Yankee captain.

Jeter may look pathetic trying to field ground balls that aren’t hit directly at him, but at least he still uses his brain. The Yankees were leading 5-3 at the time and went on to win by that score. You never know what could have happened if Kipnis wasn’t doubled off.

H/T LBS tipster David

Rapper Black Rob performed ‘Whoa!’ at Derek Jeter’s birthday party

Derek JeterDerek Jeter is at that level of stardom where he has famous people attending and performing at his birthday party because, you know, he’s Derek Jeter.

Jetes turned 40 on Thursday and went out to dinner with a group and then a club to celebrate the big day. Page Six reports that folks like Michael Strahan, Tino Martinez, Jorge Posada and music moguls P. Diddy, LL Cool J, and rapper Timbaland were all there.

And you know how awesome Jeter is? Rapper Black Rob came to perform his hit single “Whoa!,” which Jeter uses as his at-bat song. That’s pretty cool. I wish Black Rob would come perform at my birthday party.

Oh, and I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but girlfriend Hannah Davis was also there for the celebrations and cozy with Jeter. That’s what we like to hear.

The song was made in 2000 and it’s still awesome.

Tip via David B.

CSN Bay Area censors Derek Jeter’s ‘flip’ play during pregame tribute

Back in 2001, Derek Jeter made one of the more memorable plays of his Hall of Fame career during the American League Division Series against the Oakland A’s.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Terrence Long hit a ball down the right field line that was fielded by Shane Spencer. Spencer missed the cutoff man, but there was Jeter in the right place at the right time to gather the ball and flip it to Jorge Posada, who tagged Jeremy Giambi, the would be tying run.

The Yankees went on to win game three, the ALDS, and ALCS before eventually falling to the Florida Marlins in the World Series.

That play has become synonymous with Jeter, although many in the Oakland area would be just fine if they never saw it again.

This weekend, the Yankees are making their final regular season trip to O.co Coliseum, the site of Derek Jeter’s now famous flip. Prior to Friday’s game, CSN Bay Area aired a tribute containing the play, with a few additions.

That pretty much sums up how it should be shown in that part of the country. Well done, CSN.

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