Jahvid Best Credits Lions Fans for Creating Six or Seven False Start Penalties

Detroit was fired up to host its first Monday Night Football game since 2001. The rowdy fans had Ford Field rocking early on, and they combined with Detroit’s intimidating defensive line to induce several false starts by the Bears offensive line. In fact, the Bears committed an NFL-record six false starts in the first half of the game. The Lions were quick to credit their fans for the achievement.

“It was crazy out there. The fans caused at least six or seven false starts,” running back Jahvid Best said. “That place was rocking. There was a lot electricity in the air and we were definitely feeling it.”

Speaking about the fans and atmosphere, quarterback Matthew Stafford said “It was unbelievable. Especially early on, some of those third downs, you couldn’t hear yourself think.”

The atmosphere in Detroit was incredible, and it provided a clear advantage on the field. It was also the same old sad story for the Bears offense. Not only were the offensive linemen moving early, but they failed to give Jay Cutler more than two seconds to throw the ball on nearly every play. Detroit’s defensive line may be the best in football, but you have to hold them up for longer than two seconds. Mike Martz’s offensive system is getting Jay Cutler killed, and the poor offensive line play has turned the quarterback into a sympathetic figure.

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

Is This Detroit Lions Fan Crying While Threatening the Patriots? (Video)

It’s finally happened.  All the losing has caught up to Lions nation.  Fans are going off the deep end.  Now I’m not saying the Lions can’t beat the Patriots on Thanksgiving.  New England looked past Cleveland and ended up getting their doors blown off a few weeks ago and the same could easily happy in Detroit.  As for this particular fan — something is seriously wrong.  I’ll withhold further comment until you soak it in.  Check out this video of a Lions fan trash talking the Patriots, which Barstool Sports Boston shared with us:

Is this guy fit for a straight jacket or what?  I hope there aren’t a lot of these in the Detroit area.  At about 2:25 something happens to his voice.  It sounds like a voice crack, and I’m pretty sure from that point on he’s fighting back tears.  Maybe I’m misinterpreting it.  I’m interested to hear what you guys think.