Deron Williams used iPad to sign new contract (Picture)

Wednesday marked the first day NBA free agents could officially sign contracts, and Deron Williams made his new deal with the Nets official. The All-Star point guard signed his contract electronically using an iPad (perhaps he was using Docusign?).

Williams is in Las Vegas practicing for the Olympics with Team USA, so the electronic signature made sense. Williams’ contract is 5 years for $98.75 million. If the Nets are able to finally land Dwight Howard, they could contend with the Heat for the Eastern Conference title. If they don’t they’ll probably be a 3 or 4 seed.

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Deron Williams says signing with the Nets had nothing to do with extra money

The NBA has designed its collective bargaining agreement in a way that influences superstars to remain with their current teams, but as we have seen many times in the past it doesn’t always turn out that way. If you remember, some guy named LeBron took less money a couple years ago to take his talents to South Beach and won a championship recently because of it, so he is only regretting “The Decision” but not the decision. Deron Williams, however, chose to remain with the team that could pay him the most by staying in Brooklyn. But the money, he says, had nothing to do with it.

“Honestly, when I thought about my decision and talked to my agent, we never once talked about the extra money,” Williams told Sam Amick of SI.com. “I don’t think it’s as relevant as people think, because of the taxes and things like that. There’s no state tax in Texas, and you’ve got city tax in New York. So the money wasn’t that big of a difference in the four years to the five years. And I feel like barring any career-ending injury, that I’ll have a chance to make that up anyways. I’ll be 32. That wasn’t my concern. My concern was making a basketball decision as far as the players that I was going to be around.”

While most people will argue that all these guys think about is money, I tend to believe Deron. It’s not a coincidence that he was reportedly undecided until the Nets brought Joe Johnson aboard. We can also assume they reassured Williams that Dwight Howard is still a possibility, as Deron has been vocal about the fact that he wants to play with Dwight.

The Mavericks may have more talent at the moment, but they are not positioned to contend over the long haul. Jason Terry is about to sign with the Celtics and how long can Dirk Nowitzki last? Brooklyn was able to offer Deron a five-year deal with 7.5% raises whereas any other team could only offer four years and 4.5% raises, but between taxes and endorsements, superstars find plenty of ways to make up the difference. Almost all the signs point to Deron’s decision being mostly influenced by basketball.

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Jason Kidd and Deron Williams turned out not to be a package deal

Jason Kidd stunningly announced on Thursday that decided to sign with the Knicks instead of remaining with the Mavs.

Kidd had said on Wednesday “I’ve always loved playing with Dallas and I’d love to finish my career there,” but apparently things didn’t work out.

Another side story to Kidd’s surprising choice to sign with the Knicks is that it proved one media report incorrect.

Ric Bucher reported last Saturday that Kidd would sign wherever Williams signed. Bucher’s report was disputed by Chris Broussard who said the two were not a “package deal.” Apparently Broussard did get that one correct.

Plans changed when the Nets decided to offer their mid-level exception to Bosnian forward Mirza Teletovic. That choice left Kidd deciding between the Knicks and the Mavs, and he chose New York.

And I guess Deron Williams really was messing with everyone when he sent a golfing tweet last week, though that did show Williams was comfortable in New York which is where he signed.

Chris Broussard arrives hilariously late to the Deron Williams party

We now know Deron Williams will be staying with the Nets. We know this because Williams himself tweeted the news a little over an hour ago. Soon after, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported the contract figures: 5 years, $100 million. And yet, all this didn’t stop ESPN’s resourceful Chris Broussard from chiming in with some breaking news of his own.

At 7:15 ET, 12 minutes after Williams first informed the world of his decision, Broussard tweeted out some huge news from a “source”:

And then just to be sure:

Somebody get this man a Pulitzer!

Credit Broussard for doing his due diligence, I guess. But there’s no way he can come out of this without looking like a dork. Even if he was working the phones while all of this went down, it’s on him for not being aware. For one, he follows Williams on Twitter. Obviously there’s more to reporting than trusting Twitter, but he was still beaten to the punch by a pretty reputable reporter and, as of writing, still hasn’t given credit to Wojnarowski (like David Aldridge gave to Broussard for another story here) or even Williams himself, for that matter.

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Deron Williams chooses Brooklyn Nets

The Mavericks reportedly were worried that Deron Williams was leaning toward re-signing with the Nets, and they apparently had a good reason.

Williams tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that he has chosen the Nets, calling it a “very tough decision.” He linked to an image of the new Brooklyn Nets logo in his tweet:

Williams is likely to sign for five years and $100 million and will remain the franchise player for the Nets. Brooklyn has also agreed to sign Gerald Wallace to a 4-year $40 million deal, and they’ve agreed to acquire Joe Johnson in a trade. The next step is to work out a deal with Orlando for Dwight Howard. Without him, they’re just a good team in the East, but not a real title contender. With Howard, they can compete with the Heat.

We should also recognize the New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy for saying that Williams was leaning toward re-signing with the Nets on May 1. I guess this is the reason why Williams was so critical of the report saying he wasn’t going to stay with the Nets.

Deron Williams, Jason Kidd mock media, fans in fantastic fashion

Deron Williams is the top free agent in the NBA and new stories speculating about his future seem to arise daily. Williams has made light of these reports in the past, but he took it a step further on Thursday when he tweeted about golfing with Jason Kidd, who is also a free agent.

Below is Williams’ mocking tweet, along with a reply from Kidd:

Well done, gentleman. Their sarcastic tone apparently was lost on some fans that replied on Twitter with “Dallas” or “Brooklyn.”

While everything points to Williams staying with the Nets, the truth is we probably won’t find out where he’s headed until next week.

Oh, and even though Williams will say I’m falling into his trap of reading into his tweets/who he’s spending time with, I do think those details are indicators about a player’s plans.

Free agent Delonte West tries to recruit Deron Williams to the Mavericks

Either Delonte West has some sort of hush-hush agreement with the Mavericks about his return to Dallas next season, or West he is just an unconditional supporter of Mark Cuban and company. As you may have heard, Deron Williams has reportedly narrowed his list of potential teams down to two: the Nets and the Mavericks (although the Rockets could now be in play). Delonte’s contract with the Mavericks is up and he is set to become a free agent on Sunday just like Williams, but that didn’t stop him from taking to Twitter early Thursday morning to convince Deron that Dallas would be his best choice next season.

Dirk would indeed be the best player Williams has ever played with, but he is also 34 whereas Deron just turned 28. If a young superstar like Dwight Howard wound up with the Nets, Williams could play on a team with the potential to be a force for years to come — not just in the short term. As far as Delonte being able to spell Deron when he needs a breather, I guess he knows something we don’t about his contract situation. Otherwise he sounds pretty delusional.

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